Elmwood Community Centre 13/01/2024

Team- Clare, Alan, Sharon and Abbey 

Clare started off the evening by welcoming the guests and did the introduction.

We all then went into the main hall where Alan conducted the white light.

Clare went to do her lone vigil what Alan, Sharon and Abbey stayed in the main hall. One of the guests was a medium and sensed two male spirits, she was able to describe soem of their facial features however the spirits would only let the guest see what they were happy to show her. Alan, Sharon and Abbey called out to the spirits but we're not getting any responses. The guest continued to see the spirits and another guest said that their chest was feeling tight. After a time some of the guests began standing up and getting closer to the area of the hall where Alan was standing. Alan could sense a spirit standing next it him which was confirmed by the guest. The feeling of the room was that some guests felt cold. The guest who was a medium sensed a little girl had joined us however the male spirit took her away.
To build up the energy a group of guests formed a small circle and began asking questions to the spirits one of the guests within the circle said she felt as though a spirit was touching her hair.
It was then suggested after a time that the group could participate in a human pendulum experiment. The spirit chose a guest. The spirit was encouraged to use the guest to answer yes and no questions which it did. The spirit that came through was a lady who was married to a gentleman spirit who also resides at elmwood. It was identified that the male spirit was still controlling the female spirit. After the pendulum was complete we broke off to have a break.

The guests were split into 2 groups Alan and Abbey took group 1 and Sharon and Clare took group 2. Sharon took group 2 on he town until Clare was finished her lone vigil.

Alan and Abbey thought it would be a good idea to take their group to the basement. Abbey led the way however got lost and took the group on a mystery tour. Abbey did eventually find the basement. Alan was kind and held the door open whst Abbey went into the basement first. Once we were down there cobwebs and spiders were noticed everywhere. This made everyone feel uncomfortable so we left.

Treatment room and shop
Equipment ball, cat balls, rem pod, music box, Wendy and the temperature changing light.
Abbey led the group to the shop and this time she found it straight away. The equipment was placed around the room. Alan asked questions but there were no responses. One of the guests had an idea about inviting the children from the nursery to join us. In the end it was established that there was 4 children present. The children were reluctant to interact with the equipment, the guest said it was because they felt they were no able to. The guest got the name Miss Hill and she was the one who wasn't nice to the children. The group sand ring a ring a roses to the spirits and the temperature light was changing colour in repsonse to questions unfortunately Miss Hill called the children back.

There was a bit of confusion regarding to our next location. Alan went to get his torch so Abbey took the guests into the toilet however the guests thought Abbey meant ot ahvea toilet break in the toilet. After the guests relieved themselves Abbey tok the guests into the toilet, Abbey started commenting and joking about the toilets and a guest said there was a man behind her laughing.

Tea rooms
Ouji board, rem pod, temperature light, k2, cat balls.
This room was quite active. Two spirits interacted with the group. There was a gentleman called Frank and his wife Margaret but she preferred to be known as Maggie. There were lots of responses from both Maggie and Frank. Franm had dementia and even afterlife Maggie takes care of him. A Ouji board was done where Frank was sitting however there did not seem to be enough energy ot move the planchet, this of been because of all of the energy used to communicate with the group though the temperature light. Both Frank and Maggie preferred to use the temperature light rather than any of the other equipment.

The groups next destination was the conservatory.
Table tipping
Alan encouraged the group to communicate with the spirits to entice them to move the table. The group began chanting to move the table and they did this for a long time. The positive energy created by this was amazing. One of the guests said they could feel the table move ever so slightly but even with all of the energy the table did not move.

The groups final destination was the ladies toilet.
The ladies toilets had a funny feeling. There was a presence of a young girl who interacted with the bear and answered the questions. It was now time to finish the investigation.

Overall this was a good night the group was quiet but with encouragement they opened up. Bangs, taps, and the sounds of breathes were also heard.

Sharon's Group

Nursery Corridor
Sharon and the guests settled in the corridor with the equipment placed around us. Sharon called out to any spirits that may be present, but with no response. A couple of the guests had video cameras and swore they could see a shadow lurking behind the doors that led to the nursery. The K2 did spike to red on a couple of occasions (all phones were on airplane mode) however this was not in response to any questions that we were asking. Just before we left the corridor one of the guests shouted out that she had been scratched upon inspection she had three scratch marks to the back of the neck. We felt it was quiet so decided to move to another area.

Tea Room
Equipment; Cat balls, Proximity bear, K2, Rem pod.
We only spent a short period of time in this room, we got no response to shout outs and none of the equipment was activated. Other activities were suggested as in table tipping and/or ouija board however the group did not want to partake.

The Shop
Equipment; Cat balls, Proximity bear, K2, Rem pod, Wendy, Dowsing rods.
After getting settled into the room one of the guests said that she had a feeling around her neck as if she had been strangled. Using the dowsing rods for yes and no answers, it was established we were talking to a young female under the age of 20 who worked in the building as a slave. She was having an affair with the owner of the house and she fell pregnant as a result. She confirmed that the owner's wife was aware of what was going on between them. This was all too much for the young slave girl and it's so sad to think that she felt her only option was to hang herself. The energy shifted slightly and we thanked the slave girl for sharing her story with us. We now had a male spirit with us who, confirmed via the dowsing rods that he was the owner of the house, this spirit also confirmed the slave girls story, what claimed he wasn't as nasty as everybody thought he was he was just misinterpreted. Whilst asking him questions we will also get an activity from the proximity bear when the dowsing rods were showing a yes answer. One of the guests put on her spirit talk a app where the word misinterpreted came up on a couple of occasions. Time was getting on so we thanks for spirits for communicating with us before leaving.

Laundry Area
We were only in this area for about 10 minutes as it was almost time to go home. We got no response to shout outs however we got activations on Sharon's SLS which indicated that an adult and child spirit were present. Had we had more time I felt we could have got a lot more from this area.