EXCLUSIVE GRAND HOTEL - Friday 29th March 2024

The Grand Hotel
Chris, Michael, Katie and Kate

Initial walk around
Cat ball

When we arrived at the building after setting up we headed straight down to the cellar.
There was a strong heavy feeling that could be picked up by the entire team. We called out to the spirits and discovered were joined by a male spirit called Donald. He was an intimidating spirit who was not happy with us being in the cellar. He was showing himself in a shadow form walking backwards and forwards in front a light at the bottom of the corridor.

We found out that the reason he was so unhappy was that there was a history in the area with money, that we shouldn’t have known about.
Maybe money laundering, gambling or some sort of fighting as the feeling had a violent feel to it.

He was not the brains behind the operation but he was the muscle.

Donald came closer and set the cat ball off, the lights would stop and then he would set straight off again. This was not an attempt to communicate it was to intimidate.

Kate felt there was female spirt also called Elizebeth who he worked for.

The guests arrived and Michael completed the welcome talk in the Ballroom.
We took our group photo and then Katie took the group through the white light of protection.

Seance, K2, Touch Sensitive pod, Touch Bear

We went lights out started the night calling out to the spirits of the building using our senses.
We were unable to get any direct responses but the chandeliers had started to sway slightly.

We split the group down into two and asked them all to take a seat on one of the tables we had set up with candles.

On each table we placed either a K2 or touch responsive peice of equipment.

Table one started reporting a vibration on the table however table two remained still.
Rob who was sat on table two explained that there was a spirit that had followed a guest into the building wanting to communicate with someone from Table one. He couldn’t pin point who so we asked each member of that table to introduce themselves and what they wanted form the evening.
Spirit responded when Shirley called out by changing the colour of the touch pod from red to blue.
This started to build the energy and make the vibrations stronger.

As this was a Ballroom we decided to play some music. Michael put on ‘in the mood’ Glen Miller Band and that’s when the energy changed.
The table started to jerk and move stronger than before. We encouraged spirit and before we knew it the table was off. It was spinning in circles with force.
What was really interesting was that when ‘in the mood’ finished the table stopped moving but as soon as the music started again off it went.
We continued with this brilliant activity and guests would come off and back onto the table.

A small group of 3 had moved to the bar area with a touch bear. They were getting responses on the bear from a barmaid who confirmed that she was enjoying the music that was being played.

We decided to break and then split into our teams.

Floor 2 bedrooms
Michael and Chris
Rem bear, cat ball, K2

We split the team down into 3 small groups and placed each group into a room with their chosen piece of equipment

All rooms received little activity however room 206 had the spirit of a man called Stan present. He was Irish, had been involved in building the hotel and worked there afterwards. He had 6 children.
We don’t have any further information about Stan however Steven and Helen will be sending over a report from the room which we will share once we receive it.

Michael and Chris

We decided to get the group back together and move back to the ballroom to see if we could get the same activity as before on the table and again as soon as the music started the table spun.
We went with some 50’s rock and roll also this time and spirit responded well to this.
There was also intermittent breezes felt around the ballroom as if people were dancing by us. This was felt by multiple guests.

We discovered that the table would vibrate for a no answer and would spin for a yes.
There was a German male spirit with us. Him and his wife, who was from a Hartlepool (a monkey hanger, spirit liked this name), would come to the hotel to socialise and dance.
He was a father of three also.

Michael and Chris
Ouija board, table tipping

We spread out around the basement area. The entire group reported the same heavy feeling and that there was a spirit that was very unhappy down here.
Michael started calling out, bangs and breaths could be heard throughout the room.

Michael asked about money and possible gambling and these noises became louder. Rob explained that he felt there was something horrible that use to happen down in this area regarding loans and people not paying their debt. Shirley felt they were known as the establishment.
Michael explained the previous interaction and started calling out to Donald asking about hurting people for owing money. He talked about taking people from their homes and torturing them here for not paying their debt. At this point a screw and bolt was thrown down the corridor with force and hit Michael in the leg.
We were in pitch dark so we couldn’t see these being thrown but each of the guests from the other parts of the cellar could hear this.

After this the energy seemed to change, it was more authoritarian and a female spirit.
We had been joined by Elizebeth who was responding using the rempod.
She had gypsy origins, not a feminine lady but a bit of a bruiser brought up with men and liked to be in charge.

We set two experiments, an ouija board and a table tipping experiment up.

The ouija board was mostly unresponsive however using the table we were able to find out that she had thrown the nuts and bolts. Was she trying to stop the story of what had happened down in the basement being shared?

Michael, Chris, Katie and Kate
Table work, K2

We moved into the restaurant and we were joined by the remainder of Katie and Kate’s team as the night was coming closer to the end and started calling out.

We had a few spikes on the K2 but the energy seemed a little flat.

As it was 4am we decided to say goodnight and get some sleep. We thanked the spirits for the evening and headed back upstairs.

Well what can we say, the Grand was GRAND.
What a brilliant night we all had and the energy in the ballroom and basement was amazing.
This was our first time investigating here and we can’t wait to go back and find out more.
Thank you also to all the guests for tonight as your energy levels is what brought so much fun and interaction.

