Elmwood Community Centre:

Clare Lone Live with our YouTube members for a members only stream.

So once we completed the welcome talk and white light. Clare took 2 guests up into the experience rooms to take part in the members only live stream on YouTube.

From the moment we entered the rooms, we heard some verbal voices which were not coming from the other guests. A lady’s voice was heard along with a couple of male groans. Our music box was going off continuously in response, showcasing we were dealing with an intelligent spirit.

We tried a spirit box session and had a fair few curse words coming through and we soon realised who we were dealing with!

During us chatting amongst ourselves, a rude joke was made and with this, the cat ball begun to flash, leaving us howling at having a response. So we tried the same crude, jokey theme. This led to us having an amazing on response session.

It was clear the spirit we had contacted was enjoying a good laugh with us. It was all based around our male guest and the spirit declaring his undying love to him.

With just one of the balls flashing in response to our questions, we asked the spirit to go to another ball to confirm that it was actually him and to our amazement, this did go off. We then asked for the third ball to light up and again this happened.

With this part being for the experience room, we have certain items and objects within the rooms that are associated with the spirits who once lived in the building. Including the death certificates of those who lost their lives in the building. As these balls were flashing on the names of certain objects, we called out the names to 3 of the male spirits to see if they all wished to join in the laughter and responses we were getting off Harold. To our amazement, the 3 balls began to flash continuously to our questions, showing us that they too wished to join in the engagement.

This session was absolutely brilliant and showcased to us that even in the other side, spirits still enjoy humour and laughter along with pranks.

We ended the session on a total high and rejoined the group for a break to recharge our batteries before heading up with the group as a whole.

Thank you as ever to our YouTube members for being great sports. If you wish to get the extra perks our YouTube members get, you can join our monthly subscription on YouTube. Where you will have members only live feeds or join Chris or Clare on a lone live for our you tube members only streams.

You can also book a private event at Elmwood for the Lone Vigils Paranormal Experience and have full run of the building, including our experience rooms, with no other members of the public and upto 6 people of your choice.

Elmwood is a place that is steeped in so much history that even on quiet nights it just keeps on giving and giving.

An incredible live, amazing responses and 2 YouTube members that really gave it their all to help receive this amazing session.

Can’t wait to return back here as always.

Elmwood Sleepover 24/05/2024
Team Clare, Kathryn and Abbey.

Before we began the investigation Clare showed Kathryn and Abbey the new set up on the second floor. While she asked us to guess which one like to move on the live streams, then as she walked away from them she referred to them as “dirty bitches”, in reference to the interesting face paint some of them have.
Once Clare had walked past Kathryn and Abbey one of the dolls fell over knocking over another one with it… we both joked and said “is it that one?”
and it was, we the immediatly tried to do it again to debunk it but were unable too.

We welcomed the guests into the building and into base camp which we set up in The Pantry for the night.

All the guests had been with us as a team before so after a condensed welcome talk/ health and safety briefing from Clare, we went into the main hall where we did the group picture and Kathryn delivered the white light protection to the group.
Clare then took two guests up to the experience on the second floor who were Youtube subscribers for the live.
Kathryn and Abbey went into the meeting room at the very back of the building.

Kathryn and Abbey
Meeting room:
Equipment: Box 1 K2 and cat ball.
We put a K2 at one end of the table and a cat ball at the other and began to call out to spirits of the building.
We introduced ourselves and called out for 20 mins but we got nothing at all in this room, which is strange as it has been known to be active in the past.

