EXCLUSIVE Grand Athenaeum - Saturday 6th May 2023


Clare Facebook Lone Vigil Live - Attic

Proximity Bear
Cat Ball
PSB 11

So after the guests had been welcomed and the white light protection had been completed. Clare left the team and guests to start their investigation in the pool room. Clare ventured up to the dark attic feeling apprehension due to the heavy feeling atmosphere that awaited her entry behind the door.

The equipment had been placed in position earlier when the team were on their walk round so Clare placed herself on the chair and began to introduce herself to the spirits of the building.

Initially there was a few rustles, and a squeaking noise along with a couple of tapping noises that was picked up by Clare and viewers at home. A couple of shadows were picked up again from viewers at home along with the odd flash of light that was seen which Clare was unable to see, however the feeling of being apprehensive had now cleared and was feeling calm.
Calling out, Clare was unable to get any responses to spirits to come forward and the room just remained quieter than quiet.

Clare called out to a lady to come forward and a viewer at home picked up on the name Margaret but this came with no response.
The names Jack and Sarah who were Twins around the age of 14 were picked up by a viewer where she felt Jack was stopping Sarah coming forward. Again Clare called out the the spirits and no contact was made.
The name Stanley, William, Charlie, Thomas and Mr Taylor we’re picked up on by viewers but again no response was given upon calling out to these spirits.
Another viewer picked up on a young boy that was sat in front of Clare with their legs crossed watching her.
A spirit of a little girl with blonde hair with blue ribbons in her hair were picked up again by viewers at home but still no response.

The room continued to sit in quietness and after running a PSB11 session with no communication, Clare decided to thank the spirits and wrap up the session.

We always say we can’t guarantee activity and that is just the same as our Lone Lives we do. But as Clare was thanking the viewers at home for their input and participation, the cat ball lit up.
Clare span the camera around to show viewers, explaining how you can always guarantee spirits will make themselves known when your not focusing on contact with them.
Clare asked the spirit to move towards the proximity bear and light the bear up, this didn’t happen but the cat ball lit up again. Once the ball had settled, Clare asked again for spirit to light up the ball again and on response, the ball lit up. This happened 6-7 times on demand before no further contact was made.

Clare thanked the spirits once again and ended the Live feed to rejoin the team and guests.

Thank you to everyone for participating in the live, for joining and watching the live and for those who shared the live. The support you all give both Chris and I during the Lone Vigils for our Lives is absolutely amazing and we can’t thank you all enough.

Our Locked off live feed then followed in a different area which was placed in the kitchen area, overlooking the small office which has seen shadows of figures in the glass windows.

So during our locked off live feed viewers at home noted the following:-
Shuffling was heard, sighs and knocking noises, shadows were seen, the sound of dragging, a white mist was reported, footsteps heard, the sound of a metal chain was heard, it was reported that the proximity bear had moved slightly by unseen hands, whistling was heard, a woman singing, the bear was reported to light up, heavy breaths in the empty room were also heard, and the music box was reported to have been activated when nobody was around to break the bubble.

Thank you to everyone who once again joined our locked off live feed and reported all you had heard, saw and felt. We will shortly be going through the footage for this and will put together any activity we come across in our group.

The Grand Athenaeum for me is just one location that is outstanding. The history dating back to 1800, with so many gruesome tales. I really can’t wait to get back to this location. If you have not already booked your space here, why not? You are absolutely missing out on this place.

Hartlepool Athenaeum

Main Snooker Hall, Tall Claire and trialist Sophie.

