EXCLUSIVE Castle Bolton - Friday 7th April 2023


Castle Bolton - 7th April - Cam and Michael B
When our guests arrived, Cam took our regular guests straight down to the armoury room to do carry out the white light protection, while Chris delivered the introduction talk, rules and regulations, to our new guests.

Cam and the guests carried out a call out while we were waiting for the others to join us.
A few of us saw, on more than one occasion, a flicker of light on one of the walls. We ruled out car headlights as we were so remote and it was a different wall to where headlights would be cast.
Cam asked if spirit helped to look after the weapons. We remained silent. No response.
Cam then asked if spirit made the weapons. We remained silent and then heard a response in the form of a knock from beyond the ropes.
Cam repeated the questions and again, we received the same responses.
Just to be certain, we asked a third time and again the same response. We thanked spirit and asked further questions.
We heard what sounded like a foot shuffle in the gravel. There wasn't a lot of gravel on the ground in this area so we identified that it was near the doorway to the next armery room.
We continued with our call out and one of the guests heard a knock on the cannon he was stood next to. We all tried to debunk it but couldn't.
Just then, other guests were hearing noises from the next room so we thanked spirit for their interaction and moved to the next room.
This armery room contained more helmets and spears. The area was roped off so we were limited for space but began calling out.
We could see a light appear on one of the walls, then disappear. We checked the window opposite but tmit was very narrow with no glass. Beyond this there was castle wall.
A few guests then heard movement come from the courtyard area so we went to investigate. It was Chris, Colin, Michael and the other guests near the gallows.
We joined them for the group photo and stayed in this area as one large group while Chris went off to do his live.

The Dungeon
We all spread out in the dungeon and when everyone was settled, began our call out.
We were hearing knocks in response to our questions.
At various points during our time in the dungeon, many of the female guests reported being touched.
One was touched on her side, another her hand. A couple of others were touched on their faces. The touch was very gentle. We reminded spirit of boundaries and how we were there with respect for them.
Was spirit caressing the females of the group? Why were no men affected in the same way?
We asked if spirit had been held in the dungeon and a few of the group heard a 'growl'. There was also what sounded like female and male audibles. Much like moans.
A few guests could hear what sounded like either something being dragged through the courtyard or someone walking through the courtyard. We were all accounted for. The courtyard ground was a pebbles so very distinctive when interrupted.
As the dungeon was very small and we had been in there for sometime, we moved out of it, into the courtyard.

The Courtyard
We are spaced out and tried our best to stay very still while we called out to spirits.
We could hear the gravel/pebbles being interrupted but we could not rule out that this was one of us. The slightest shift in our bodies, caused the gravel to move.
Some guests reported seeing lights form where there were windows at the upper levels. We knew from the earlier walk around there were pigeons, but these were settled and sleeping.
We continued calling out and we all felt as if we were being watched from the log room doorway.
It looked as if there was a figure standing watching us.
We tried calling out to spirit and asked for them to join us and apologised if we were in their way and preventing them from their duties.
There was no further knocks, lights or gravel movement so we headed for the log room.

The log room
We spaced out right the way along the 3 linked areas.
One guest felt very uncomfortable and remained in the 1st area where the logs were stored.
The 2nd area had 4 beds setup, as if for workers and the 3rd section had other equipment setup.
We called out to the spirits and asked if this area would've been used for storage and where the servants would have stayed.
We heard 4 consecutive taps.
Guests reported seeing an area in a far corner become darker and that they could see movement. Again, we heard a few taps but nothing further.
In the 3rd area, we could see a thin strip of light run across the ceiling. This was not a reflection or light cast from outside. One knew this as one of the guests moved into the window area and waved his arms. It made no difference. It was still there. There was nothing in the room causing a reflection either so this was strange. No taps or thuds were heard in this area.
As we headed back through to leave these areas, guests reported a sudden smell of antiseptic. It came out of nowhere and quickly went. Very strange.
We were so cold so we decided to go for a warm drink before splitting into 2 teams.

