Elmwood Community Centre

Friday, 29th September 2023

Clare welcomed the guests to their evening at Elmwood and completed our white light protection in the main hall area – already we could hear taps and felt movement around the group, which was very promising for the night ahead.

The group left Clare in the Hall for the live lone vigil, and we headed off to the other side of the building to the Tea Room.

Tea Room

Sharon & Katie

Equipment: cat balls, touch sensitive light board, K2, Ouija board, word generator, music box, temperature gun

We settled in and called out to get a feel for any spirits in the room. The name ‘Margaret’ had come to one of the guests earlier, so we asked out if we had her with us. Aside from taps which sounded like they were against the glass of the framed pictures, there was no real activity in the room – we tried going back to basics and asking spirit to join us on the board rather than through the equipment, but couldn’t entice spirit to come forward so we moved along to the meeting room next door.

Meeting Room

Equipment: Rem bear, cat balls, K2, touch sensitive light board, temperature gun

We called out for spirit to join us and throughout our time in this room there were temperature changes by up to 3 degrees in certain areas.

One guest took a photo and caught what looked like the bottom half of a person wearing blue trousers, when she tried to take another photo of the same area two vertical strips of blurred light appeared in the same place.

The cupboard doors alongside the wall could be heard to clatter when there was no-one close to them, and a few faint taps were heard too.

One guest could feel the energy of someone small, assuming that this could be a child we put the rem bear on the floor with the two cat balls and asked if they wanted to play. The rem bear got a couple of hits, but nothing strong enough came through for us to try and communicate with.

The word generator gave us, ‘Tina’, ‘Samuel’, ‘France’, ‘secret’ and ‘plants’ amongst others. Some of this made sense a little later on, but for now we decided to move upstairs as one of our guests felt that is where he was being drawn to.

Upstairs Room

Cat balls, rem bear, temperature gun, human pendulum

The atmosphere was noticeable as soon as we entered this room. One guest could feel the presence of two spirits and moved into the corner of the room as she didn’t like the feel of one of them.

We put the rem bear in the opposite corner and set down the cat balls close by. We asked if we had spirit with us, and all guests could see a small shadow moving in that direction. We asked if spirit would like to light up the equipment to let us know they were there and one of the cat balls lit up. Feeling this might be the energy of a child we asked if they would like to play a game which involved us holding hands in a circle so they could move about us, and so we formed a human pendulum.

Immediately, one guest was affected, and we moved her into the middle of the circle, with clear signs for ‘yes’ and ‘no’ we got the following information:

We were talking to a little girl who said she was around 5 years of age – she was hesitant in her answers to give us her name but went with ‘Mary’ – Katie asked if that is what we could call her for the rest of our conversation, and she clearly gave us a huge ‘NO’! She told us that she had passed in the early 2000s but wasn’t too keen to try and give us an exact date. She confirmed that the guest was correct, and we had two spirits with us, and the other was a man who had been a very strict teacher. He had never played games with his pupils and made them concentrate on their lessons. She did say that he wasn’t a mean spirit, however, our guest was starting to feel sick. We asked if she was mischievous, and she gave her a very clear ‘no’ once more. We asked if she would let the man come forward to talk to us, but again she wasn’t happy with this and that she didn’t want to answer any more questions, so we respected her wishes and closed our circle. We all felt that there was the possibility of spirits playing games with us, and perhaps we were not talking to who we thought we were, so we were happy to end the session there.

Throughout our time in the upstairs room there was a thick atmosphere, temperature changes again by up to 3-4 degrees, and taps and movements could be heard as well as shadows being seen.

We joined Clare again downstairs and moved into the Hall as she had had some activity during the live.

Main Hall

Table tipping, energy lantern

Our guests began to create energy around the table and vibrations could be felt as well as small movements from the legs. A male energy could be felt and that he was not a nice man – the same as Clare had experienced during the lone vigil.

The more guests laughed around the table, the more it seemed to affect this spirit. One guest mentioned that she felt angry – were we making too much noise for this spirit? He clearly wasn’t happy as one guest felt a puff of air in her face as if he was standing over her feeling very huffed. Another guest felt that she had been touched on the arm as he went by.

