EXCLUSIVE CASTLE BOLTON - Saturday 2nd September 2023

Castle Bolton
After Chris gave the introduction to our guests, we headed to the Courtyard, where Cam gave the white light protection.
During this, we all heard 2 loud bangs, which sounded like doors being slammed.
Cam went to check in the castle to see if there was anyone in, but there wasn't.

Courtyard - Cam, Ged, Colin and guests
We stayed in the Courtyard and started calling out to the spirits of the castle.
Cam heard a female (not a guest), this was the same female who Cam had heard twice during the team walkabout.
One of the guests said at the same time she could see the image of a young girl dressed in work clothes.
We were told by the curator during the walkabout, that she was a maid. Was this her? Was she following us?
A number of guests saw movement in one of the upper level windows. There's no floors in that section.

Archer Room - Cam, Ged, Colin and guests
We moved into the Archer room and started calling out.
We were getting K2 hits in response to our questions.
Cam moved to the room where the logs were stored to check on a small group of guests.
As she took a photo of a few guests, the wall behind her lit up and our guest Simon saw a cross on the wall.
There was no cross on the wall but Cam did say that the other side of the wall was where the 2 monk rooms were.

Cam went to check on the few guests who were in the Courtyard area and a couple of the guests said they were seeing light anomalies again in the upper windows.
There were no car headlights, everyone was accounted for so it wasn't torch light.
We went with this and asked questions.
We received light anomalies and an audible 'mmm hmm' on 3 separate requests.
We asked for another sign they were trying to communicate and a small object hit the corrugated roof on The Forge.
No birds had flown past so it was an object dropped by a bird.

The Tower - Cam and 5 guests
Cam took 5 female guests to the derelict tower building and we stood very still calling out.
Again, we saw the light anomalies.
We asked spirit to come closer and stood in a circle, holding hands.
Cam heard the female again.
As we called out to the young lady, we all heard her voice. It wasn't any other guest as they were at this point in the dungeon.
We asked the young girl to come closer. She did and we heard her delicate footsteps on the gravel.
We introduced ourselves and asked if she could confirm her name.
2 guests had the names Sarah and Mary come to them.
We thanked spirit and moved on.

The Dungeon - Cam and guests
We met up with a few more guests and headed to the dungeon.
At first it was still but then we were joined by a young male spirit who told us he had been imprisoned for stealing.
At this point we didn't know what he had stolen. It came through later that it was a loaf of bread.
A few of the guests felt a tightness around their throat.
Just then, Chris joined us following his live, and the atmosphere changed.
Cam was pushed and fell backwards against the wall.
At this point, Simon, our guest said we had been joined by a dirty, unkempt man, who was called Frank.
He wanted to do despicable things to Chris.
Chris was stood next to Cam. Was he pushing Cam out of the way so that he could get closer to Chris?
As we confronted him about his disgusting crime, Simon said Frank wanted Cam to shut up and that he didn't like her. He didn't believe he should have been imprisoned for his crimes and didn't like that we were revealing more.
It turns out he used to stalk his victims and had a stoop, which caused a dragging walk. He didn't like women because they wouldn't pay him any attention due to his appearance, so he went after the men.
Chris to add his bits.

We headed for a break to recharge and split into groups.

Lord Scropes Room - Cam, Chris and guests
We headed to the very top room in the castle and all sat down.
One of the guests placed 3 cat balls on the other side of the rope.
The cat ball on the left side of the room kept going off.
We decided to incorporate this into a yes/no game.
We established that we were communicating with a male spirit. The cat ball stopped flashing.
Chris started calling out and we could hear lots of tapping.
We also heard a scratching too and we joked it was just a rat.
We placed a proximity bear at the back of the room, under the flag. The touch light equipment was placed infront of the shield at the foot of the bed and the vibration sensor near a chair.
Chris sat in the chair and started calling out.
He heard a 'Yes' to one of his questions, which was also heard by 2 other guests. The bear was flashing quite a bit.
We heard the scratching again. At the same time, a guest said they could see someone writing with a quill. Was this the scratching noise we all heard?
We checked the room before we left it and there was indeed a quill with an inkwell on a desk.
We could see a shadow figure moving around a lot. We think this may have been residual as it wasn't responding to us.

Mary Queen of Scots room - Cam, Chris and guests
We moved to Mary's room.
We placed the rempod on the bed, proximity bear in the chair and started calling out.
We could hear movement and then the rempod went off on the bed. It was around 5 seconds.
After that, we were getting responses to our questions via the proximity bear.
Chris heard a dragging sound from near the bed area.
The activity picked up when we were chatting about Mary, her ordeal and when we referred to her as Queen Mary.
The atmosphere changed slightly and again we heard a female voice.
We asked if this was the young girl. The bear lit up.
She didn't stay with us for long but we were then joined by another spirit who was of child height.
A few of us could see them, behind the chair that the bear was on.
All of a sudden, the figure moved and our guest, Rob, felt a force hit him but he said it felt playful, as if this was a child letting him know they were here.
The activity went still and we were conscious of the time so we moved on.

