Elmwood community centre
Clare, Kathryn, Michael and Kate

This was the first time in 5 years the team and guests slept over at Elmwood so we were all very excited to be sleeping again.

Michael completed the welcome talk and explained the areas of the building that we would have access to that evening. We moved into the main hall, where we completed the white light of protection ready to start our Lockdown.

Main hall
Michael, Kathryn and Kate
Touch bear, Cat ball and seance

We spread out around the outside of the hall, placing a couple of cat balls and the teddy on the floor in various places and started calling out.
We heard a couple of faint taps but nothing conclusive or upon response to any questions.
We felt that the energy in the hall seemed a little flat. Which was the same for Clare who was participating on a Lone Vigil Live on YouTube.

We decided to set two tables of 6 up in the middle of the hall with some candles and try to complete a seance and bring some energy to the space.

After a small amount of time of setting up this experiment the energy levels in the room lifted and we started to get responses on the touch beat.
We were joined by a spirit of a boy. He had been involved in an emergency or arrest around this building.
Kathryn said she had previously spoke to a young boy named Adam and the bear confirmed we were speaking with him again.

Adam liked the way Kathryn’s voice sounded and explained he would be with her most of the night.

We had no other activity in this area so we decided to break and to split into our teams.

Clare and Michael
Cat ball, Wendy, Sophie, rem pod, music box

Upon entering we let Wendy and Sophie meet for the first time and was clear Wendy didn’t like Sophie and responded with spikes on the k2 of Wendy.
We decided to interact with Sophie by trying to engage her in the group, moving her off the old antique rocking chair she was sat on, to join close to the group. As this happened, Sophie’s cat ball started responding which had been placed ontop of the set of draws.
Noises were heard from the fireplace room and thought was possible voices along with a whistle. Clare went to checkout wasn’t the other group and they confirmed it wasn’t.
As Clare rejoined the group, she called out to spirit letting them aware she had Wombat ears….this caused a roar of laughter from the group when they realised Clare thought this gave her excellent hearing!
Talking amongst ourselves Michael and guests noticed K2 spikes when the word God was mentioned. Michael confirmed this with spirit that they didn’t approve of what we were doing. So he reassured the spirit.
Colin completed a pray for giving of bread at mass and we soon begun to feel a drop in temperature.
A guest using the Thermal camera showed us it was picking up images of a warmth next to Stephen.

We tried a spirit box session and confirmed we were in contact with a lady. We think this was possibly Mary the maid who hung herself from her love affair with Harold. As we started pressing questions, it was clear Harold done his usual tricks and stopped any spirit from coming through. Communication stopped and just white noise was heard.

We thanked the spirits and headed for a quick break to refresh.

Creepy corridor
Clare and Michael
Estes method

First spirit

It didn’t take long to find we were communicating with a brand new spirit named Donald. He said he travelled and had a daughter that meant the world to him. He had a tragic end but told us he was connected to the land and not the building where he had been here for centuries. We were given the date 1200’s when asked his time period.
The name Josephine came through along with Crime, shame, I was young
Clare then began to read a newspaper article she had which was to do with a crime that had taken place at Elmwood when Harold and his Wife lived there.

Clare and 2 guests noticed that Bender the robot had died after its fresh set of batteries had been put in. At the same time of this, shadows, flashes of light, and taps were heard along with the light of the K2 blacking out.

Time in this area flew by and we thanked the spirits for coming forward and communicating with us.

Room 3
Clare and Michael
Human pendulum, touch bear

Micheal suggested to start this area with a human pendulum. It was soon apparent that Helen had been the chosen one. We soon came into contact with Josephine who was the same spirit contacted in the creepy corridor. She had suffered a lot of pain and hurt from being married to a lower class man that brought shame onto her father. She had 3 children who was taken away from her. Her father was there as she passed. She had also mentioned small pox.

It wasn’t long before Clare had noticed the way Helen was moving had changed and any questions asked were not getting results. Clare asked if Harold was about and a very forceful yes was confirmed along with the cat ball flashing. He was up to his old tricks and showcased he wasn’t prepared to answer any questions asked. Clare continued to ask and he soon confirmed he recognised Clare and that he doesn’t like Clare because she reminds him of someone. That someone was Mary. Then he confirmed he had an affair with Mary the maid and That she was pregnant at the time. His wife knew about it and forgave him. He confirmed he had many affairs.
Clare asked specific questions that only she knew the answers too.
Was he one of the home owners….what sport was he doing for Olympics and his wife’s name. For all these questions, Clare gave 4 different choices and each question and answer was the correct one. Amazing!!

Clare continued to observe the circle and noticed a guest turn his head very slowly and looked straight into Clare’s eyes with a very nasty look of anger and hate. Clare asked the guest if they were ok and kept saying yes. His legs went beneath him and we quickly shut the pendulum down and Michael took the guest out for a walk to clear his head and take him out the space.

