EXCLUSIVE Grand Atheneum Hartlepool - Saturday 18th February 2023

Grand Athenaeum - Hartlepool 18/02/23

Pool table area: K2

We started the night as normal with the full group in the large pool room area with the light white of protection and then moved out around the room ready to build some energy for the evening with some calling out.
We had a group of investigation veterans on the evening who had came kitted up with their own K2 meters which we utilised and placed a K2 on each pool table with one of the groups of guests. Everybody’s K2 moved to two green lights and flickered for on a third. This seemed unusual so Katie moved around the room checking for anything that could be impacting the equipment. The K2’s we only responsive whilst lay on the tables or surrounding seating areas. If lifted from the tables the lights would stop.

One of the guests had brought a video camera with him and was filming in the room and there was visible orbs throughout the room.

This built quite a bit of excitement throughout the team. We split the team into a couple of smaller groups. One team stayed in the main pool area with Ged and Katie and Michael took a smaller group into the room behind the main bar.

Room behind the main bar: Cat Balls, Spirit talker app, Dowsing rods

We placed a couple of cat balls on the pool table in that room and started out with some calling out. A guest felt there was a presence of a woman in the area that felt she wasn’t allowed to be in there and was peering around the corner. We asked if the lady could make herself know by lighting a ball or making a sound. After around 15 mins of calling out we were unable to get any confirmation.
Michael asked the group if they had tried using the dowsing rods before which they hadn’t. Michael suggested these as a way to get some clarification of who was in the area with some yes/no questioning and the group thought this was a good idea.
One of the group used the rods while another used the Spirit Talker app which offered words and phrases that was being picked up in the area.
Within a minute the roads were responsive. We started communicating with a spirit of a young boy called Leo, who lived in the property before passing away at a before his teen years.

Katie joined the group and we continued to talk with Leo. Leo pointed to a chair in the corner of the area where he was sat and then we received the word around on the spirit talker app and at that point the cat balls lit up one after another as if he had walked around the table. The guest using the rods felt a presence behind her and Katie who was stood next to her started to feel dizzy and sick so we asked Leo if he could use the rods again and point where he was stood and again the rods pointed between the guest and Katie.
We gained confirmation that Leo was putting his impression onto Katie so we asked if he could move back and stop which he did and Katie instantly felt better.
We continued to question Leo and gained the info that he had passed due a brain tumour. He also explained that there was an infant who wanted to talk with us in the attic area.

Main Bar Area: pendulum and board

Michael joined a member of the group who had moved into this area alone to see if she could feel or see anything whilst the group behind the bar area we’re calling out. Steph explained that she had heard whispers and heard creaks but the area seemed calm.
We started to use a pendulum and board, asked the spirit that was whispering to communicate using the pendulum and within a minute we got activity. The spirit confirmed it was male and it had been trying to make his presence known. He explained that he use to socialise in the building once a week on a Friday and had took a shine to Steph and came to sit with her to buy her a drink.
The pendulum was responsive to making the swings bigger and softer also.

At this point we took a quick coffee break.

Attic: K2, Ouija Board, Dosing Rods, Spirit talker app, Teddy bear

After break the entire group moved upstairs into the attic area. We set up a ouija board and 3 of the guests lead the board.
A couple of the guest started to feel they had a headache, Dizzy and Sick so wanted to leave the room. Chris took them out and into another area.

Unfortunately the board was unresponsive and after about 20 mins of calling out we closed down the board.

We moved back to the rods and spirt talker and immediately got the spirit of a child called Sid come through. Sid was under 5 years old and had died on the property. Sid explained he was scared and that there was a presence that was watch him and stopping him from communicating. Sid was able to make knocks throughout the room.

Sid explained that another presence had joined so he couldn’t talk any more but could whisper. We then got w message through on the spirit talker app saying ‘I can show you’

Ged set up a teddy bear on the table and Sid was able to light up the bear on command. Katie and Ged continued to call out with the group and Michael left to join two of the guests who were using some equipment on the staircase outside of the attic.

There were continued taps and scraping noises at the back of the group and was concentrated in one particular corner of the room, to the right of the fireplace.

We asked spirit to move closer to the teddy and let us know they were still with us – spirit did this on command several times so we knew they were still there. It was clear it was becoming difficult for them to say with us in the attic as the spirit talker app gave us phrases such as ‘I’m frightened’ and ‘can’t talk’. The group felt that the other entity was stopping the younger spirits from sharing their story, which had been a running theme in most areas of the building during the night, but they could still influence the bear by touch – albeit we couldn’t gain more information on their story from the communication.

Spirit was asked if they wanted music playing and through the bear ascertained that they would like some played from the 1940s – we did this, but spirit had seemed to move along – or perhaps we had played the wrong songs!

The atmosphere lightened somewhat and the group felt that spirit had moved on, so we decided at this point we would move locations and give everyone a break or option to move into another room.

Community meeting room: K2, Cat balls, Dowsing Rods, Boggle

Michael took two of the guests Shirley and Shelly into the room. We place two cat balls one on the table in front of the book shelves, one on the fireplace and a K2 meter on the pool table.

Shelly sat in the corner with the rods.

Michael and Shirley were around the large table. Michael stood at the top of the table and said we were ready to start the meeting and the group started to call out. Shirley had got the name Henry and the word Mirror earlier in the night so this is where we started our questioning. We gained confirmation that we were communicating with Henry and Henry was using all of the equipment to communicate. He would move the rods and also light up a device at the same time in response to a question.

We were joined in the room by Katie and another couple of guests. We used the boggle and got Doctor and Male/Lad/Boy out as words.

The energy seemed to go flat so the group decided to move back into the bar area for our last activity.

Behind the main bar: K2

The group started to call out and again we were joined by Henry’s spirit. A shadow figure was stood behind Michael which gave Katie a bit of a fright causing her to move seats. When Katie moved behind her was an order of service for a man called Henry who had passed away in 2021. We thought this was the right time to close our session down. We thanked Henry for communicating with us and asked if he would join us again on another investigation.

What a great team and what an amazing venue