The Solar Room - Cam, Chris and guests
We moved down to the solar room and all stood holding hands, in a circle.
We placed the touch sensor objects in the middle of the circle.
One guest, Simon, had gone into the nursery room, adjacent to the room we were in.
Cam said she saw 3 monks cone into the room, they walked and had their hoods up.
Cam asked if anyone knew what the significance was of the hood being up.
We decided to stand very still, we were still in the circle holding hands. We played monk chanting and listened while Chris asked questions.
All of a sudden, after around 10 minutes, the phone went off and the chant stopped. Just then, our guest Simon rejoined us from the other room and told us there were 3 monks standing behind another guest called Michelle. They had their hoods up. Michelle began to feel unwell.
This confirmed what Cam had also seen.
As we were leaving the room, the door which would have been where the monks had entered was open. Chris had latched this shut earlier.

Another quick break.

The 2 monk rooms - Cam and a few guests
Cam took 4 guests in to the lower room where one of the monks stayed and the other guests went into the higher room.
The rooms are small so we couldn't fit everyone in.
We placed a rempod on the bed and a K2 device on a post.
One of the guests, Daniel, was using a word app too.
We called out and the rempod went off. The K2 was also going off.
The monk was using the K2 and word app to communicate.
He didn't like us being in his room.
He said we needed to apologise.
We asked what we needed to apologise for. Just then we all saw a black shadow rush past us, out of the room and when it came back in, Simon said his arm was hit.
The monk made it clear we weren't welcome and asked us to leave via the app.
We said if they could confirm they wanted us to leave, to light up the rempod and we would respect their wishes.
Around 10seconds went by and the rempod lit up.
We respected this and left.
Chris rejoined us and Cam said for just the men to go in the lower room and the ladies go in the higher room.
The ladies who were already in the upper room, were communicating with Leonard using the crystal and board. He said he was a friend of the monks, his mother worked in the castle and his dad was a soldier. He used to make healing potions with the monks.
We didn't get much more than this so we tried the ouija board, table tipping and glass work, but nothing more.
Chris to add his room bits as they got quite a bit in the lower room.

The Kitchen - Cam and a few guests
Time was getting late so we headed to the Kitchen area.
We sat around the large table infront of the fire and called out. It was very still.
We were all getting very tired so decided to go back to base.

What an absolutely amazing night. The activity was brilliant and spirits were very forth coming.

Can't wait to go back. 

Castle Bolton
Saturday 2nd September 2023

Team Chris, Cam, Ged, Colin.

Chris welcomed the guests and introduced the guests to the building. Chris then left to do his live feed, Cam, Ged and Colin led the guest to the courtyard for Cam to do the white light protection. Whilst Cam was carrying out the white light protection, everyone heard the kitchen door slam twice, afterward Cam had finished the white protection she went and asked Chris if he had been in the building and replied no, he was outside.
The team then split into small groups, Colin and his guests were in the court yard, Colin asked the guest to listen for a while and take in the building and the Colin started calling out, after a while one of the guest noticed a candle glowing in the window of a room that no longer exists, when she pointed this out to the rest of the guests some could see and others could not, a couple of photos were taken but nothing came out, Colin called out again asking for spirits to make themselves be known and to come forward after a short period of time, we could hear faint foot steps coming towards the guests and then one of the guests had taken photos of a window and you can plainly see a face in the window. Colin then asked the guests if they would like to try calling out and at the same time, we all heard a women scream from somewhere in the Castle, we noticed a few flashes coming from windows that no one could enter, Colin then asked the guests if they could make our way to the Archers rooms.

Archers Rooms

In here we met up with Ged and his group of Guests, Ged was calling out to an archer that had came forward, there were some good responses to the questions Ged was asking and some of the guests were also picking up on taps, orbs and some smells that kept coming up, from here Colin and Ged led the guest to the armoury, Ged did some calling but did not get much, a few guests asked Colin if he knew any of the history of the building because they were picking up on the feeling of an hospital for TB, Colin explained that none of the team knew anything about the history of the building. After a few hours the team decided it was now a good time to have a break.
The guests and the team made our way back to the base room and met up with Chris, Chris and Cam were one group and Ged and Colin were in another group.

Colin and Ged’s group
Equipment K2, Rem bear, Wendy, Cat balls, Rem pod, Glow ball.

