Elmwood community centre
Clare, Kathryn and Michael

We welcomed the guests into to building and Michael completed the welcome talk. We set expectations for the night and moved into the main hall.
Kathryn took the team through the white light of protection and then group split down.

Clare took 3 of the YouTube channel subscribers off to complete a lone vigil and Michael and Kathryn’s group gathered around the table that was set in the middle of the hall.

Kathryn & Michael
Touch bear, seance, spirit box

We started calling out to spirit and started to receive responses of rattling on the table that was folded and standing up in the corner of the room. The rattles were becoming louder on command and we were able to identify we were speaking with a male spirit.

We asked if this spirit was Harold and again got a response via the rattling noise. There was also a light anomaly seen behind the table as if watching us from behind.
We placed the bear on the seats stacked with the table and asked Harold to touch the bear and light it up. After a short while there was a louder rattle the bear went off and a shadow was seen moving down the hall.

We attempted to use the spirit box but got no tangible evidence from this.

We decided to break and then move onto the next area.

Drawing room
Kathryn and Michael
Human pendulum, touch bear

We set off our next experiment by asking the group to form a circle. We placed the bear behind us and started calling out to spirit.
We asked spirit to choose which member of the group they would like to use as a conduit and a guest was chosen.

Again we were joined by Harold. Michael asked questions using multiple choices and we were able to confirm information we had received previously.
Harold was married, he also had a girlfriend. Harold was 54 when he passed and his girlfriend passed in the hallway upstairs.

All responses were also confirmed with lights from the bear.

Kathryn and Michael
Spirit box, touch bear, dowsing rods

We settled into the shop and placed a bear in the hallway.
Lee, one of the guests requested to use the dowsing rods.
We started to call out and received responses on the touch bear, this was not in direct response to any questions asked however.
The spirit box gave us the word religion, Michael asked if it could remember the last time the team was there. Michael also asked if it could name the person that said a prayer when he was last in the shop and the name Colin came through. Michael asked what profession did Colin previously have and the word reverend came through.
We received no responses via the dowsing rods however.

Creepy Corridor
Kathryn and Michael
Cat ball, Esty method

We placed the blind fold onto one of the guests, put the headphones on them and put them in the cupboard. The rest of the team stayed in the corridor with two cat balls lay on the floor.

We were joined by the spirit of a young boy called Bertie. He died of stomach problems, he was a homeless boy who died young, after eating rotten food from someone’s rubbish.
He was responsible for looking after a small child also. A young girl.

We asked Bertie which person he was attracted to most and we got ‘Denise’ and ‘camera’
Denise was upstairs with Clares group.

There was the cry’s of a baby heard when questioning Bertie also however his energy seemed to move on quickly.

The time had sprung up on us and it was time to end the investigation.

This wasn’t the most active night we have been on but the communication we did receive corroborated previous investigations and we have converted some more first time investigators into LVI fanatics.

Clare’s group -
Our YouTube members Rob, Denise and Lozza

We begun in the Paranormal experience rooms to conduct an investigation for our members only live stream on YouTube.

In the FirePlace room various bits of equipment had been placed around….music box, cat balls, REM pod, vibration sensor.

Dining room side equipment was cat balls, music box, REMPOD, K2

Corridor a music box was placed

We settled and begun to call out to the spirits. It wasn’t long before it was sensed possible children around her legs. We heard some slight movement and a couple of taps/bangs but nothing in response to our questions.

We placed a K2 on Sophie the doll and instantly got spikes. We noticed this was just in one particular area on her so decided to check out further that there wasn’t something inside that could cause this. We found nothing after a good check over and noticed the K2 spikes had stopped.

We continued to call out and noticed the spikes back on the K2 along with various music boxes being activated. So we focused our time around Sophie.

Sophie gave us small flicker responses on the K2 when we asked a question. It was clear something was there but was weak with the energy. We kept the moment high with our energy.

I randomly said to the spirits, if you are here and take the K2 up to red right now, I will eat Chris’s pants. Sat absolutely gobsmacked as the response was instant…not only a HUGE spike on K2 BUT 2 balls went off various parts of the room. We were not expecting that response on demand!

We continued to call out and a whistle was heard. At this time there was only us this side of the building. Checked this was still the case and was no explanation for the whistle.

Senses were heightened and spirit was felt up here but the time passed to quickly and we decided to break to recharge our batteries.

Main Hall
Table work - senses and a music box

So we settled in the Hall and it wasn’t long before a couple of footsteps were heard when we were all settled. It was clear we could all see and feel a particular spirit here.

R, D and L all settled round the table to see if they could get some activity. Almost instantly vibrations and pulsing was felt. Shadows were seen also in relation to the music box going off at the correct timing.

The energy from the table was incredible. It was witnessed actually lifting up off the floor. Response to questions and was clear we were dealing with the spirit who doesn’t like Clare, but also confirmed doesn’t like Rob either. Apparently we both remind the spirit of someone. ( Rob spends a lot of time here so spirits know him very well).

We popped off for another quick break and headed back up to the experience rooms.

Sitting back around the table, certain questions were asked about one of the spirits that resides here and responses with movement on the table. Sometimes quite strong but soon faded out. It was clear spirits energy became low.

The night absolutely flew by with everyone having an experience themselves along with outstanding on demand response throughout the night.

I would like to thank my group - our YouTube members for giving it their all which helped make it a brilliant night with amazing responses and a fantastic laugh and great team work and sensors used.

Our YouTube members only stream was enjoyable to those watching… if you wish to join us on a Lone Vigil Live to members only, you can subscribe you our YouTube page and click join for a monthly fee to have lots of perks included.

Elmwood, as ever it’s just given and given. Until the next time.