EXCLUSIVE KIPLIN HALL - Friday 13th October 2023

Kiplin Hall - Friday 13th Oct
Team - Chris, Cam, Sharon, Claire and Sophie

We greeted our guests and Chris gave the welcoming chat.
The team then took the guests to the top floor while Chris remained on the ground floor to do his live.

Top Floor - Cam, Claire, Sharon and Sophie
We started our evening with a white light protection which was delivered by Claire. During this there were taps, bangs and footsteps heard. We debunked some of these as a loose window pane which was rattling in the wind but we can’t explain the rest.
There were also loud taps on the wardrobe and the door had slightly opened.
We got comfortable and started our call out.
Again, the bangs, thuds, taps and footsteps were heard. We could hear footsteps behind the door on the stairs. There was no-one there.
The doors to the rooms on the top floor were all open, quite a few of us saw a figure move in the room where the large boat is on display.
The guests at the other end of the top floor were experiencing noises and movement from the nursery room.
We called out to the nanny and the children. A few guests at the end of the area where Cam was saw a large shadow figure stood behind some guests at the other end. A few more of us then saw this so Cam asked if everyone was comfortable and able to, to sit on the floor to make it easier. This also ruled out any floorboards creaking from people moving without realising. Standing can be draining.
We all sat on the floor and we could see red and green light anomalies, moving amongst us. They were very small and quick.
One of the guests was prodded in the leg, Cam’s hair was played with and another guest who was sitting on the floor was playfully pushed but it gave her a fright. We identified this activity as the children getting our attention from the questions we were asking.
Sophie and a couple of guests could see a figure at the opposite end of the room near the nursery, so they moved to that area.
The atmosphere was very calm and playful.
The names James and Annie/Ann came through so we called out. We did get responses from calling out to them but we aren’t quite sure who they are as yet. I’m sure we will find out with further investigation.
We decided to split into 2 groups before we went for a quick break so Cam and Claire took some guests into the large room opposite the nursery. Sharon and Sophie stayed in the area we had been and the nursery with the remaining guests.

Large room opposite the nursery - Cam and Claire
We all got comfortable around the room and started a call out. One of our guests was suddenly overcome with sadness. She couldn’t explain what had happened but it quickly went as soon as it came.
One of the guests asked if they could try using an app on their phone. We agreed and started using an app called ‘The Portal’.
Cam got up off the floor and told Claire she had experienced it again. Everytime Cam is in that room, something happens but only the team knows what it is. Cam doesn’t want to disclose what happens to guests as she wants to see if they experience the same.
One of the guests said the name ‘Elizabeth’ kept coming into her head but she didn’t know why. Just then the name ‘Lizzie’ came through on the portal app. It came through numerous times so we decided to work with this.
One of our other guests had a K2 device with them so we set this on the floor.
We called out to Lizzie and the K2 lit up. The guest who had earlier been overcome with sadness, experienced it again. Stronger this time. Just then a man's voice came through on the portal app, he was saying ‘Lizzie’. Was he looking for Lizzie? Who was she?
The number 3 kept coming through and the words ‘lady in room’. We kept this in mind.
Chris joined us and we told him what we had experienced. We continued calling out to Lizzie and the K2 lit up again. The activity would come in bursts. There were strong responses and then it would go silent and we would have nothing on the K2. Then it would pick up again, as if it was taking time to build up the energy.
We decided to go for a quick break as all of a sudden it was 11pm and we still had the rest of the building to investigate.