Fab night. Over and out Team Grand 

The Grand Hotel
Kate & Katie’s Group - Restaurant Area
The group spread throughout the restaurant and began calling out to spirit. After only a short time, several members of the group all said they’d heard a woman’s whispered voice in the room with them, though no one was able to pinpoint the direction it came from! Katie supported two guests with a crystal board session whilst Kate stayed in the bar area with another group.
Kate’s group began calling out and using one of the guest’s equipment such as a vibration sensor and word generator. The guest was asking the vibration sensor to change to a specific colour on command and it did so on several occasions. Once the word generator was switched on, the name Frank came through, though we weren’t able to ascertain much information about this particular gentleman.
A different guest volunteered to spend some time alone in the kitchen area where she wasn’t able to hear the questions being asked by the main group. We asked spirit if they could affect her by touching or pulling her hair. When checking in on her a while later and without her knowing what had been asked, she confirmed that she’d had the word “hair” come through on her spirit app and she’d also felt like she’d had her hair pulled at the same time! As activity began to quieten down in this area, we moved the group into the basement with everyone gathered in the laundry area. Despite the entire building being very warm throughout the evening, two ladies standing near the dryers said the backs of their legs felt freezing cold. Encouraged by this, we continued to call out but we had no direct responses from spirit.
Katie suggested that we move to a slightly larger area of the basement and asked the guests if they’d like to try a human pendulum to try to build the energy and see if this would encourage spirit to interact. The majority of the group didn’t want to do this and as there wasn’t enough participants, we moved into the back of the cellar where the team had experienced activity and uneasiness when they were in there alone at the beginning of the evening.
Theresa group spread throughout the long back corridor and into the storage area at the back. The guest who had brought their own equipment set up a word bank on a table and a vibration sensor on the floor. The guest had previously worked at The Grand and knew some of the history quite well. One of the maintenance men that he was aware of, had died in this area of the cellar and he placed the vibration sensor on the floor in the spot he was found. He was completely unaware that this was where Kate had sensed the presence of a man when the team had been down there alone!! The word generator did come out with various words though nothing that we could relate to the questions we were asking. Kate asked spirit if they could respond to three knocks and guests at the far end of the corridor said that they’d heard two faint knocks in response.
As this particular area was beginning to experience a lot of noise contamination, we felt this would be a good time to take a break.
For the second half of the evening, our group headed up to the rooms on the third floor and split down into small teams with Kate & Katie supporting them. All of the groups experienced something apart from one.
Two of the guests spent some time in one of the rooms and they reported an instant smell of TCP as they entered this area, as well as feeling significant temperature shifts. This was interesting as the digital thermometer they were using showed a consistently stable temperature. They also reported seeing what appeared to be a shadow figure moving across the wall of the same room.
Another two guests reported getting the name Jack come through on their spirit app and this was a name they’d had earlier in the evening whilst in the kitchen. When asking further questions using the K2 meter, it was established that Jack had been a broker and had been quite senior in his job role. He had died from a disease during World War Two and the laser grid that was being used, suddenly drained of all battery power.
Throughout the evening, several guests picked up on the name Elizabeth and again, this was interesting as it was a name Kate had picked up on when investigating the cellar.

Crystal board session

We quickly confirmed that we were taking to a female spirit and she told us her name started with a 'P', our guest felt she was called Patricia, and confirmed this as being correct twice. Patricia had worked part time at the hotel in the kitchens, however her other job was based away from it and she looked after children. Patricia told us she had passed away after an accident in the kitchens and this was around 20 years ago. She was local to the area and grew up in Hartlepool. She wasn't keen to interact with the rempod that was on the next table, and she told us that she is quite shy natured although she really enjoyed seeing people in the hotel and enjoying themselves.

Ian and Abbey - lone vigil 
Room 204
Lazer grid, ghost app, k2 x2, evp recorder, rem pod

Abbey placed equipment around the room, a rem pod in the bathroom, k2 at the doorway to the bathroom and a k2 on the bedroom side table. Ian set up the lazer grid to catch the doorway entrance to the room. Abbey asked if there was a female spirit present, the k2 flashed. She also asked about and male spirits and again the k2 lit up however the k2 went to orange, which made us think there was a strong male presence. In the basement Abbey got the name Jack through on the spirit app so she asked if the spirit was Jack and the k2 lit up. During the session a bang was heard in the bathroom and the lazer grid energy became depleted. Abbey asked various questions and the k2 lit up with responses. On the app it said spirits so Abbey asked how many spirits there were. The k2 lit up when she got to 3. Ian asked if there was a spirit called Dan and again the k2 lit up. The information gathered was from Jack he was the dominant spirit he was in world war 2 and died in the 1950s of a disease. He was a broker and the boss of his profession. Abbey politely asked with respect if Jack had killed anyone and the k2 lit up. It did not light up when she asked if he hurt anyone the k2 never lit up. The female spirit was quiet however it was distinguished that she was hung I asked if she was hung in the basement and the k2 lit up.
After the investigation was finished Abbey spoke to another guest who used to work at the Grand hotel and he confirmed a female spirit was hung though it did not occur in the basement it was on the 3rd floor. Also the profession of a broker was confirmed by the guest.
What an incredible experience. I would definitely love to go again and uncover more about the spirits that communicated with us last night.