Kathryn told us that when she was near him, his breathing was erratic. She smelt very strong alcohol on his breath. The guest said he felt very drunk. (We can confirm checks were done and the guests didn’t smell of alcohol anymore nor had he been drinking).

Other guests were getting pains in similar places. We decided to head for a break and recharge.

Clare and Michael and Kate
Dowsing rods and Ouija

Time was coming to a close and some guests had headed for bed, we decided to give it one last push for those wanting to continue. We tried an ouija board session where Nothing at all, guests said it was very flat. Michael closed it down and suggested trying the dousing rods.

Rods - After finding out the spirits yes/no answer. Michael called out to the spirits who we are aware that reside here. Once the name Henry was mentioned. It confirmed he was here. He came through with little energy.
Michael had Henry’s death certificate to take out questions to ask spirit that nobody would know. Henry Confirmed the correct year of death out of choice of 5
Confirmed correct middle name out of choice of 3 and then it soon went flat.

We decided to call it a night and head to bed. We thanked spirits for a brilliant night. Even though it was a quiet night compared to the usual we still gained some brilliant results. All guests were fantastic and kept their energy high throughout and as ever, many amazing memories have been made

Elmwood is just one of those places that even on a quiet night you still get something that will always be backed up with past clarification. Until the next time Elmwood

Elmwood community centre
Sleepover event at this location. 30th March 2024.

We welcomed the team into the building and Micheal delivered the welcome talk to the group which was a good mix of regulars new guests.
We then went into the main hall where Kathryn delivered the white light protection to the group.
We placed some cat balls around the room and we hit a few taps and bangs but no activity on the balls. So we deceided to move two tables into the middle of the room and spread the group across the two tables with candles,cat balls spread and one touch bear spread across them.
The bear was going off straight away on it right arm but one of the guests was worried that the bear was being set off when the table was knocked or nudged by the guests around it so we moved it to an empty chair at the side of the room and the immediate responces continiued.
We even asked the spirit to switch arms on the bear it was using to communicate with us and it did which was amazing.
We weren’t quiet able to work out who were communicating with as the responses to questions were contridictory as we called out names of sprits that were none to us from other investigations.
During this time we put Colin, our team memeber in the cupboard by himself where he had heard noises before having a large metal pole pushed onto him, he wasn’t hurt though.
We decided to go for a break before splitting into smaller groups.

Kathryn and Kate
The creepy corridor/ the pantry/ cupboard/ basement.
Equipment: Cat balls, K2, REM pod and touch bear x2.

We split down into smaller groups and one of the guests from the other group came with us as they wanted to do a lone vigil in the cupboard Colin had just been in and we could keep an eye on him while we were in the area.
Alan another guest got a trick in his treat box to do a lone vigil in the basement so we got him settled down there with a touch bear and wedged the door open alittle bit while we stayed in the corridor. We placed the red REM pod at the top of the stairs of the basement.
The rest of us spread out along the corridor and began to call out. Straight away there was rattling on a fire handle as if someone was trying to come out of the main hall and join us in the hallway. The bear started to light up and the energy of a man was picked up on aswell.
He gave us the impression that he liked having strong women in his life, and he liked to be bosses around alittle bit in all areas of his life. As the comments got abit rude the energy seemed to fade.
Kathryn took the guest out of the cupboard back to the other group and as the rest of the guys went into the Pantry we left Alan in the basement, he was down there for an hour and a half and had a great time .
We spread out around the pantry cafe area and placed a cat ball in the conservatory area and two on the tables in between the group. We got huge K2 spikes and we got a spirit app out too to try and help with the questioning.
The cat ball in the conservatory was going off in response to questions and we were sure we were talking to a man call Harold.
We swapped the cat ball over just to make sure it wasn’t faulty and we then asked him to light up the one he was next too at the time and the balls either side of Kathryn and Kate lit up at the same time.
There were also taps and bangs and movement noises heard from tbe conservatory and we also heard the REM pod go off twice which was still with Alan on the basement steps.
As we decided to save Alan and go for a break some of the group heard a load breath be exhaled into the room.

The Shop/ Fire place room.
Equipment: touch bear, spirit talker app and cat balls.

We out two guests in the fire place room and the rest of spread out around the shop.
We all got settled and we got responces in the bear quiet quickly.
We used the words generated in the app to work out that we had two women with us called Joan and Sarah. One of them had adopted the other but we couldn’t figure out which one was older, and if it was an official adoption or they had just been kind and taken the child in.
As we weren’t able to work out what time they were from, possibly before the house was even built, as the word “Farm” came up a lot on the app.
One of the guests in the fire place room said they felt a shadow peaking around the door and then moving around the fireplace room.
Another guest picked up on the energy of a little blonde haired boy wearing shorts who was on this floor, and the name “Bertie” came up on the app during this time, but we decided he was more of a residual energy more than interactive.
We decided to go down stairs and join the rest of the group to finish off the end of the evening.