Ground Floor, The Library - Cam and Sophie
Equipment - Rempod, Cat Ball, Glow Ball, Bells, proximity bear and K2 Device
We headed to the Library and placed the rempod on the desk, the cat ball and glow ball on a glass cabinet, the bells were hung on the sign at the far end of the room, the proximity bear was placed on a table in the middle of the room and the K2 device towards the entrance of the room.
We started calling out and immediately the bear lit up. No-one was near the bear so we asked if we had been joined by a maid, perhaps the housekeeper. It happened again. The bear lit up.
We continued calling out but the atmosphere soon changed. A few of us saw movement near the door to the room. It moved past the big mirror.
Chris joined us and he was stood near the desk. Cam saw what looked like little lights near the door, at the side of the mirror. Just as she said it, Chris had also seen something. Cam showed Chris where she saw it and it was agreed it was the same place.
We asked if this was the male spirit and were greeted with taps and thuds. We asked if the spirit was Christopher Crowe. Again, we were met with responses. The K2 device also lit up.
Cam asked if Mr Crowe was aware how similar he and Chris look. Again, responses.
Cam said it is believed that we are drawn to locations and was their resemblance part of the reason Chris and Clare were drawn to Kiplin Hall. Responses again.
We didn’t receive anything from the rempod so we turned this off.
We decided to try a human pendulum. The guests got in a circle and we asked spirit to choose who they wanted to use as their conduit for communication. A guest was chosen and we established our Yes/No responses.
We asked our questions and it was the Butler who we were now communicating with. Using our Yes/No questions, the Butler told us that he was happy. He loved to serve his master and would always be with his master.
The energy became less so we thanked the spirits for their communication and moved to the next room.

Room with the chopping block - Cam and Sophie
Equipment - K2 Device, Proximity Bear
We all got comfortable and introduced ourselves. The bear lit up. We asked if the children were with us. No responses. We asked if the maid or the butler was with us. Silence. The room was very still. We asked if there were any soldiers. Nothing.
Chris joined us and as we were chatting amongst ourselves, we did hear a few little taps. We switched our questioning to Mr Crowe and addressed him as Major Crowe. Now we were getting somewhere. We asked if he knew why we were there.
We all stood around the table, to build up some energy as it was quite a quiet room, with little activity. We brought up the subject of seances and asked if this was something Major Crowe would have taken part in.
A few guests reported that they were moved. You could see they were being gently pushed and there were cold blasts of air at the same time. Was he just walking around, looking at us all. Checking us out?
Chris started asking questions about his wine business. Again, we got a few taps and the K2 lit up a couple of times but we didn’t get much more.
Our thanks were given and we moved on.

1st Floor, 2 room - Cam and Sophie
Equipment - Dowsing Rods, Proximity Bear, K2 Device
We had split into our 2 groups. Cam and Sophie led the guests to the 2nd room on the 1st floor.
We placed the proximity bear on the small sofa. The K2 was placed on the table.
One of our guests decided to try the rods and another guest had their own pendulum. We decided to try a little experiment and have these 2 activities going at the same time, to see if both guests got the same responses.
We established our sign for Yes and No on both the dowsing rods and the pendulum. We started calling out and we did indeed get the same responses on both pieces of equipment. We were told we were communicating with a young boy. We asked if there was a particular room we needed to go in. Just then we all heard a really loud noise come from one of the other rooms. We asked if the spirit could identify which room the noise had come from. When we asked if it was from the War Room, both the rods and the pendulum went to the Yes sign. We then asked if we should go to the War Room. The pendulum went to Yes, but with bigger and quicker movements. The rods went to Yes but then both rods started moving back and forth quickly. After a few minutes of watching this, we asked if spirit could stop moving the pendulum and rods. The pendulum slowed to a stop and the rods slowly settled.
At this point we thanked spirit and moved to the War Room.

War Room - Cam and Sophie
Equipment - Proximity Bear, Ouija Board, K2 Device, Tipping Table
We set the proximity bear on the large chests at the side of the room and placed the Ouija Board on our table we use for table tipping. Cam opened the board and 3 guests went on it.
We didn’t get anything come through on the board but the responses seemed to come through using the proximity bear.
We have had many experiences in this room which are usually centered around one of our other team members, Alan. We used Alan’s name as a trigger but didn’t really get any solid responses other than spirit likes talking to Alan. Spirit wouldn’t give much else.
A few guests with military links asked questions around which of the armed forces they served, what their rank was and the form of transport they were linked to. All responses were received via the bear. We didn’t get much more information from spirit.
Time was ticking by, it was going so quickly so we thanked spirit for their communication and moved on.

