The George Coaching Inn.
Friday 3rd May
Chris, Kate, Katie and Colin

Chris gave the welcome speech and went through the principles of LVI, after this the team lead the guest to the ball room and Chris left to do his live and Katie gave the white light protection, at first we stayed as one big group but decided to split into smaller groups and this did seem to work, all team members floated between groups, Colin started in the ball room with the guest doing table tipping, there was not much activity so after a while Colin left and went to the base room where the guest were doing séance, there was some small knocks but this could have been the kitchen staff next door, the temperature gage on the table was going up and down, we continued to call out but the spirits did not want to come forward and introduce themselves, there was some movement over by the doors, Colin asked “if that was you spirit could you make it louder” and within a couple of minutes, one banged and the other one opened, we thanked the spirit and asked if they could something else but the room started to feel flat, so all decided to break and regroup.

Chris joined us after he had finished his live and we split into two groups Katie and Kate one group and Chris and Colin the other group. Chris and Colin decided they would also split into smaller groups.

Room 236
Ouija Board, Cat Balls, Dowsing Rods, Rem Pod.

The guest made themselves comfortable and then we went lights out, cat balls were placed on the floor and one on a armchair, a rem pod was placed by the front door we started to call out to the spirits and if they could make themselves known, it was still for a while but one of the guest tried the dowsing rods, which started to pick on a male spirit, we established that he worked in the room when it was the stables and he worked with the dogs not the horses, to try and get more information we went on to try the Ouija board, with this we found out his was David and he died when he was 57, we tried to get more information but we seemed to have another spirit trying to come through, we asked a few questions but the word “KILL “ kept coming through we then established that the spirit was using this word to get us out of his room. The board went still for a few seconds and then we had a young girl come through called Charlotte, she lived at the hotel many years ago, we did not get an age or a year when she lived in the hotel, we carried on asking questions when all of a sudden the cat ball was flung of the armchair was some force hitting of our female guest, no was near the armchair when this happened, one of the guest asked if that was you Charlotte and on the Ouija board the answer “yes “ came through, Charlotte seemed to be a very playful spirit, we asked if there was anything else she could do, like open the bathroom door or knock the cat ball of the armchair again. After all the questions and trying to encourage Charlotte to do something else, the cat ball once again came of the armchair but this time with not a lot of force, Colin said the reason this maybe is most probably she used all her energy knocking the cat ball off the armchair the first time, we continued for a while longer and decided to have a break.

Bar Area
Chris and Coin
Rem Pod, K2, Cat Balls, Music Box, Estes.

We all gathered in the bar area, Chris placed a rem pod and a k2 on a book shelf near the grandfather clock and the placed two music boxes at each end of the room, Colin placed a cat ball on the butlers chair, to get the atmosphere going we played the old grandfather Clock, after a short period of time the rem pod went and then the k2 spiked a few times, Chris called out but was not getting any real responses, the estes was coming out with words like “ Knife, 12, Madge,” the cat ball on the Butler chair flashed a few times and the music box played a few times, Chris told the spirit, that we will be going upstairs soon but if you want us to stay here do something, but nothing happened, we continued to call out but nothing happened, so we split into two groups and made our way upstairs.

Room 2
Ouija Board, Cat Balls,

We made ourselves comfortable, cat balls were placed on the floor, we then started to call out, there was a few taps, one of the guest asked if Charlotte was with us, as soon as she said this the cat ball went off, this was the only time that Charlotte done this in this room, that’s if it was Charlotte, we asked if there was any spirits with us, we asked this a few times and then we started to get gentle little taps, we asked if this was a male spirit, which they replied with one tap to indicate that they were male, it was at this moment that everyone witnessed the room descending into darkness, we heard knocks/taps coming from above us but there was no one in the attic, we were still getting taps, we started to hear what can only be described has someone rattling a boiled sweet against their teeth, this happened a few times but we could not hear what part of the room it was coming from, we all settled and started calling out again, it all seemed very quiet but we could hear talking and laugh from the next room, we all assumed it was Chris, but we found out later that Chris remained down the other end of the corridor and had not came up this end all night and the room next door was empty, we moved on to room number 1.

Room 1
Ouija Board

We entered the room and placed the Ouija board on the table and started asking questions, it was not long before we were met with another David, this David was a little lad who was about 15 and seemed to roam the hotel, the guest were asking questions as to why he remained but were receiving no answers, Colin did suggest that the lad may of drowned in the river Tees which flows just outside the hotel, with this the lad said “ yes “ this was confirmed on the Ouija board, with time approaching nearly four in the morning and some of the guest wanting to explore on their own, Colin decided to call it a night.

This is a location that wants to give but only a bit at a time, the guest were amazing as always, the activity we picked up on was truly amazing, to have witnessed a cat ball being pushed/flung was something I will never forget and most probably see again.

Chris ◇ Live feed

Equipment used
Music box x2
K2 meter
Cat ball
Spirit Box

Chris settled himself in room 2 and began to call out infront of the huge mirror. Slight movements but couldn't be sure it wasn't contamination from downstairs.
The spirit box was introduced and the words CAPTAIN came forward which would link to previously in this room.
As we began to communicate the music box activated and this was the theme of the remaining of the live with the music box reacting to questions regarding this gentleman.
At one point, the table behind Chris had what sounded like it had movement on response to question, which then the music box activated when Chris asked this gentleman if he had made the movement on the table and then music box in the bathroom in the opposite side of the room activated too.
The live was fairly short lived but we seemed even though it was quiet, the responses on the music boxes were quite corraberative.

