EXCLUSIVE Elmwood Community Centre - Saturday 11th March 2023

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Team Members- Clare, Tall Claire and Matty. 

Clare’s Lone Live || Corridor Area

Proximity Bear
Laser Grid

So before the team and guests had arrived Clare was in the building all alone and had a very uneasy feeling. Trying to call out to spirits to help remind them of her previous visits in the past, this also was to try to calm her nerves of the apprehension she was feeling.

Once she had introduced herself she began to set up ready for guests. A MASSIVE bang was heard which really startled her. Described as though the front door may have been opened and a big breeze had caused a door to slam. Her first port of call was to run to the front door to check out the car park which at this time had no cars in. As she was composing herself, Team member Matty joined her to her relief.

So once the Guests had been welcomed to the venue, they went to the other end of the building to complete the white light protection and begin their investigation.

Clare ventured into the top end of the building inside the dark corridor. The reason for choice of this area is due to Chris’s last Lone Vigil Live and the activity he received which included a clear Cough when asked if they had a throat condition.

Just as the Facebook live had started, the proximity bear began to flash. Clare began calling out to the spirits and it wasn’t long before viewers at home were saying they could hear footsteps, tapping along with a male figure who was Tall, slim 1930’s style tash being picked up. The spirit who was a caretaker. The name Jackson, John, Jack and Henry were picked up also. Clare continued to call out to spirit to try to confirm.

Taps on response seemed to be a theme with this spirit as Clare began to feel a sense of being watched. Viewers at home also heard Clare’s name being called along with dragging sounds and whistling.

As Clare continued to call out to try and clarify who was in the corridor with her, her voice began to break and asked spirit if this was the one that had previously come forward with Chris. Tapping, a growl and a woman humming was heard.

Clare turned her back on the corridor and made herself vulnerable in the hope spirit would come forward. As this took place her torch was turned off and she was left standing in the blackness. This came completely out of the blue and gave Clare an uneasy feeling asking spirit to turn her torch back on. Unfortunately this never happened which resulted in Clare turning her torch back on. She began calling out to spirit again asking them to come towards her and make themselves known. Footsteps were clearly heard shifting towards her along with a massive bang right behind her by her feet. (Nothing was around her that could have caused this) which resulted in Clare giving a ‘little scream’.

A viewer picked up on a fire along with a heavy breath of a male. Whimpering and whispering were also heard along with a lady crying.

Matty our team member came to check on Clare after a guest who was completing a Lone Vigil had heard Clare shouting out sounding rather unsettled and uneasy so had mentioned to the other team members. As Matty joined Clare to check everything was ok, the K2 spiked. We can’t say 100% that this was a paranormal spike or not. Once Matty knew Clare was ok he retreated back with our other team member Tall Claire and the guests.

Footsteps were picked up again and a woman’s voice. A viewer also thought they heard a male spirit say ‘goodbye’.

Clare’s torch turned off once again and spirit was continuing to play their games with turning it on quickly and off for a longer period.

As the guests had now moved to another area, Clare told spirit that she was leaving to join them. The Proximity bear flashed to her statement. Clare thanked the spirits and ended the live.

No equipment through the live except the small spike on the K2 when Matty came to check on Clare and the proximity bear which lit upon start or live and end of live happened was effected throughout the live. It was certainly clear spirit was intelligent with enough energy to play games. The spirit was picked up on the live by a viewer at home that he was enjoying playing some games and was a trickster.

Clare and Matty -

After a quick coffee the guests split off into groups.
Clare and Matty joined a group of guests into a small area where the end toilets and a meeting office is based. K2 began to spike and seemed to be intelligent responses of a lady who had come with a guest. The lady confirmed she wasn’t with anyone from this group so Clare asked her to step back and join the guest who she had come with. This group were avid investigators and Clare and Matty left them to complete their investigation alone.

Clare and Matty quickly popped in to Tall Claire’s group who were taking part in an Ouija board session which at this moment a personal message was coming through. Clare and Matty left to check on another avid guest who was taking part in a Lone Vigil.
As they both passed through the corridor from Clare’s lone live, they quickly called out to the spirit but all seemed very quiet.

They found the guest taking part in his lone vigil who was stood with his back to the wall. He had previously been into the corridor that Clare had been on her lone live and had very similar experiences that Clare had during her lone. He picked up that spirit was playing games. We called out to spirit in the main sports hall and the guest began to sway backwards and forwards with the feeling he was being pushed. He also had a strange sensation across his foot. We asked for the spirit to show themselves and the room began to get very dark. The guests silhouette completely changed blacker than black. His direction he was stood looked like it had changed and he had a very large stomach. Matty also noticed he was hunched over. A couple of taps were heard and as they continued to call out, the room got lighter and the guest felt like whatever was around him had moved.