Cam & Michael's group
Mary Queen of Scots room
We headed up to the room and spaced ourselves about.
We placed a music box at the entrance of the room and a k2 device on the floor near some cushions.
Cam showed and explained the proximity bear, she then placed this on the bed.
We started our call out and after a while we were met with thuds and guests reported seeing a light behind the bed but at the side, as if someone was there watching.
Everytime we asked a question, it would appear as a small light form.
We checked and there were no devices there.
We tried to encourage spirit to move to wards the bear.
Cmwe went to move the proximity bear to the area where we were seeing the light anomaly but it was totally flat. The batteries had been drained.
We moved the music box to the bed and placed a rempod at the entrance of the room.
We were calling out again and one of the guests was using an sls app. They picked up a stick figure near the cushions.
The K2 device was here but never lit up.
We moved the music box and rempod to the area and the music box it go off. After this happened a couple of times, we debunked it as Michael's torch beam was setting it off and he had walking within its field.
We settled again and continued reaching out to spirit. We could hear what sounded like female moans and whispering.
We were aware of the animal noises outside and debunked a few as an owl but there were a few which were unexplained.
We did hear movement from the room below us but we thought this was the other team. This was later confirmed that they were nowhere near the area.
The atmosphere was very calm so we thanked spirit and moved up to the Lords room.

The Lords Room
This room felt very different.
We placed a K2 device on the table to the left of the room and a music box at the front, near the ropes. We all sat down and introduced ourselves to spirit.
After calling out for a bit we heard 2 loud noises which sounded like furniture had been moved, from a different room though. This was later confirmed by the other team that a bed in one of the monks rooms, had moved 3 times.
We continued calling out and Cam picked up on a male spirit at the far end of the room who she thought was a servant who only served his master.
There was movement witnessed by quite a few of the guests at the same time as Cam, which moved from left to right.
We tried to encourage spirit to come forward towards us and reminded them that we were not there to cause harm, but just wanted to know their story.
We got no activity on the devices and no further knocks or taps but Cam did pick up on the name Jeffrey.
Another guest reported feeling very sad.
Around 10mins later, a guest told us that their father had been unwell and was called Jeffrey so felt the need to message home. Thankfully all was ok.
There were low moans heard which were very different to the animal noises. Was this the male spirit trying to communicate after Cam asked if we could build a trust with them?
We received no further responses or activity. The guests were very cold so we headed for a bit of warmth.

The Chapel Area
Cam took 4 guests to the 1st room which had been used by a monk, whilst Michael to the others to the next one.
The room was very small. We placed the Wendy doll on the side unit and called out.
The room was so still, you could hear a pin drop.
The guests asked to try a ouija board so Cam opened this up.
Again, after a while of asking questions, we got nothing.
Just as Cam took out her phone to take some photos, the K2 went off, just once. Cam showed the guests that her phone was on flight mode and moved her phone to the K2 but it didn't go off again.
We got nothing more and the guests said they weren't feeling anything. As we could hear that Michael's group were getting activity, the guests asked if they could watch. Cam closed the board down and we left the 1st room.
Cam asked Michael how they were getting on and he said they had received K2 activity and had received a couple of names through the paratek app. We thought more people would have helped with energy but this was not the case.
The proximity bear in the window lit up once but that was all.
Cam and her guests left Michael and his guests as we didn't want to interrupt their activity and we said we would head to the next location and for them to meet us there.
The Grand Room
We made our way to the grand room. Michael and his guests had followed as they received nothing more.
There was a table already setup in the middle of the room so we decided after a call out session to try some table work.
4 guests stood around the table with their fingers lightly placed on it.
They called out and the table moved a little bit but not much.
We asked if we had been joined by the monk.
Cam explained how this weekend was Easter.
The proximity bear in the window did light up once.
Chris asked his group if they would like to join us by forming a large connected circle around those on the table.
Michael played some chants but after a while of no responses, Cam suggested that we didn't know what that particular chant was, and that it could be a time of prayer for them. We stopped the chant which was played.
Chris had a app running to build the energy and we were asking questions.
Again, other than a few creaks from near the corner seat, we got nothing back.
It was after 3am by this point. Many guests were cold and tired.
Some guests and team members retired for the night whilst other continued to investigate.

An interesting but cold night.
A build up of trust is definitely needed.

