EXCLUSIVE KIPLIN HALL - Friday 14th April 2023



So as usual Chris began the night with the welcome talk for all our guest, but this time it felt very unusual for him. He felt very spaced out and like he wasn't in the room. He had mentioned this to the team before they went off which led to him feeling very uneasy about his lone live.

Equipment used -- Laser grid, glow in the dark balls, REM pod

Once upstairs, the uneasy feeling fed across to Chris and his unease made him very jumpy which lately was very unusual for him.
Perched at one end of the corridor, he began to call out.
A viewer picked up on a stern looking woman with another viewer picking up on the name Annie for her. Chris was getting unnerved even more and the question he asked regarding a gentleman immediately got a "DRAGGING" response to his left which led into the war room. This made Chris flee back down to the other end of the corridor as his nerve had completely gone with the feeling of a male being present due to his previous comments to this spirit "pick on me, not Alan as I'm a smaller guy" sticking prominent in his mind. Was this spirit taking up this offer??
Once regaining his composure, Chris settled and began to ask out for response on the equipment he had placed now down the end of the corridor where he had fled from, but no responses.
A loud bang in the bedroom to his right made him place the camera into this room and a viewer picked up seeing a figure crouched down on the other side of the bed that they could see.
Another viewer was picking up also on a very emotional connection and felt it very prominently even at home.
Chris then put his big boy pants back on and dragged himself back down to the end of the corridor where he had started the live & heard the dragging noise.
The lady feeling had dissipated and again the energy of the gentleman linked to the war room was coming through.
Chris tried a tactic of being diplomatic and guests felt the gentleman was very appreciative of Chris's kind and reassuring words but he still felt ashamed for who he was and still couldn't accept his choices he had made.
More movement towards the war room and also a bang on the floor underneath Chris felt very prominent.
No responses at all had come from the equipment and with the team downstairs now congregating back in the base room, Chris decided to end the live as noise contamination was coming from the back stairs and to regroup.

Kiplin Hall 15th April 2023

After welcoming the guests into the cafe area, Chris delivered the welcome talk and then room the group photo on the staircase.
We then all headed into the library area where the white light protection was delivered to all the guests.
Library Room: Equioment- glow balls, light up cat balls, and K2.
We began to call out to the sprits of the building and started to get responces in the way of taps and bangs.
We could hear footsteps overhead but as confirmed later it wasn’t Chris while he was recording his live.
We could hear footsteps comming down into the room behind us where there is now a large mirror hanging on the wall.
This was confirmed by James the member of staff that stayed with us for the investigation that there used to be a staircase there ascending down into the room. We were blown away by this has been heard before in investigations.
Alan placed some jingle bells in a drum at the back of the room and we set up some glowing balls on a table at the bottom. We got a clear “jingle” on tbe bells which was heard around the room.
We started to feel energy building at the bottom of the room so we suggested the guests in the horner hood hand to try and increase it, we got movement in the glow balls straight away with distinct pushes being seen by multiple people around the room.
We got a very loud rattle on one of the door handles at the back of the room, which was heard belt everyone, as well as movement and temperature changes in the air.
We decided to take a short break before splitting down into our smaller teams for the rest of the night.

Kathryn and Kate’s Group
Ground flirt dining room.
Equipment: Touch sensitive bear, cat balls, rem pod, and Spirt talker app.

We places the equipment around the room and began to call out. We got a quick response on the bear but after that it remained quiet.
Kathryn experienced a huge headd ache and had to move away to the opposite end of the room. ONe of the guests Rob set up a spirit talker app on the table, and felt drawn to the doorway at the back of the room which lead back out into the cafe/ base camp area.
We got slt be word “altered” and Rob felt that applied to the doorway area. Which would make sense as this is where the staircase to the libary would have been, as previously confirmed with James.
The energy seemed to change and we got responses regarding a relative of another guest, Andrew.
The names “Roger and Joyce” came up and when he asked questions the answers made sense to Andrew and other members of his group.
We reassured Andrew that he didn’t have share anything with us about his family that he didn’t want to be he was very open about it all as he didn’t really know Roger when he was alive but Joyce was still very much with them. Roger died very unexpectedly and it was do to with his lungs.

We decided to take a quick break before heading upstairs.

