Claire did the welcome talk in the cafe and then she went off to do her live in the Lords room courtesy of Big Mick and Kathryn.
We took the group into the shop area to do the white light of protection and moved down to the armoury and the thrashers room.

Thrashers room
Kathryn, Big Mick (BM), Lil Mick (LM) and Sharon
Cat ball and K2

We spread out around the room and pretty quickly there was the energy of a man picked up on in the door way. The energy seemed to be moving around the room as if to be watching us.
We heard a lot of taps and moans then heard, the voice sounded muffled but feminine. The noises could be heard in response to questions.
We placed a cat ball on each of the cannons and continued to call out and we had a few responses on the balls however Spotify seemed to prefer throwing stones. We were able to establish we had been joined by a female spirit who had been held captive in the castle and had been gagged or her mouth had been bound.
We split the group and BM and Sharon took some guests into the armoury.

Thrashers room
Kathryn and LM
Cat ball, K2

Charlie picked up on the energy of an abbot, the names Owen and Adam were picked up. Charlie could see in his minds eye that the abbot was hid in the castle away from the kings men (Henry the eighth) as he was considered a heretic. This was for his involvement in the northern uprising of the Pilgrimage of Grace. Charlie explained he had been captured on the moors, taken to London and later executed. While having this discussion a huge stone was thrown at Charlie which bounced off Kathryn and then hit the floor.

BM and Sharon
Cat ball

We entered the armoury and BM placed a cat ball into the cubby hole in the wall. Sharon was bent double by a sharpe pain in her back as if she had been stabbed. This repeated a few times. Michael asked the group to form a circle to for a circle and join hands. We started calling out and we instantly received a response on the cat ball. This was different to normal as the ball was continually going off and would stop flashing to answer our question.
We had been joined by the spirit of George, a teenage solider that had died on the land. He had been stabbed in the back by a friend who was named Edward. The murder had happened over a disagreement over a woman.

We decided to take a break and then move to the tower.

Kathryn and LM
Solar room
Rem pod, touch bear, K2 and a ouija board

The bear was set in the fireplace, respond in the door and the ouija board set up in the corner of the room for the guests to try.
In the ouija board the guests got really strong responses from a young lady aged 15 who potentially died due to complications during child birth. The rem pod went off a couple of times by itself and the names Anne and Mary were picked up on. Anne the energy of a servant role in the castle. There was also the spirit of a male called William using the touch beat in the fireplace. William had an involvement in the capture of the abbot previously contacted in the Thrashers room.

Lords room
BM, Sharon and Clare
Cat ball, thermal gun

The team settled in the room and BM placed the cat ball in the centre of the room and we started to call out. There was the spirit of a servant felt however this presence seemed to not be allowed in this room. We in cited spirit into the room and explained that it was ok to join us.
The cat ball started to respond to our questions and using the thermal gun there was images seen around the room next to guests. BM held the sword in the room and asked if this was a weapon that had been used in defence of the castle and we received responses again on the ball. One of the guests had a torch on the floor, this was then pushed across the room with force.

Mary’s room/Lords room
Kathryn and LM
Table tipping, rem pod, music box, touch bear

Mary’s room -
We got responses on the rem pod in the corner of the room behind the bed almost straight away. We got activity on the bear also.
We started table tipping and we contacted by a little boy called Edward who worked in the stables. His mam and dad also worked in the castle. Edward died in a horse and cart accident. He was ran over by his own dad and was tied to the castle as he still looks for his parents.
Edward had a very playful spirit and would tip, rock and spin the table on command. This continued for 20 mins as the guests chased the table around the room.
This was in addition to continuous activity on the bear. We asked Edward if he would like to follow us to other rooms and he said he would. We left and moved to the lords room.

Lords room - music box, bear, touch pad and table tipping

As soon as we entered the room the energy felt heavier. We started table tipping and we met with responses but not from Edward. The table was a lot more aggressive in its movements. There was the energy of a woman who was worried that we were going to try and take her man off her. The table was aggressively moving around the room. 3 of our male guests were using the table, pressing down strongly and the table was moving around the room.
The table would only move while the men were on the table. The mistress of the room only wanted the men there and wanted the woman to leave. The table tipping was so aggressive that that table broke due to the force being used.
Again this was in addition to all of the additional equipment activating.

Nursery/Solar room
BM, Clare and Sharon
Ouija board, Cat ball and glow ball

BM set the ouija board up for a couple of the guests that wanted to try the board and Sharon stayed to support the two guests, there was no activity on the board so soon after Sharon and the two guests joined the team again.
BM and Clare took the remaining guests into the nursery.
BM placed a cat ball in the child’s bed and we instantly. We were joined by the child spirit of a boy.
We asked spirit if he would like to play a game and again got a response.
Using a glow ball we started to pass this around the room and asked spirit to move the ball in a different direction once we pushed this.
This was done over and over again. We would push the ball one way and a spirit would push the ball in the other direction.

We then all decided to take another break.

Great hall
BM, Clare and Sharon
Cat ball, K2

We settled into the hall and set a K2 in the closed doorway. We also placed a ball by the window.
Responses were weak in the room and we were unable to get direct answers to any questions asked.
Clare requested some monk canting to be played. When this went on there was loud footsteps heard above. We asked this to be repeated and this was done a few more times. We asked spirit if they would like us to move to the room above and the door opened. We took this as a sign and moved upstairs.

Great hall
Kathryn, LM
Touch bear

We got some responses on the touch bear when we talked about how good the parties would have been in the great hall. We tried to do a human pendulum as a group however it wasn’t successful.
A female spirit was picked up on but it didn’t give much back.

Mary’s room
BM, Clare and Sharon
Dowsing rods and cat ball

There was a heavy feel to the room and a shadow figure could be seen in the far left corner. We place a cat ball there and Christina sat in the fireplace using the rods.
We were joined by numerous spirits in this room however we were communicating with a servant girl. She was a magic user who used her magic to heal people. She had been trialed for black magic and executed wrongly. There was voodoo magic used by her employers and they had used her to cover for their crimes.

There was a definite dark presence in the corner of the room who the servant girl said had harmed people. Clare, Ian and Debbie were feeling unwell and the rods confirmed that this presence was imposing this feeling of sickness onto them.
The servant girl helped to remove this feeling however we decided after that to leave the room.

Cat ball and touch bear

We got responses on both pieces of equipment when discussing the obliette and how horrible it would have been to be put down there. We tried to use the bear as a yes response and the ball for no but the energy seemed to fade.

What an amazing night we had and considering how cold it was outside, with the toasty fires available in Bolton Castle we were able to keep nice and warm.
There is a lot more stories to unfold hear so can’t wait to go. Thank you everyone that joined us and made the night so fantastic