EXCLUSIVE - Elmwood Community Centre Friday 19th May 2023

Clare Lone Vigil - Facebook Live Feed
Elmwood Community Centre - Friday 19th May 2023

Equipment used:-
Glow ball
Proximity Bear

So after our guests were welcomed and the white light had been completed, Clare ventured off on her own to take part in her Lone Vigil Live Feed for Facebook.

With a rocky start with the signal being on and off (in an area that is usually very good) she settled in the door way with both corridors.

Upon starting the proximity bear began to light up - guests at home watching asked Clare to call out for any children who may be present but nothing validated this on response. Viewers at home were reporting light anomalies each time Clare was asking to show themselves to her. Clare was unable to report any abnormal light around her which Many viewers at home were witnessing.

The sense of a child who was shy was reported along with the names Fred, Adam, Stewart, Anna, Robert Rankin were picked up by viewers at home.

A spirit of a male was reported who was coming close to Clare but was standing back watching was picked up. He was brought to the building for some kind of medical purpose which was regarding the War. A teenage boy was also picked up who was wearing Old world farm gear.

A lady’s voice was heard along with a mist. Shuffling, taps and bangs and whispering was also heard along with a whistle sound.

The spirit of a male was picked up who stopped any children from coming forward to communicate- this was actually confirmed by our guests at the end of the night.

Clare heard a door being opened down the corridor and went to check out what it was. There was no response. A viewer also hear a cough at this point. Clare moved the proximity bear and placed it in another area in the corridor. Instantly the bear was interacted with on response which seemed to be the children coming forward. The sense of no games in the corridor was picked up and the spirit of the gentleman was felt and at that point again, all activity within the bear stopped.

It really is interesting that the same spirit was felt by Clare as last time who is either a Joker of some kind or really doesn’t want his story to be told and stops anyone within this area interacting.

The spirits were making themselves aware they were there with Clare but unfortunately nothing fully clarified this on the night with validation throughout the Live Feed. What did amaze Clare is upon joining the group they were actually receiving this validation within the activity they were getting.

Thank you to all the viewers for joining in and using your senses/intuition throughout the live.

Locked Off Live Feed - Facebook. Main Entrance area

So our locked off Live feed was set up with the proximity bear being placed for spirit to hopefully interact with.

The bear through the night was set off and was being interacted with. Chanting was heard along with the Lord’s Prayer.
Shuffling and shadows were heard and seen by viewers at home.
Growling was heard by many viewers also. Banging, tapping, footsteps were reported. Along with fleeting figures.

Thank you to everyone who joined the locked off feed and commented on their reports of what had been seen and heard. You really are our eyes and ears for our locked off Live. Thank you again for joining us.

Estes Method Experiment-

Clare took off some of the group one at a time to carry out the Estes Experiment.

The first experiment, Clare was asking questions to spirit to come forward and manipulate the white noise in response to her questions. A wide range of questions were asked from Clare along with asking spirit to touch the guest in question and make her aware of their presence. The guest couldn’t hear anything Clare was asking or saying - the answers she received was
It’s bedtime
 I can’t answer that
At the end of the experiment, the guest also said she had felt like she had been touched. Clare was able to show the guest her range of questions and ‘demands’ to spirit so she was able to see the question had been asked if they could touch her.

The second experiment was with a different guest and the same situation as the first experiment. Unfortunately during this time, no words came through and nothing was felt during this experiment.

The third experiment was with a different guest and the same situation from the last 2 times. A range of questions were asked from Clare to the spirits. The guest reported the words
 I am here
Being said on a number of occasions along with
Male or Man

This particular guest had come up with a male spirit who is a joker but had also done something really bad in his living life to which he will make sure his story will never be told. Again, very similar to Clare on her Live feed.

Clare, Cam, Michael B

Main Hall - Equipment Used - Cat Balls, Glow Balls and a Rem Bear.
We started the evening with Clare, giving the LVI talk to the guests. Clare went off to do her Facebook live while we all moved into the main hall, where Cam conducted the white light protection to all guests. While doing the white light, we could hear movement and taps coming from the main hall.

We started our call out to the spirits of Elmwood, and it wasn't long before some guests were picking up on a spirit in the top left corner of the room. 2 of the guests reported the presence of a small child with them, holding their hand. Cam asked if the spirit in the top corner was the little boys older brother. As soon as Cam mentioned the little boys brother, we could see another shadow figure stooped over in front of this shadow person.

We decided to place the rem bear in the top corner, next to where we had seen the shadow figures. Cam asked if this was the teenage boy. The rem bear went of a few times but that was the only camunication we had with the boy. Cam asked if the spirit children wanted to play hide and seek. She counted to 5 and we could see small shadows moving around the edges of the room. A couple of guests said they could feel their lower legs were getting cold like as if the children were hiding under the chairs from us. Time went quickly and it was 11pm so we went for a short break.

Room next to the tea room - Equipment Used - Ouija Board, Music Box
Cam opened the board. It took a while before we got anything come through. Cam had left the room to go and check on a couple of guests who had stayed in the main hall to do their own investigation. When Cam returned, a few people saw a shadow figure follow her back into the room. The planchette moved to the letter 'T' so we asked if Thomas or Tommy were with us. These were a couple of the names we had picked up on in the Main Hall earlier. The planchette started to move, and spirit was using the energy from Michael's touch, which was flickering on and of after each question. A few guests reported that a few seconds after Cam had returned to the rom, they had seen a shadow figure follow her. Cam was stood by the table at this point so she asked if this was true. The music box went off. The board went quiet after the torch was completely drained.

Toilet Area - Equipment Used - Table
We then decided to try some table tipping in the area next to the ladies toilets.
The guests around the table started to call out, and they could feel the table vibrate. It started to move but wasn't long before some guests left the table because there backs were hurting. Personal messages came through but nothing linked to the building/location.

Main Hall - Human Pendulum
With 15 minutes remaining of our evening, we carried out a human penndulum.
Michael asked everyone who wanted to take part to join hands, and explained how it worked. We started to call out to spirits and asked them to walk among the people in the circle. It wasn't long before someone was chosen by spirit. The lady was happy to do this so she went into middle of the circle. We were given a sign for 'Yes' and another for 'No'.
We established that we were taking to the older boy again and he was frightened. He was trying to protect his younger brother from the tall man.
We spent the last 5 minutes of the night spent in total darkness. Clare placed a proximity bear in the centre of the room and we called out as a team, asking if there was any children with us. We asked if they could communicate with us by touching the bear. The bear lit up. We were talking to the teenage boy again and his brother again. This went on for around 5-10 minutes but then Cam saw the tall dark shadow come into the room. All activity stopped. We got no more responses from the children via the bear.

It came to the end of the night, and we thanked our guests and the spirits for another interesting night.