Kathryn and Kate
Second floor bedroom/ War room.
Equipment: K2, cst balls, music box app, rem pod, bear, spirit talker app and Wendy.

As we walked up the stairs to the first floor we got huge K2 spikes going all the way up to red. These continued along the landing and into the rooms.
Malcolm, was happy to hold the device and keep an eye on the responses.
We decided to start int he bedroom and the group spread out around the room setting up equipment around the bedroom as well as the parlour room next door.
Malcom sat in the window by the adjoining doorway and kept getting responses.
We got the name “Christine “ in the app, and she confirmed that was her name using the K2 as a yes response, again going all the way up to red for a “ yes” answer.
Christine told us that we were in her bedroom and that she lived and died in the house at a younge age.
That her surname was “Calvert” and that she was here with her farther “George” also comes and goes on this level from time to time.
Her husband, also called “George” was here with her too.
Christine confirmed that she died in childbirth and so did her son. We got the name Elijah, but we were unable to confirm if that’s what they intended to call thier son or not. The music box app in tbe middle of the room did go off from time to time as if she was walking around and looking at us all, which made some of us jump.
She also told us that we were in her way of her going to bed, as Wendy was on the bed we hoped to get a response but nothing happened.
Chris joined us and tested the K2 as he was even suprised by the spikes but when he left the room we felt that the energy of “Christine” went with him so we moved into the War room.

The War room.
Equipment: music box app, spirit talker app, touch bear, cat balls.

We set up some equipment on the table in the middle of the room. Some of the guest sat on the window sills and some spread out into the adjoining bathroom.
We began to call out but the atompshere seemed a lot lighter than had been experienced in the infamous room of this stunning building.
We got the name “Elrick” on the app, which seemed to us as a nordic/ possibly viking/ anglo saxon name rather than a more modern name, and in response to the question “Are you a Viking?” the head of the teddy bear lit up… we were all blown away by this and especially when the word “feel” came up with the bears head lighting up constantly for about 30-40 seconds when asked, “Do you like the bear?”.
Elrick confirmed that he was a Viking again and that he was “buried on the land” and he died by “catching an illness”.
The music box apps did go off intermittently in both rooms which made some of the group jump.
The energy seemed to go from the room so we decided to head upstairs to the top floor as we were heading into the last hour of the night.

The Long Gallery, Nursery room and Servants dining room.
Equipment: Rem pod, music app, spirit talker app, bear, Wendy and glow balls.

After the guests explored all the rooms in this level we spread out around the floor.
Most of the guests went into the nursery room where they were getting strong spikes in Wendy who was at first placed in the mantle above the fire but when she was moved down to sit at the arts and craft table was flickering all the way up to red.
They were communicating with a little boy by the name of “Edward”.
With this room never been open to us on any previous investigation this was very interesting and the responses were strong. We got some shadow movements in the king gallery but nothing on the equipment in gallery.
The music box app went off a few times in the servants dining room, but it not in response to questions.
As the night drew to a close we packed up the equipment and headed down to the base room, checking in on the other group as we went.
It was a wonderful night and it was amazing to meet some new spirits as well, thank you Kiplin Hall. 

Kiplin Hall Report

Katie & Alan’s Group

2nd Floor Corridor/Nursery/Ship Room/Servants Dining Room

Equipment used: Intuition/Rem Bear/Cat Balls/Glow Balls/K2

Guests were placed at various sections along the long corridor with the glow and cat balls at different points. The rem bear was placed on the table at the far end.

From calling out the rem bear and cat balls began to receive activity in response. We tried to create more energy by the guests joining hands around the table. Information was brief, but we believe that we were with a former occupant of the property and likely to be a child. We asked if they would like us to move to other rooms along the corridor, and the answer was a resounding ‘Yes’.

Chris had joined the group during calling out and could hear definite movement from the Ship Room.

Alan took a group into the Servants Dining Room and Katie took four guests into the nursery (with Alan checking in, however, spirit seemed reluctant to step forward with a male in the room)

The room had a noticeable drop in temperature and went extremely dark. Through the Rem Bear we believed we had children with us, and we encouraged them to move one of the little chairs – we couldn’t hear them being moved, but one had definitely been pulled out at an angle when checking in the torchlight later on.

