EXCLUSIVE Elmwood Community Centre - Saturday 26th August 2023

Elmwood Community Centre
Clare, Kathryn and Michael

Clare completed the welcome talk and introduced the guests to the building. Clare then went off to complete her live feed and Michael and Kathryn took the group to the main hall to complete the white light of protection.

Once completed we started to call out. Kathryn instantly felt two hands grabbing her sweatshirt and pull. We then asked for this to be done again and Kathryn had the sleeve of her sweat shirt pulled.

The guests spread out around the room, Rob, one of the guests, felt there was a male energy in the room walking around the room and observing us. He was a strong sprit who would not let other spirits communicate. He was a short and stocky gentleman and an authoritarian figure, or liked to feel this way even if he wasn’t. We asked the spirit to join Clare on her own during her live and to our surprise, she received 2 growls close to her on separate occasions.

There was also several guests using spirit talker apps and we got the words ‘Mary’ and ‘Hung’.

There was also child spirit energy felt by guests. They seemed to be weak so we created an energy circle and put some cat balls and a touch bear in the centre of the circle.
The bear went off 3 times however this was not in response to any questions and very random. There was also cold spots throughout the circle and tingling sensations on the backs of peoples necks, as well as lots of taps, knocks and bangs around the room.
We then went for a break and after break split the team in two.

Tea room
Cat ball, K2, Dowsing rods, Spirit app, rem pod

We wedged the door open incase we got any rem pod activity from the corridor.
Kathryn placed a cat ball on the table and started calling out. The cat ball then lit up, we established that the cat ball lighting was a yes for questioning purposes. The team were communicating with a lady however her energy was low and she left shortly after communicating.

2 guests requested to go on lone vigils however did not report much activity.

One guest in the room used the dowsing rods and established he was speaking with a male child who frequently visited the building while he was alive, and he still liked to visit the building however could get any further information from the spirit.

The team reported that throughout their time in this room they could hear children running around from the floor above.

After an hour the energy dropped and Kathryn’s team joined the rest of the team for the last hour of the night.

Michael and Clare
Conference room
Cat ball, table tipping, touch bear, spirit talker

We set two experiments up. First 4, of our guests gathered around the table tipping table and second, Rob in the adjoining corridor with the touch bear.

We started to call out and ask sprint to move the table. The guests on the table reported a vibration but no actual movement.
A ladies voice was heard by Clare and a guest very clearly a couple of times. The first was a humming and the second time was a potential Hiya!
Rob in the corridor on the other had had consistent activity on the touch bear. Due to sprits interest in the lights Michael placed two cat balls in the room. One on the table and the other on a chair at the other side of the room.

We started to get activity on the cat ball on the table. The ball was lighting up randomly at first as if spirit was building up energy. Michael asked spirit if it could light the other ball up for a no answer which it did. Michael again asked which ball was yes and which ball was no and spirit confirmed.
We were then able to ask clear questions and discovered we were speaking with a female sprit.
The sprit app was giving repeating words, home, hurt and up. We questioned around this and spirit confirmed that this was her home once and she had been hurt because of a relationship she had.
We then got through the sentence ‘they could see him kiss’ and then ‘hurt’
Spirit confirmed that she was part of an affair in the building. Sprit talker then gave the words, knot, tilt, hurt, up and stars.
We questioned around this and discovered that due to the affair spirit had took her life in one of the rooms upstairs by hanging herself.
Kathryn’s team joined the group and we continued to get responses through the cat balls and touch bear however the energy seemed to diminish.

A guest was taking part in a lone vigil in the cellar and picked up on some bad energies left down there regarding Children being locked inside a cupboard or potentially an old door way. The energy didn’t make the guest feel too good so soon removed himself out of the area.
Another guest was on their own in the base room and had reported issues with their torch turning off which was done on demand along with hearing a loud cough in the same room. The guest checked out this in other areas yet nobody was around.

Upstairs room
Clare, Kathryn and Michael

We decided to move upstairs for the last 20 mins of the night and investigate following the information we gained in the conference room.
We could hear footsteps as if walking around in high heeled shoes and Kathryn got a loud PSSST in her ear as if to get her attention.

The night was coming to an end so we decided to pack up and say goodbye to Elmwood and the guests. Upon leaving the room, we noticed a set of keys which had stars on them….remember downstairs when spirit was discussing upstairs with us the word stars was mentioned. Had this been confirmation we were actually in the correct area?

Very interesting night and even after 5 years of investigating here, we’re only just scratching the surface of the secrets of Elmwood. We Can’t wait to investigate again.