Large Bedroom - Cam and Sophie
Equipment - Proximity Bear, K2 Device and Tipping Table
We setup the table in the middle of the room. The proximity bear was on the chair and a guest was sitting near the door holding the K2 device.
There were 3 guests on the table. We started asking questions about the lady who has been seen in the room. The guests on the table could feel a slight vibration on the table so we asked if the female spirit could use the Yes and No on the table to communicate with us. The proximity bear then lit up.
Sophie told the female spirit that her Nanna says ‘Hi’. She also asked if she had drawn them to that room. The table moved to Yes.
The guests asked further questions and the K2 device lit up.
We then heard Chris calling out to us. Cam checked her watch, it was 01:56am, where had the time gone. The evening had gone so quickly.

Sharon and Sophie took some of the guests into the nursery. Equipment used; proximity bear, cat ball, glow ball and K2.

Almost immediately we starting to get activity from this room. The proximity bear was lighting up, so we decided to use the bear as a means of yes and no answers to our questions. We established that we were talking to the spirit of a female child, who preferred to be referred to as a big girl rather than a little girl. Sophie asked if she would like join us and play a game with the glow ball. The ball was rolled between the guests and it wasn't long before the "big girl" joined in. Yes the floor was on a slight angle, however the ball zigzag between the guests and on occasions rolled back on itself going uphill. The K2 was also flashing and spiking at red on a number of occasions, it was confirmed that all of the guests had their devices on aeroplane mode. Sharon decided to take a video of this but unfortunately we missed the glow ball zagging between the guests however we did manage to get something on video. On playback you can clearly see what we believe to be orbs and light anomalies.

War Room - Claire and Sharon, equipment used; temperature sensor, proximity bear, bells, ghostbusters car, music box, cat ball and spirit talker app.

The first words we got through the app was "the paintings eyes" when we looked on the wall there was a painting of three nurses from war times. We then picked up on the names Nancy and Mabel and "death is not the end" via the spirit talker, along with the words, pain, stomach and legion. We were of the mind that Nancy and Mabel may have been nurses. Upon leaving that room we saw on the glass table that there was a typed notice making reference to a N and M Hamilton could this have been Nancy and Mabel?

Upstairs corridor - Claire and Sharon, equipment used; rempod, music box, bells, cat ball, proximity bear. Chris passed through and a few of the guests went with him into the adjoining rooms. The remainder of the guests split into two with half at one end of the corridor with Claire and the others with Sharon at the other end of the corridor.
At Sharon's end one of the guests, Amber, said "I want to go in that door" at that point the door to an adjoining room opened. Thinking Chris and his guests were still in there I entered, to find the room was empty.
To debunk it we closed the door securely making sure that it could not be opened without twisting the door knob to open it. A few moments later we heard the door knob twist and the door opened yet again with nobody on the other side, this happened a couple more times on demand.

We all then move to another room passing through the bedroom off the corridor. At this point Claire and Sharon's group again split into two, with Sharon's group wanting to go back into the corridor. We remained here for a while longer, some of the guests decided they wanted to have a go of the Ouija board but prior to opening the board they had a change of heart.

Library - Claire and Sharon

Room with Chopping block - Sharon
We did some call outs but weren't getting any responses so we decided to try table tipping.
On occasions we did get some vibration from the table, but we were unable to establish whether we were talking to an adult or a child or a male or a female. It would have been nice to spend some more time in this room to talk to the spirits, but unfortunately we ran out of time. It was time to say goodnight and thank the spirits of Kipling Hall for coming through and communicating with us.

Another great night at our exclusive Kiplin Hall. We are now starting to feel that the spirits now recognize us and are accepting us. We still have lots to find out. Many more investigations to come.