EXCLUSIVE - Castle Bolton Lockdown - Friday 23rd June 2023

Castle bolton - 8pm - 8am (including sleepover)
Team members: Kate, Katie, Michael B, Alan.

After the Group introduction and photos, we completed our white light protection and began the investigation. Solar room Equipment used: Intuition, cat balls, K2 meter As a group, we began a callout and placed a cat ball in the centre of the room. It was still fairly light outside and the guests agreed that the room had a calm feel to it. We received no activity apart from the cat ball lightning up once and then falling silent.

After about 20 minutes, we decided to increase the energy and got the group into a circle, holding hands to conduct a human pendulum. When spirit was asked to choose a person by either rocking them slowly backwards or forwards, two guests appeared to be influenced. We decided to try something that we don't normally do which was having two simultaneous groups doing the activity. The guests chosen were Mandy and Tom so with the two circles formed, we started asking questions. It was quite apparent that we were getting different answers from the two groups so Katie and Kate took one group and Michael and Alan the other. Could we have made contact with two separate spirits? This was the result:

Katie & Kate’s group (Mandy in the centre) Spirit identified as female, who was older when she passed away. She was connected to the castle, but didn't live there although she was a titled lady. She was called Mary, and the group felt that she was Mary Queen of Scots, although the information being given didn't tie in with what we know about her. Mary told us that she was quite an upfront, abrupt person but she was well liked by her group of associates and friends. She had been married, but we couldn't ascertain whether she'd had any children.

Michael & Alan’s group (Tom in the centre) This appeared to be a female spirit aged around 17 who worked in the castle. She did not pass of natural causes but was murdered unintentionally by her aunt after being hit over the head for doing something she was not pleased with. She appeared to be distressed at the manner of her passing and pushed Tom forwards quite heavily when we were asking questions around her cause of death. Tom openly stated that he was a sceptic and was extremely surprised when he was being pushed forwards and backwards. One guest became quite emotional and had to take herself away from the group when we broke and explained that she felt overcome with sadness. Another guest told Alan that she had an image of a girl with Downs Syndrome. Here’s the REALLY interesting thing - our caretaker, Mervyn, told us that a maid had been murdered by her aunt in the castle, by hitting her over the head with an object! At this stage we decided to take the first break and then split into two smaller groups.

Michael & Alan’s group. Equipment room Equipment used: touch sensitive bear, cat ball, bells. On calling out, it wasn't long before the bear lit up. We asked if this was a female spirit who was with us earlier on (when the caretaker of the building was talking to her) and the bear lit up. Asked if she recognised the caretaker, the bear lit up again. Spirit signalled that she enjoyed talking to us. Multiple guests were picking up on the smell of smoke and a few could smell body sweat. There was also movement detected in the back of the room behind the bear. There was a heavy thud on a metal door leading to the courtyard and the atmosphere seemed to change as if another spirit had joined us! The activity ceased so we tried a bit of table tipping. At one stage, the table felt like it was vibrating but we received no further activity.

Dungeon Equipment used: Rem bear, SB7 spirit box, voice recorder With the spirit box set up, questions were asked but nothing came through. This could be down to poor signal/radio reception so we switched to recording for EVPs. When we asked “how were you treated?” the recorder picked up a response. When we took a quick break, we played this back through a speaker and we clearly heard a whispered voice say: ‘CAPTIVE’. This just blew everyone away with this piece of evidence! Amazing!

Mary Queen of Scots room. Equipment used: Cat balls, rem pod, hanging bells, K2, touch sentive bear. With the group sitting on the floor, a guest asked if there was a lord with us and that we were his servants waiting for some orders. A cat ball that had been placed on a cushion started flashing and a noise was heard in the corner near the bed. Michael B asked if they would like to play chess and the bear lit up. No further activity was received.

Lord Scopes room Equipment used: Crystal and board, REM pod, K2, VOX spirit box This was a very interesting room and guests felt a bit uncomfortable as it felt ‘heavy’. A rem pod was placed behind the curtain to the latrine, as activity had been observed earlier, before the guests arrived. As it was very quiet, we conducted a session using the crystal board. A female spirit came through who said she had passed, aged 58 years old in 1686. While this was happening, the rem pod briefly activated and there was a tap near this area! Although spirit said she could spell her name, this was inconclusive. As the odd noise was heard from the bed area, guests placed their hands lightly on the bed frame and it appeared to sway lightly, although this cannot be proved with any certainty.

The Great Hall Equipment used: K2 meter, cat balls, glow in the dark balls There was absolutely no activity in this room bar one very strange occurrence. As guests left the room, team member Alan and two guests were talking near the exit and were the only ones left in the room. As they turned to leave, the sound of a chair being slid on the floor was clearly heard, with the noise echoing. We all looked at each other in disbelief and thanked spirit for this!

Kate & Katie's group Mary Queen of Scots room Equipment used: Cat ball, rem pod, rem bear, Wendy & rem doll Guests placed themselves in each corner of the room and spread out. We began calling out and a few taps were heard in the corner near the curtain leading to the toilet. At this point, the rem bear behind Kate and Katie triggered giving everyone a fright. Asked spirit if they could confirm their presence again by triggering any of the objects around the room but everyone felt that spirit was very much keeping their distance and watching us. The flag outside was flapping against the building in the heavy wind so it was difficult to hear any audible responses.

Lower bed chamber Equipment used: Cat ball, rem pod, rem bear, Wendy & rem doll As we sat soaking up the atmosphere in the room, a male presence was felt and we tried to determine if this was a previous owner or lord of the castle. We began asking spirit to come forward and again, asked various questions, but spirit did not appear to be forthcoming although everyone felt the heavy presence, which then lifted all of a sudden.

Nursery Equipment used: Cat ball, rem pod, rem bear, Wendy & rem doll We began calling out and asked if any children were present and invited them to play with the bear, dolls and ball. Asked if they would like a nursery rhyme sang to them, but none of the guests had their singing voices on them! Some slight taps were heard around the room, but we couldn't determine any full answers to questions

Solar room Equipment used: Table (for tipping exercise) Three guests stood in the middle of the room around the table and invited spirit to join us. With guests fingertips resting on the table, we encouraged spirit to come forward, but the atmosphere felt flat. No amount of encouragement could create any activity so we decided it was time to have a break and recharge our energy.

Equipment room Rem pod, rem bear On calling out, the rem bear gave responses that there was a female spirit with us and they didn't like so many people being present. They weren't nasty, but rather they were friendly but didn't want so many people in their space. We told spirit we would respect that and would move on. While we were getting ready to go, the rem pod set up by the fireplace near the entrance to the room triggered, so we knew we were being told to hurry up! At least they were being honest with us!

Armoury Equipment used: Rem bear We asked if any soldiers were with us. There were hits on rem bear confirming that the spirit was patrolling his area and keeping the castle safe. As it was really windy at this point, we limited the amount of time spent in the area.

Outside area, gallows and dungeon Equipment used: Intuition At this point it was raining heavily so guests had a walk round to look for places they would like to investigate as lone vigils once the rain stopped. Later on - two brave guests put themselves forward at this point to sleep in the dungeon! We asked them (in the morning) what it had been like, and it appeared to be quite quiet.

Guests then split into pairs and went off into different areas of the castle, Monks Chamber, both bed chambers, nursery, Solar room and Great Hall. The two guests who were in the top bed chamber reported back that the room felt very dark and threatening. Audible taps and knocks were heard which scared them into coming back down to meet Kate and Katie back in the solar room!

Well, Castle Bolton certainly gave us some interesting activity. Our guests were amazing (as usual!) We really are looking forward to coming back to this wonderful building!