Colin and Ged with their guests made their way to the passage behind the base room, the guest made themselves comfortable and the Ged and Colin started calling for the spirits to introduce themselves, within minutes the K2 was ging off and the Rem bear and then Wendy. There was plenty of activity with the spirits wanting to communicate with the guests, one of the guests rolled a glow ball along the floor and a few times it seemed like its was being moved in different directions by invisible helping hands, with the laughter from the guests and their participation, you could feel the energy level building and the spirits getting stronger, Ged did say that it seemed like we had children’s spirits with us, Ged and Colin continued for a while longer and then decide to try the Monks rooms.

Monk’s rooms
Equipment K2, Rem bear, Wendy, Cat balls, Rem pod, Glow ball, Spirit talker.
When Ged and Colin reached the monk’s rooms, they decided to split into small groups, Ged went to the lower one and Colin went to the top one. Colin placed a K2 on the bed and a guest placed Wendy at the foot of the bed. Colin asked the spirit do you remember me and within seconds the spirit talker replied “ Colin” , Colin then asked “What language would you like us to communicate with you in” and within minutes again the spirit talker replied “English”, one of the guests asked can we hear your voice and we waited for a while, Colin was about to ask another question when from one of the corners came deep growl, one of the guest asked was that you we just heard and again we heard a growl, Colin asked do you mind us being in your space, within minutes the K2 went to red and held and at the same time Wendy lit up lie a Christmas tree and held, this lasted for about a minute or so, Colin asked if you would like us to leave, do something and we will leave you in peace but nothing happened, Colin then placed the K2 on the table, it went to red and held a few times and then was knocked off the table, no one was near the table at this time, Colin picked it up and placed it back on the bed, it was at this time Colin and his guests could hear next door where Ged’s group were, that one of the guest were crying has this was happening the K2 on the bed was going from green to orange then green then to red, has Ged was passing our room he said he was going to the base room with his guests, Colin remained with his guests. One of the guests called out can we hear your footsteps, just as she said that, there was a ladies sigh by the doorway, Colin asked can you please make it louder for us please and again but this time a bit louder, it went a little quiet and we were about to leave when by the entrance of the door was a shadow of a person, it was at least 6ft but as soon as it appeared it was gone. Colin decided to leave it there and go back to the base room.

Base room

We were all talking about the investigation and how it was going, when Colin, Ged and a few of the guest saw a pale blue flash where the log burner was, this happened twice, Ged and Colin checked to see if anyone had their torches on but everyone was either talking to each other or drinking.

Solar Room.
Equipment K2, Rem bear, Wendy, Cat balls, Rem pod, Bells

Ged shut the door and placed a string of bells on the handle, a K2 was placed on the floor and at the other end of the room a rem bear was placed on the window sill and just below the rem bear on the floor was place a rem pod, Ged started to call out when the rem bear started going off, four of the guests, Ged and Colin all noticed pin pricks of flashing lights at he end of the room, they were on the walls ceiling and on the cabinets, they were blue and red, none of us have ever seen this before and could not explain it. Ged asked one of the guests to call out, reason being if we had children with us they might interact with her better then they would with Ged or Colin, we did have plenty of K2 activity.

Mary Queen of Scot’s Room
Equipment K2, Rem bear, Wendy, Cat balls, Rem pod

When we place trigger objects around the room, the rem bear was the first to go off Ged asked if Mary was with us and the K2 started flashing, every question that was asked the K2 or the rem bear would flash and on a few occasions the floor felt like someone was stamping on it, a couple of the guests said they could feel a cold breeze around them, there were a few taps.

Lord Scropes Room
Equipment K2, Rem bear, Wendy, Cat balls, Rem pod

The guests settled and then Colin and Ged started to call out, there was not too much activity at first, but it soon started to pick, the floor in this room also felt like it was being stamped on.
Colin asked the spirit if he was the one who raped the maid in this room and with that the K2 went to red, Colin also asked is it true that the maid jumped to her death from this tower and again the K2 went to red. Colin asked is it this maid we can some time hear scream and again the K2 flashed red. Nearly every question that was asked the K2 would flash orange or red, the rem bear flashed a few times. 


Castle Bolton :
Team members Chris, Cam, Colin, Ged.

The evening started off with Chris welcoming all the guests to their overnight stay event at Castle Bolton. Chris ran through LVI history and guidelines of how events are ran and how as a team LVI operates.