Room 234 - Stables
Music Box's
REM pod
Table tipping

We all got settled around the table we had used in the room with a REM pod in the middle with the 2 music box's placed in the bathroom and the opposite side of the room.
We began to get taps in the bathroom which we tried to debunk as it could of been a drip from the shower or taps but both staff and guests couldn't see any signs of dripping water and this couldn't be debunked.
One guest was picking up on a little boy and breezes were felt across shins and lower parts of guests legs. Another guest then picked up on chest pressure but felt this was a boy who was around 19/20 years of age and felt he could have been a stable boy who had been killed by the horses which on demand when this was mentioned the music box activated in the room. We then had the music box confirm this gentleman had done also dodgy dealings whilst at work in the Stables selling contraband. What really astounded us was that we asked this spirit gentleman to take his energy from one music box in the room into the bathroom where the other music box was located and it then activated on demand. This was then followed with a huge tap in the bathroom which confirmed what we had said.
The same guest then also started to feel like he was a cheeky chappy and maybe used his position in the inn to try and impress the ladies that entered the inn, again this was confirmed by the music box and tap in the bathroom. One guest then thought he heard the galloping of horses hooves at one point. The energy then seemed to drain away and we thanked spirit for coming forward.

Rem pod, Spirit talker
K2 meters

We got our group settled inside the room and one guest mentioned that this room had an uneasy feeling to it which was quite prominent as on previous investigations here, we had other guests say exactly the same feeling.
One guest picked up on thr lady downstairs called majorie and she had a bad experience in this area with a gentleman. Whether this was sexual or abuse, we couldn't conclude.
The gentleman who was accused then came forward with the spirit talker confirming "Something bad happened here" and "no regrets" being pushed upon the sprit talker.
There was no equipment that activated on demand and overall felt very calm until the radiator then starting to shake & tap. The room then went into darkness and the words "I'm watching" came forward on the spirit talker app. As soon as the darkness had come, it then lifted and all felt very calm again. We felt that this man was potentially a occupant of the inn and he used this base to his deeds with women.

REM pod, cat ball, music boxes and digital k2 meter

Once inside this room, one guest felt a very calming feel and the name Charlotte was picked up on. Now this room was very, very quiet and no equipment activated up until some very prominent activity that shocked us all, caught us unguarded. As we sat chatting amongst ourselves, everyone in the room heard loud footsteps above us. Now this room had nothing above it and we assumed that someone must have been in room 4 which was further along the corridor but up some stairs but when staff and guest went to check this area, it was deadly quiet. What had made these footsteps that everyone in the room had heard. When we returned, the other guests had confirmed that the music box had activated in the bathroom then we asked if they would set the music box off outside the room off... and low and behold, this was activated which then was followed by 3 loud, which sounded like slamming of doors above us again. This was just truly amazing as again, staff and guests went and checked the corridor and room 4 to double check no one was there to make these noises and there was no one there.
Colin group then reconvened with my group and what truly astounded us was that they had the exact same movements above them but they were at the far end of the building and it was impossible that we were contaminating each other's group.

It was then pushing on 4am in the morning and guests wanted to start retreating to there rooms.

Thank you to our wonderful guests who participated throughout the evening, yes parts of the location were quiet but the activity we did get was truly amazing.


Katie’s group 
Room 101
Mirror scrying

The guests each tried their hand scrying into the mirror. There were clear changes to the guests' faces and the room had a smell of talc powder, which was prominent as soon as we had walked in. To note, Katie slept in this room later on and the smell of talc had gone, and the room had the scent of the reed diffuser which was completely different.

Room 104
Dowsing rods, K2

Sonia set up in this room on her own and spoke about the civil war, king Charles as trigger words. The K2 was spiking and giving slow, steady responses to key words, although we didn't get a full story to whoever this character was.

Bar area/snug
Cat balls, music box, table tipping

The night porter had commented the music box situated next to the grandfather clock had been set off several times whilst he was on his own in the bar, and this continued as we called out in the bar. Cat ball activity ran parallel with this too, although it didn't have any logic when we tried to ask questions to determine who this could be. This was more than likely caught on the YouTube locked off live, can't help but wonder what else was picked up on it....!

Human Pendulum, more table tipping!

Our guests joined together for a human Pendulum, and the conduit was chosen by spirit.

Responses were ever so slight, and we didn't get this spirit for long. We could confirm that we were speaking with the man who stands on the platform at the top of the stairs. The room was set up for a wedding the following day, and asked spirit if he was the person responsible for pushing a bride many years ago. He said he was, but then seemed to change his mind about this before his energy faded. We are all still wondering if this story is just folklore, or if it could be true.

We tried our hand at table tipping with one last push of energy and got some vibrations underneath and a couple of wobbles before, again, the energy faded as quickly as it came. We thanked spirit for their attempt and decided it was perhaps time for us to rest too!