Elmwood Community Centre
Friday 10th November 2023
Clare, Kate,Colin and trialist Abbey.

Base room
Clare welcomed the guest and gave a welcome speech, Kate then took the group photo and then Clare did the white light protection. Clare went off to do her live and Kate, Colin and Abbey took the guest to the bridge room.

Bridge room
Rem Bear, Cat ball,K2, spirit talker.
The guest made themselves comfortable and the Colin asked the spirits of Elmwood to come and introduce themselves to the guest after a few moments the Rem bear started lighting up on the right paw, we thanked the spirit and asked if it could do something else to let us know where it was, Kate, Abbey and Colin all took turns to call out, Abbey moved the Rem bear from one corner of the room to the other, to see if the Rem bear would still light up, Kate asked if the spirit could touch the Rem bear or if we could hear their footsteps. One of the guest ( Rob ) said since Abbey moved the Rem bear, there was now a shadow beside her, he could not make out if it was male or female, we decided to put the Rem bear back and see what happens and after a few moments the shadow that was with Abbey had gone and the Rem bear started lighting up again. Kate got the guest to stand in a circle with their backs to each other and take a photo with the flash on to see if we could build up the energy. We called out some more but the room seemed to go flat, we had done just over an hour in the bridge room and not much activity.

Bender, Cat ball, K2, Spirit talker, Heat sensor.

We joined Clare whilst she was doing her live in the hall, Clare was calling out and Bender was getting a few responses from movement that was near it, Clare continued to call out and asked if we could hear their footsteps, Colin called out but got no response, Clare suggested to the guest about doing a human pendulum, the first we did was a male pendulum, Kate and Colin stood in the middle with him to make sure could catch him, Clare was asking questions but the spirit seemed to be messing around with the answers, Kate tried asking but the same thing was happening, so we decided to use a female in the middle and Colin asked two females to stand with her to make sure she didn’t fall backwards or forwards, we asked questions again and the same thing, the spirit seemed to be messing with us, we decided that this was a good time to break and regroup.

We were making our way to the pantry, going through the hall, Kate and Abbey was at the front and Clare and Colin was at the with Rob (a guest ), just has we were exiting the hall Colin and Rob was just letting the door shut when they noticed a flash, one of the lights had been turned on and the switch for the light was over the other side of the hall by the windows, so Clare, Colin and Rob stayed in the hall for a while trying to get the spirits to turn the lights on or even turn the torches off, Clare placed a SLS on the floor facing Rob and making him a stick figure on the screen but then he vanished from the screen just like if someone or something was covering him up, this happened a few times, Clare and Colin called out a few more times but nothing else happened so we made our way to the pantry where Kate and Abbey were, Kate said they were calling out and getting loads of activity on the EMF.

Kate and Abby took a group of guests into the pantry area and set up some cat balls and an emf detector around the room. We also placed a music box in the conservatory to see if spirit would be more willing to approach that.
Guests commented that this area felt quite comfortable and homely in comparison to some of the areas. We were getting some responses with the emf detector lighting all the way up to orange, though as usual, this was random and not in response to the questions being asked. Kate tried using the ghost tube app and it was interesting to note that the only response we got on this was “flames.”
Clare and Colin rejoined us and Clare set the radio spirit box up in the conservatory. A lot of what we heard was difficult to decipher, though we did hear “p*ss off!” Twice and what sounded like the name Matthew. After receiving little else, the group moved into the small cafe near the entrance of the building.
The atmosphere in this room was very different and Kate commented that the air felt very charged, as though there was definitely a presence in there. Clare had also noticed this before the group entered the room. Everyone got settled and again, we set equipment up around the room, hoping to get a response. Kate felt as though she had a man standing behind her but the atmosphere changed again shortly afterwards and things grew quiet. The only noises noted were lots of interesting stomach noises from guests and team alike and we were running out of time on the evening.
Everyone finished up in the main hall to see if we could encourage spirit to turn the lights on or off again but no activity was forthcoming.
Overall, it was another fantastic night at Elmwood and the highlight of the evening was definitely a sceptical guest going home believing a little more than he did before!

The Lone Vigils of the night  -

From the start of the night Alan who is a sceptic begun a lone vigil. He placed himself in the corridor and called out to the spirits of the land and the building. It was a slow started for him with no activity in the area or on the equipment. Alan gave it his all and continued to keep building the energy and calling out. And his hard work paid off. As Alan continues to call out, he begins getting some responses which he can’t explain - being in the area alone. He informed us that he started talking about our team member Clare and the responses were amazing on the REM Pod. His questions were based around Clare and how the spirit confirmed they wanted Clare to join him. Alan said the equipment and the energy was amazing and everything seemed to be going crazy to the point he walked away asking spirit to step back. It took a few times of him standing his ground and then the area fell silent. Alan said that what happened has really made him question things for the first time and the experience he had was amazing. Well done Alan for giving it your all and getting such amazing results.

Yvonne was a first timer on a ghost hunt, who classed herself as sensitive. She was a great sport who was happy for us to stick her in a cupboard. Getting herself comfortable, she didn’t experience anything during her Lone, except of the feeling of a spirit stood behind her, watching over her shoulder. But soon disappeared. Yvonne also reported feeling a form of sensation on her head…this is quite interesting which will be explained below. Thank you Yvonne for being open and trying anything thrown at you.

Claire and Katie took part in calling out together in the tea room. Claire informed us that she felt something pull her hair and made their presence known. She also reported becoming very emotional on 3 separate occasions where she burst out crying… this again was quite impressive - see below

During Yvonne, Claire and Katie taking part in their own separate Lones, the rest of the group were all together in the other tea room. Clare called out to the spirit and informed their was a lady/s on their own and asked the spirits to go to them and pull their hair, touch them on their head and do something to make them aware of the presence. So the fact that both Lone Ladies experienced this on their head for me is very impressive.

2 other ladies were also placed in the corridor upstairs with a proximity bear but I was not informed on their experiences if they had any activity.

Rob and Alan also investigated the cellar but reported that feeling very calm.

Thank you to our Lone Vigils for giving it your all and braving it alone.