Clare went to check on the guests that were taking part in their lone vigil. They were running 2 apps which both seemed to be throwing out the same words which were ‘swing’ ‘feeling scared’ and ‘hating cowards’ which were in response to questions they were asking to spirit. However, as the group they had come with Clare couldn’t believe what she was being told.
As they were in the small corridor, they had propped the meeting room door open with a chair. They had a very loud bang and went to check what it could be. The door had been closed. Upon opening the door, a guest was using force to try to open it. He managed to get it open slightly a jar but felt that something on the other side of the door was pushing against it not allowing him to open. He called to his group to show them and one of the group walked over to try the door which opened fully with ease! The chair was still in position and in no way could have been blocking the door from being opened.

The night absolutely flew by and the interaction from spirit was amazing. A fantastic group of guests all full of positive energy all working together just really helped make the night what it was. We can’t thank you all for giving such great energy throughout the evening and respecting each other and each other’s experiences. We look forward to seeing you all again in the future.

Tall Claire and Matty bottom room with K2 and motion detector music box.

We started in the bottom meeting room. We formed a circle, completing the white light protection and making ourselves comfortable. We asked spirit from outside the room to come in. Faint knocks were heard along with a female voice. Some guests wanted to use a word generator which gave a few indicators of who may be with us. The generator spoke about a home and referenced a possible suicide which may have taken place there.
We continued to call out and heard a male grumble in the bottom corner, the ladies closet said they had felt chilled prior to the noise, however the male wouldn't affect any equipment hence we decided to do a human pendulum.
When the spirit had chosen the person to stand in the centre we communicated with a female child who was between 5-10 years old. It was home to the child and they were scared. Some guests began to become overwhelmed with sadness and started crying out of the blue. We asked the spirit if this was them effecting the people in the room, they confirmed it was. The spirit child had other children and friends in the building. We identified the child was fearful of a male who was alive at the same time as themselves. This spirit left and a male spirit came through, his presence was strong and felt Celtic, he was called John. He was from London, he had been in the building with horses. We asked the male if he could affect the equipment we had in the room, a shadow was seen in the corridor where the motion music box was placed; the music box then went off and the male had left.
Then a light flowery feeling came through and some guests reported smelling flowers at the same time; the spirit was another child. We got the name Sarah who was older than the first child. She was with all the children and kept them safe. She had no parents and was here as it was a children's home. She was around in the 19th century. She referenced possible mistreatment in the home, that the children kept away from the male spirit.
We decided to go into the main hall, we gathered more equipment of the sensor bear, the K2 doll and a guest also brought a touch sensitive light up ball, he placed it near a door which caused him to feel uncomfortable.
One guest became physically distressed. She felt that a male was coming too close to her and she felt pressure on her chest and neck. We reinforced her safety and she was able to share that he had hurt a female, possibly taking her life. We explored if this was the female who had allegedly taken her own life. The female came through stating she was distressed as the children had witnessed the male hurting her.
Then, we began to hear knocks by the conservatory, the door was creaking, a stone was thrown at Matty, a shadow was seen and all the equipment began to explode into life. The motion ball began to light up, we asked the spirit to move around the room and affect the bear which it did, much to the surprise and fear of the two ladies sitting near the bear! The lady reported that someone had touched her knee. This spirit was able to move quickly and affect several pieces of equipment simultaneously. Some guest reported that they had heard movement in the bottom room with one guest experiencing a "dead arm" when we looked at his arm he had redness and what appears to be a bruise forming. This activity continued for over 15 minutes before setting down.
After a break we split into groups:
Tall Claire, Ouija board and ghost busters rem pod in the small front room.
We opened the board, one of our guest got a private message from a loved one. Another group then sat at the board, the female child Sarah reappeared. She had all the children with her, she found using the board troublesome as she was only able to spell a few words correctly. We got the name Sarah prakekkr, she was from Europe, she asked for her Dada, again guests became tearful. She spelt out 'Queen'. She wanted some help, when we said we hadn't forgotten about her she wrote 'ok'.
We had so much more energy but the night had come to an end, as usual Elmwood is amazing. It's full of activity and energy with the spirits wanting and willing to communicate. The guests all brought amazing energy, knowledge and a willingness to get involved.