During table tipping the door to the Hall opened and the room went very dark – we asked him to come forward and let us know he was with us by moving the table, however, it was felt that he didn’t want to take orders from women – so we asked our male member of the group to ask spirit for communication. He felt that this spirit wanted to be stood over people to show his authority and that he appeared as quite a tall man wearing a cloak – similar to what an old schoolmaster would wear.

We sat down and left our male guest in the middle of the room and all of us could see his posture change and also his physical form. He appeared taller and that he was wearing a cloak. At times the room became so dark he disappeared from sight altogether. Footsteps could be heard above us very clearly and where the door to the room had opened, we could see shadows flitting behind it and coming into the room.

We asked spirit if he was connected to the building from when it was a house, and did he not like us being in his house – one guest kept getting the same phrase in her mind saying, ‘it’s not the house’, we thought if this room was added at a later date perhaps we should we move back into the original part which was the house and see if we could get any further communication by doing this.

Conference Room

Word generator

We moved along to the corridor on our way back into the original part of the house. One our guests stood at the far end felt she was being pushed and that she needed to lie down, which she did! Was spirit happy now that we were following instructions? Another guest said that this spirit with us wasn’t the male energy from the Hall, and that he doesn’t come in here. This spirit felt female.

We were aware of a story attached to the Centre around an accident which took the lives of two children, and after calling out we felt that this car accident was premeditated and caused on purpose. The word generator called out ‘wire’ and we asked if the lines were cut to the brakes of the car. We then got ‘garage’ ‘ashes’ and ‘died’. We were then trying to confirm what this room would have been used for originally and piecing things together asked if this was originally used as a stable, rather than a garage. We had confirmation that this was originally the stable block. We asked if this had been destroyed by fire which would tie in with the ‘ashes’ and ‘died’ – which it had. Some interesting pieces of the puzzle coming together from the word generator.

One guest felt bloated and that she had never been pregnant herself but felt that she was walking like a pregnant lady would, and also felt sick.

We decided to move along to the internal corridor to move back around the building.


Intuition, music box

We placed the music box by the doorway which leads into the Main Hall. We called out as one of our guests felt that the male energy from the Main Hall spent his time walking between this corridor and the Hall. The music box went off and we felt that he had come in to see what we were doing. At this point one of our guests felt a puff of air in her face again.

We asked if he was happy for us to be in this area, or would he prefer less people to be in ‘his space’ so we left two guests to sit in this area as we moved along to prepare for a Ouija session back in the Main Hall – our guests didn’t last too long and were back with us within a couple of minutes!

Main Hall

Ouija session

We had kept the energy lantern by the doorway and Clare brought in the singing bowl to create some energy for the Ouija session to start.

We had instant activity on the board, and we found out some interesting information.

We were talking to an eight-year-old girl, and although her spelling wasn’t correct, we could confirm what she was saying with yes/no questions.

She told us that her name was Elizabeth and she had been schooled here. Her teacher was also her father, so she was home schooled. She told us that she had died in 1926 and that her life was taken in an accident.

She told us that her father was called Richard Urshaw, he was a strict man, and that he had caused the accident she died in. She was unsure if she was an only child, but when asked confirmed that her mother, who also died in the accident, had been with child at the time – perhaps why she was unsure if she was an only child or not at the time.

She told us that her mother was French (linking to France being mentioned on the word generator earlier?) and that the accident was caused by tampering with the brakes due to her mother being involved with someone else. She told us he didn’t feel guilty for what he had done, and nobody else ever found out what he had done so he had got away with it. Thinking back to the meeting room, was this the ‘secret’ that had been mentioned?

Elizabeth told us that her father was quite a mean man, and he stayed in the Hall most of his time. He was 61 when he died.

The music box we had placed by the doorway which had opened earlier sounded twice during this session and we asked Elizabeth if that was him coming in, and she said it was. Shortly after this, Elizabeth moved the planchette to ‘goodbye’ and we ended the session there just in time for the close of our investigation.

We thanked the spirits of Elmwood and finished on a very informative note.

Another interesting investigation at Elmwood with intriguing information being shared by spirit, as well as some physical activity. There is definitely more to come from this location that’s for sure!