Main courtyard (outside) .
Equipment used ,own intuition, K2 torches, cameras.
Cam carried out the white light protection everybody participated and we started investigating straight away. All the guests stood in a circle and we started to ask out , Ged said he,d seen a shadow in a 2nd floor window but didn’t say anything to anyone tell Rob a guest asked did you see that it turns out they both seen the same thing in the same window when both explained what had happened, it was just after this when came came back into the courtyard after going back to main gathering room Ged and Rob thought it was Cam they had seen but Cam stated she’d never been anywhere near that room, whilst all stood outside a guest stated she was being pushed and 2 extra loud bangs where shears coming from the building , it was explained by it was probably Chris who’d gone to start his lone vigil online, it was later proved Chris had actually been on the phone to Claire on the other side of the building ( this was only discovered later in the evening and on trying to debunk the noises hear it was worked out it was the main kitchen door that had banged.we then split into smaller groups trying to cover most areas through the external sometimes derelict parts of the castle.The group of people that follow Ged went into what’s known as the archers room. This is where the archers of the castle where billeted ,Ged asked out for the archers to acknowledge their presence and aK2 device activated , a few noises where heard but it was hard to confirm it wasn’t noise pollution. After asking a few questions it was noted the archers where very skilled men who started training at aged 10 and it was mentioned about their role in the battle of Agincourt and agreed by K2 activity how respected they where in their day, moving into the armoury and the room the old cannons ons where kept Ged placed a K2 on a cannon made in time of king George 2nd. Ged asked questions to the artillery men who manned the cannon and they confirmed what he said we thanked them for their interaction and moved to the Dungeon / oubliette. Lee 1 of the guests whilst in the Dungeon area was being moved back and forth like a person suffering from mental health problems is known to do and at 1 point was asked to move forward as he hit his head on the wall, Lee had been asking questions using the dowsing rods as proof of yes/ no answers and had a lot of success, guests noted a manakin down in the oubliette that the team hadn’t noticed previously and asked a few questions lees dowsing rods confirming answers as well as a K 2 device, we thanked spirit for the interaction and completed our time outside in the ruins asking out and listening for activity in different rooms before returning to the base area for a break. Chris joined the group during a break and we split into 2 teams Ged and Colin having the basement areas monks cells and outside areas to investigate.
Ged and Colin servants corridors and basement stairwells.
Equipment used, K2 , Wendy K2,rem bear, cat balls, itc device, glow balls, dowsing rods.
We started the session by spreading out along the main corridor containing 2 stairwells 1 at each end one going up the other going downwards.

Steph 1 of the guests asked if a child was present as from the offset activity was amazing in confirming our questions by activating the K2’s Wendy K2 , dowsing rods , and glow all, all devices activating simultaneously and strongly indicating activity , all the guests amazed by the level of activity we were receiving. The glow ball when rolled along the floor at different speeds and directions acted so strangely by going back and forth, changed direction and moved towards individuals on each roll, at first it was thought the floor was uneven which it was but nobody could workout why it would change direction in as many ways as it did. Ged asked some guests to go to the basement level staying at the top of the stairs to monitor activity.The guests asked out and on questioning spirit received rem bear activations and K2 hits to accurate to be coincidence ?
It was then decided to access the monks cells in the outside chapel area.

Monks cells,
Equipment used, laser grid, rem bear K2’s , trigger objects.
The group split into 2 groups again to cover as much of the areas as possible, Ian a guest who had Twilight his support dog and his daughter sat in the open roofed chapel area using a laser grid to cover a large area and asked out ,I an videoed a shadow figure moving left to right across the wall whilst the other members of the now 2 groups concentrated on the monks cells.
Colin took some guests into 1 cell and Ged the other. The ladies (4) who joined Ged in a cell used a K2 and rem bear to attempt contact with a monk. After a few minutes of questioning and asking out we introduced ourselves and believe contact was made with a monk who had been employed to scribe a bible like the Lindisfarne gospels and also teach the children of the castle. Questions to do with life after death, reincarnation, and faith where asked the monk replied on request by using the device asked to manipulate to prove it couldn’t be coincidence. Ged asked the monk if he was a god soul and a man of faith he replied yes, we spoke reverently to the monk and showed him a lot of respect as his role in life dictated. We asked the monk to confirm what our beliefs where he replied yes to all the questions and confirmed again by throwing the K2 onto the floor. Ged placed a decade of the rosary a trigger object known by by catholics and Protestants onto the monks bed and asked if that pleased the monk, the rem bear activated as we asked him to activate that device was he good with what we were doing and happy with our communication approach. It was during our questioning and answering 1 of the guests became overwhelmed by the activity in a positive manner but it was decided we needed to take a break as the lady was very very upset . We supported the lady to return to the main meeting area on questioning the lady she stated it had been very emotional for her and she was overwhelmed by the way the monk with interacting with us Ged stated in 20 yrs of investigating never had he had such positive and accurate interaction with such a lovely soul and genuine spirit the whole group where overwhelmed by the interactions and we needed a break , Colin’s team stayed in ten other cell as they too where having a lot of interaction.