Michaels Write up

Elmwood community center start time 8:30pm.
Chris started by introducing us to the guests.
Chris went of to do his loan vigil,Kathryn and Michael took the guest to the room next to the tea room to do the white light pretection Kathryn read out the the white light,once that was finished we started to do some calling out 10mins in we started her footsteps above us and knocks coming from the room,so we decided to go and get a rem bear we were calling out and asking questions and the response on the team bear was on que with calling out one guest saw a shadow above Michael on the celling we figured out we were talking a gentle men one guest had to leave due to a coughing fit and we picked up on that the sport gentlemen may of had lung problems or even T.B,one guest was picking up on a child spirit peeeking throu the glass on the door as if the spirit wasn't aloud in the room we did invite the spirit child in and we were picking up on if something was walking around the checking us out. We decided to to a brake. when we got going after brake we decided to go in to the main hall and take rem bear spirit box cat balls and k2s chris started to call out to spirit with one guest noticed that the cat balls were moving Chris asked all the guest to ask one question each and leave a space between questions we did get a female voice through we went on to do a human pendulum with guest in the middle she was moving back for yes when Chris asking questions we decided to split in to small groups Chris too a few guest down the cellar while Kathryn and Michael took the rest of the group to the room next to the toilets Kathryn and Michael group were picking up on 3spirits one female and two little boys the female spirit was communicating through Wendy doll and we feel that she was either a nurse for the family or a nanny Kathryn caught one of the children spirit wavering at her on her SLS camera on her phone the two boy spirits were coming through strong and we feel like if the nanny was still there looking after them.before we new it was time to say good by to spirit and we thanked them for the activity.overall great night at Elmwood the time did fly  over GO TEAM L.V.i.

Elmwood investigate. Kathryn’s write up
Team Chris, Kathryn and Michael.

We set up our base in the tea room just off the main corridor and welcomes the guests in,
while we waited for the building to be cleared Chris gave the introduction talk to the guests we had for the night.
Chris then left to do his live and Kathryn and Michael took the guests into the room across the hall way which we will call the Bridge room.
Kathryn gave the white light protection to the group and then began to call out to the sprits of the building.
The Bridge room.
Ourselves and a touch sensitive bear.
The night started off very quiet although we did hear very loud footsteps above our headd from the room above.
We decided to grab one of the bears and immediately got interaction from a spirit.
We weren’t able to establish who we were speaking with but they liked to let us know that they were there but didn’t want to answer any of the questions we were asking.
One guest had a sudden coughing fit and had to leave the room for a few moments, when the questions became medical related.
A few more guests advised that they were feeling the same affects, pressure on chest as well dry or something stuck in thier throat causing them to want to cough too.
One of the team members and a guest reported seeing swirling fog like mist comming up from the carpet in front of them which remained for awhile but was unable to be seen in any pictures taken of the group.
Other guests as well as the team members reported shadows going past the glass panel in the door, giving “cheeky” energy of a child, possibly not allowed in the room, but wondering what we were doing.
Chris joined the groups after his live on facebook and brought a cold energy into the room which had been really warm so far.
He asked out about a gentleman who he had come across on his live and we decided to try some table tipping after hearing taps and bangs in response to some of the things Chris was saying.
There wasn’t much action on the table so we turned on the sprit box and kept the circle around the table to keep up the energy.
There was a lot of German words and phrases that seemed to come from the box.
We tried to establish if the spirit was German POW but they advised the they were French and Chris heard the name Emanuel which had come up during his live session.

The group decided to take a little break.

The Hall.
Chris, Kathryn and Michael.
Equipment: Rem pod/ bear/k2/ Wendy/ Cat balls/ Spirit box.

We set up the equipment all around the room and the guests took seats in the chairs on each side of the room.
In the middle of the room Chris sat in the floor with the spirit box with a glowing cat ball either side of the box.
One of our guests Andrew felt brave enough to go into the toilets alone during this part of the investigation.
The guests noticed that one of the balls seemed to be moving a circle motion and there was a strong smell of TCP that filled the room which nearly everyone smelt.
Chris then told us about the medical connection with the room so we decided to open the curtains on one side to see it stirred up any energy.
Earlier in the night we had responces on the bear in the Bridge room when we mentioned hospitals as well as the condition TB.
Kathryn crossed the room to charge up the glow balls before moving one to be near the curtain, and the spirit box which had been in stand- by mode turned itself on.
We got a few responces on the box, and there were shadows seen moving around the room.
We decided to do a human pendulum, our guest Emma was chosen from the group to go in the middle and Michael and Kathryn stood either side for support.
Chris began to call out and a push backwards for yes was established.
Chris started to communicate with a male spirit who wasn’t being very honest with us and gave us conflicting information, and pretending to be someone he was not.

We decided to split into two smaller groups and with Chris taking his group down into the Cella and Kathryn and Michael took thier group into the little meeting room opposite the toilets at the bottom of the hall.

The meeting room:
K2/Wendy/ touch sensitive bear/ car balls.

We all sat around the table in the room and began to call out. we got spikes straight away on Wendy who was on the table, the other equipment was sorted round the room.
we quickly established we were speaking to a lady called Alice, who worked in the house as a nurse/ nanny for the wealth family.
She did not die at Elmwood but come back in visitation to see the children that she cared for who unfortunately did.
A little bit called Adam who passed away when he was about 12 from drowning and his younger brother Tom who died when he was about 10 from chest problems, more like asthma than TB.
The boys also had an older sister but we could find out her name.
Alice was able to tell us that there are roughly 16 spirits in the building, but more come in visitation including herself.
The boys were with her and they were happy to see us and liked when we came to visit them as a team.
Members of the group were picking up on the “cheeky” energy of the child again by the door so we used an SLS camera app and asked the children to wave, and sure enough a little lines pops up on more than one occasion and even seems to move/ shake at one point.
As the night was coming to and end we thanked them and said goodbye and headed back to join Chris and his group.

It was amazing amazing night at a fantastic exclusive location.