The Main Hall.
Equipment box 1 plus table.
Cat ball, K2, table and glow ball.
We encouraged the guests to try table tipping in the main hall and also put a glow ball in the middle of the table.
There was a cat ball on the floor at one end of the hall and a K2 by the door to the conservatory, with the door left open a little bit. We got movement on the table almost straight away with the presence of a male spirit being felt in the room, who had taken part in an Olympic games, as he was presenting himself with medal around his neck to one of the guests in the group.
Shadow figures were seen walking past the conservatory door way and at one point we got a huge spike on the K2.
The table juddered and creeked but then the energy seemed to go and the presence of a little boy was felt, who liked to play with the cat ball in the floor.
He wasn’t there long as the male spirit returned and this time we used reverse physiology to get more movement on the table.
So by asking him to opposite he actually turned the table clockwise and anti- clockwise on request and knocked the table over so the flow ball went flying off it.
A male and female voice were heard as well as well as spirit lights in the room.
We said thank you and moved into another part of the building.

Room number 3
Equipment box 2: touch bear, dowsing rods, cat ball.
We spread out around the room and out the touch bear in the middle of the fire place.
We decided to sit very quietly and see if anything happened, both arms of the bear lit up, first the left and then the right but after that there was no more actuality on that piece of equipment.
Once guest used the dowsing rods and quickly got a gentleman spirit who had a army background.
We were able to work out that his name was John and his surname began with a K.
He held the rank of colonel, but he didn’t find it funny when we made Cluedo jokes.
He had lived in the house but did it build it and was married with three children, 2 boys and a girl.
Kathryn reminded him of his wife and that meant he didn’t like her very much as it did not seem to be a happy marriage.
He remember other team members, including Abbey, Chris and Clare and usually just followed us around the building and hadn’t interacted with the team much in previous investigations.
He advised that he died in a car crash less than 10 miles from the house on Leven back when the car over turned in the snow hitting a big rock.
He was driving the car as his driver was too sick to actually drive John himself.
He told us that the room we were in used to be the main dining room in the house and it was used for parties aswell which could get a little wild.
When we told him that we were sleeping over tonight he said that he would keep an eye on us as there were some rooms which weren’t safe. There was a huge bang in one of the corners in the room and man’s voice was heard in the room as well.
The energy changed and the rods kept spinning around out of control so we shut down the experiment and went for the first break of the night .

The second floor - the paranormal experience room.
Equipment box 2: Trigger object board, rem pod, dowsing rods, motion sensors and cat balls.
We went up to the second floor and spread around the two rooms, some choosing the main rooms and other guests choosing the doll room.
We places a REM pod by the main door to the corridor and motion sensors one on Sophie the doll and another on the landing. There was already a music box in the room set up for the live feed.
We set up the trigger board in the main table with the cards and whiskey to see if we could get the spirit of Harold to use the coins in his card game bit when we checked back in the morning they had not moved.
The motion detectors and music box kept going off as if someone was walking backward and across the landing and into each of the rooms.
A guest sat across the room from the sofa where Kathryn and another guest were sat could see a white mist between them but we were unable to catch it on camera. The cat balls would go off on occasion but not always in response to questions.
A guest was using dowsing and they were spinning around like they did before when investigating room number 3.
A voice was hear again, but this time it was more like a moaning sound.

We decided to go back downstairs and have another little break.

The main hall.
Equipment: large table already in room and touch bear.
Kathryn and Abbey and the 5 remaining guests decided to spent the last little bit of the invesgiantion back in the main hall. This time we pushed the door to conservatory full open and put a touch bear on the end of the first table.
We carried one of the large tables into the middle of the rooms and sat around it to get the activity going.
It wasn’t long until the energy picked up and we had to get the chairs out of the way quickly.We asked for Harold to come and push the table round to room and it was end to end in the room.
At one point the table was kicked up and slammed down in the floor and another time completely flipped over. Everyone could feel the vibrations on the table of where the spirit was hitting it in order to move it around. A shadow figure was seen in the corner of the room by several people in the group. One member started to film/ take picture of the activity and the table actually move towards them as if they were not happy with then recorded at all.
The energy seemed to fade and the guests who weren’t staying over at the location left the building, and the rest of the team and guests bedded down for the night.
What an amazing night full of interesting activity and information.
Until next time Elmwood ….