Following white light protection we commenced a call out, the room was active with lots of guests sensing spirit. There is seating at the top of the room, guests were sat next to and facing a window. Multiple guests saw a figure walking by the window, The window is connected to a room adjacent to the Snooker Hall, we were unable to access the room, however we were the only people in the building. A guest sitting near to this window remarked that he had felt so uncomfortable that he needed to move, he reported having his finger hair pulled. The same guest stated he had pins and needles in his hands and was drawn to the back room behind the bar, he got the name Charlie.
Several guests felt the need to move to this area whilst some remained in the snooker hall. We continued to see shadows and orbs with Sophie stating she saw a black orb which she described looking like a bumble bee fly past. A guest on the Paratek app suggested the names Gary and Kaden, but on calling out we didn't get any response.
The guests sitting near the bar heard bangs and taps, with a feeling of unease. A guest and her partner looked into the room behind the bar and saw a shadow move across the ceiling. She enquired what this shadow was doing there and was overcome with a feeling of deep sadness. This guest continued to feel strange, she began to get physically extremely hot and flushed, she was clammy to touch. She was happy to continue in the room. So we undertook a human pendulum in order to get some answers. We were able to speak with a man, who was around in the 1950's. He came to visit the place and he stated it was not him making the lady feel unwell. He said he was the only spirit in the room at that time. Due to the lady feeling unwell we stopped the session and encouraged her to go outside with Sophie to recover.

We gathered the rem pod, the K2 and the proximity bear. Unfortunately we didn't receive any interaction through the devices.
A guest saw a shadow in the main corridor whilst the doors were closed( the same doors where we caught the apparition in a previous visit to the Athenaeum) hence we opened the doors the guest again saw a shadow in the corridor. He and Sophie went to investigate, however nothing was there. Several times through the night we heard footsteps running down stairs, thinking it was Claire running away from the attic, so we checked it out. No Claire!!
During the investigation we spoke to spirit about the importance of the day with the coronation of a new King. The Paratek App, which was in a different room at the same time confirmed the conversation saying celebrations, quill and Queen.

Several people in the room all saw a shadow moving around us in the snooker room, we took pictures but nothing was captured. Also throughout our time in the Snooker room we heard bangs and taps sounding like glass or a wooden cue. But we couldn't get the spirit to do this on request.

Moving into the back room behind the bar. We asked for a spirit to copy claps, knocks and whistles with no responses. I got the impression of a male train worker coming to the venue. It was confirmed that there is a train station close to the venue. Due to energy quietening down we took a break.

Attic Room, Clare, Claire and Sophie. K2 doll, glow balls, Tibetan bowl, voice recorder.

Everyone made their way up to the Attic room, we settled in and began a call out. The room is pitch black when all lights are off however we were able to make out shadows and outlines in the room. On several occasions multiple people saw white and gold lights in the room, unfortunately we were not able to capture any evidence on camera. We began to hear noises, taps and what may have been laughing. A whistle was heard along with a growl/grumble as we were about to use the Tibetan bowl. Clare began to play music from the era of 1940's, the room, although being pitch black became even darker, a guest began to feel unsettled and could sense a male standing near him. He felt this male may have been called Peter and was in the army. The guest took over calling out, asking "Peter" to use the equipment. The glow balls on the floor looked like a hand was blocking one of them and moving the ball. Several other guests could smell smoke while others could see a glowing orange light as though someone was smoking a cigarette. As this spirit was responsive to male guests two of the men stayed in the attic whilst the majority of the group went to the back room.

Back Room, Clare, Claire and Sophie. Dowsing rods, ouija board, proximity bear and voice recorder.

We commenced with table tipping, the guests around the table could feel knocks, vibrating and the table twisting. This happened more when the room was dark and quiet so we went lights out and sat quietly. The guest reported the table tipped however we couldn't get the table to do anymore.
Sophie felt something touch her head and arm, as we were talking we heard 3 clear knocks on a window or cabinet, as Sophie was trying to debunk the knocks she turned to see a smiling face close near her, she screamed and jumped. Given this activity we used the dowsing rods to communicate. We spoke with a male spirit, we felt this male was an authoritative figure, who used to work in the building. A guest felt the male would stand at the top of the room with other people facing him like a school room.
When the Ouija board was opened, the spirit didn't respond to females asking questions; however, as soon as a male guest spoke, the planchette moved quickly to yes. The spirit appeared to have difficulty using the board and its energy fluctuated. We sensed this may have been a different spirit with Sophie picking up on a prison guard. We ran out of time as the clock quickly turned to 2am.
All the guests were amazing and gave massive energy and got involved. It will be amazing to see if we have captured and EVP's from the voice recorder which was on throughout the session.

Thank you to all our guests for being amazing throughout and we look forward to seeing you again soon