Bolton Castle - Colin and Chris
07/04/23.   21.00~09.00

Guest were checked in and photos taken by the banner and then the guest were welcomed in the base room by Cam and Colin, once all the guest were there, Cam took a few of the regular guest with downstairs in the court yard, reason being the regular guest already heard the welcome speech, the remaining guest were welcomed by Chris and then Chris performed the white light protection, Chris, Michael and Colin lead the remaining group down to the court yard to rejoin Cam and her group, once the Chris took the group photo against the gallows.
Chris then left to do his lone vigil.
All the guest were in the cell with Cam and Michael, colin was by the entrance, we started to call out to the spirits, there were a few guest who said they heard faint taps or footsteps,Colin thought he heard footsteps behind which startled him, there seemed to be some activity in the cell, Cam and a few female guest felt they had been touched and a few guest heard a growl, there also seemed to be a sound of a cart in the court yard.
The guest spread themselves out, once everyone was settled we started calling out, there were some guests saying they could see lights or even movement in the ruined windows.
Once everyone managed to settle themselves we begun calling out, the was a few faint taps and one male guest said saw a white ball like light in the corner of the room were the beds were and the 4 or 5 guest said they could smell disinfectant .
We started calling out, a few of the guest said they could see a light orb from a window, we did hear a stone being dropped and few minutes we decided to break.
Back at base room we rejoined with Chris and then splits into two groups, Cam and Michael went off with there group and Chris and Colin with there’s.
Chris went off to sort out his trigger object and left Colin with the group, Colin started to call out but there was no activity, we placed a cat ball on the hand cart and a K2 on the floor, Colin asked the spirits to copy his whistle, a few seconds later there was a whistle coming from the other end of the passage,after a few moments Chris rejoined the group, Chris started calling out, a male guest and Chris both heard a drum being played, Chris suggested that we form a Circle to help build up the energy, we did get a few taps and a few sounds that can not be identified.
Chris and Colin split into two small groups, Colin took the top and Chris took the bottom one, Colin’s group were calling and after a few moments we had a thud on the table and we asked can you do something else and straight away we heard the bed move, Colin thanked the spirit and asked if you want us to leave move the bed again, the bed seemed lift up and was moved towards us, so we thanked the spirit and left, we swapped Chris but there was no activity.

Before we started, we placed a cat ball on the floor a rem bear near the bed a K2 on a chest and a lantern that went straight to red, we started calling, two male guest said the atmosphere was not right and felt horrible, we did get taps and one female guest who was by the bed said she was pushed and it made her feel uneasy and moved away, Chris said he could hear a woman scream and asked the spirits about what had in the castle many years ago, one of the female guest said the screams are of a woman who was raped in the room,Christ left the room and when he did the lantern changed to green,Colon called out again, there a few more faint taps, Chris returned and said to join the other group because there is something new he would like to try.
Chris asked the guest would they form a circle round the guest who are table tipping, we called out and it seemed that every time the guest doing the table tipping asked if they were a monk the lights on Wendy would light up, the pikes behind Cam and two guest seemed creak a few times.

A really wonderful event, I do believe once we have been here a few more times the spirits will make themselves known to us


So once Chris had ended his Lone Live on Facebook he prepared a locked off Camera and ran a Facebook Live feed for the rest of the event’s duration.

All the Team and the Guests were together away from the Locked off feed to avoid noise contamination (although when moving to new areas they could occasionally be seen and heard which is completely expected).

Chris had placed our Ghostbusters REM which also has a temp display, along with cat balls. All throughout the feed, none of the equipment was set off. Some strange movement like footsteps or shuffling was heard in the room and as that sounded like it came closer, the locked off camera for the live feed fell over… was this pushed or did it just fall? Luckily, Chris came by not long after and noticed so he re set back up.

It wasn’t long before viewers at home were hearing loud taps and banging in the room along with footsteps. Orbs we’re picked up throughout the feed which if I’m honest Most we’re dust but there are a few we need to look more into that caused a few times a bright flash of light or glitter balls.

The theme throughout the live feed was clear footsteps, taps and bangs with creaking floorboards in the room.
Voices, breaths, heavy breathing, a lady crying, whispering, chanting was heard along with the voice of a male. Throughout doors were heard slamming and viewers were expecting a group to be heard or walk by but nobody was heard or seen which I must admit was very strange. What was more strange is that the door slamming stopped during a break for the team and guests and then continued once everyone had restarted.

A mist was also seen along with a figure that a couple of viewers had picked up on.

What made it even more strange is the fact that all the door slamming, nobody from the team or guests attending heard any of them.

Phone interference, growls, heavy boots, whistles and door latches were also picked up on.

So with this Locked off Live Feed - We can’t say everything or anything is 100% Paranormal. I can say that obviously having the team and guests, at times they could be seen and heard and any voices/movement does need to be taken into account that it could possibly be noise contamination by them at some points throughout the night. There are quite a few things that still amazes me, such as the taps and bangs, the loud footsteps, the whispering or voices in the room, the amazing constant door slamming that was heard also which strangely stopped when team and guests were on a break, yet continued once they had re started. No equipment was effected nor did the temp change dramatically but it was certainly very interesting to watch an empty room in a haunted castle at what goes on when nobody is about.

Thank you to everyone who popped in and out throughout the feed and to those who stayed on for the duration. You really are our eyes and ears during the locked off feeds. I can’t wait for the next!!

Thank you to all our guests who braved the cold night and helped make the night what it was. We look forward to seeing you again soon. What will you uncover when the lights go out?