While calling out we asked if the Governess of the children would allow them to play as guests could feel an authoritative energy with us. Brushes against hands and legs could be felt, so we sang nursery rhymes to entertain the children. The guests were holding hands and the slight touching feeling of small children against our legs and hands could be felt, two guests felt their hands being lifted to waist height of their own accord, which created a lot of excitement!

After a short while it was felt that the Governess had come into the room and was walking amongst the group, and that it was time for us to leave the children (perhaps it was past their bedtime!)

Walking out of the room, the last guest to leave felt her back being gently pushed as if ushered out of the room and the door closed softly behind her – we think we had definitely kept the little ones up past their bedtime at this point!

The Ship Room

Equipment used: Intuition

The guests had general conversation around the significance of the ship display in the room and called out to see if the previous master of the house was with us, however, the room was quiet and we couldn’t get a response from in here.

Servants Dining Room

Equipment used: K2/cat balls/glow balls

The group began calling out, asking spirits to give any sign. A presence was sensed but seemed to be holding back. At one point, there was a small tap in one corner of the room but apart from that, there was no other activity.

Ground floor - Library and Dining Room

Equipment used: Crystal/K2/chime bowls

We started in the Dining Room and began with Alan and one of the guests using the chime bowls to create energy. A few guests could feel the sensation of swaying, so we started a human pendulum to utilise the momentum.

Our guest was chosen and from questions we believe we had a child with us again who had been in the nursery. He said he was 5 years old and that he was with his 3 siblings. He used to be taken on hunts, but couldn’t confirm with a definitive answer if his passing was as a result of an accident going on one of these trips, but he did confirm that he would be around the horses. He confirmed his name began with ‘D’, but we couldn’t quite confirm the rest, but had a slight movement for ‘Derek’. ‘Derek’ said that he was happy, he moves around the rooms of Kiplin Hall, but he isn’t allowed to play in the Library. Derek said that he was alive in the 1800’s. He confirmed there are numerous other spirits in the building, and that some of them were quite strict and were perhaps less than pleasant, however, this line of questioning was diverted so it didn’t become uncomfortable. ‘Derek’ said he would happily join us in other rooms, just not the Library!

We moved into the Library – a small group sat and used the crystal to make contact and carried out a conversation giving little bits of information via ‘yes/no’ questions and another small group went to the far end where we had seen shadows and felt energy earlier in the night Small taps were heard, but not enough to prompt a full communication. Maybe we have some ‘watchers’ in this room…as time was ticking on we didn’t spend too long in here and made our way to the middle floor.

On our way up the stairs we passed the equipment set up for the ‘locked off live’ and once all guests were on the landing the music box placed downstairs activated with no-one walking by. We couldn’t rule out it being us that had set it off for definite, however, no-one was in the immediate proximity of the equipment.

‘War Room’

Equipment used: Glow balls/intuition

All guests stood in a circle around the table and began calling out. A presence was immediately felt with several guests confirming that they had a sensation of someone walking around and looking at the members of the group and getting close up to their faces and touching hands/arms/top of heads. The room felt incredibly dark, and movement from the glow ball could be visibly seen on the table – we encouraged spirit to sweep the ball from the table, however, there was a hesitance felt and couldn’t coax spirit to making this bold movement. Two guests said they had been pushed, or as if someone had brushed past them. Several guests picked up on the RAF/army, there were taps heard from the corner of the room and guests felt the floorboard vibrate as we spoke about how his life may have been. The feeling in the room was ‘thick’ and everyone could feel the presence walking among us, but that he was scoping us out and not wanting to divulge information when asked that he may have considered too personal.

‘Green’ Bedroom

Equipment used: Ouija Board

The board was opened and four guests took part. The board confirmed there was a spirit with us and was female, and she had been a resident at Kiplin Hall although not an owner of the building. When asked if she liked us being with her in the bedroom, she replied ‘No’. We asked if she would like us to leave and the planchette immediately went to ‘Yes’. We closed the board to respect spirit’s wishes. However, as we didn’t leave immediately one of the guests could sense the feeling of great frustration – so we hurried ourselves to move on and apologised to spirit for being in her space.

Travellers Bedroom

Equipment used: Crystal and board

The group used the crystal and immediately got a female spirit coming through. Spirit gave the letters B. R. and I as the first 3 letters of her name. When a guest asked if it was Bridget Talbot (the last owner of Kiplin Hall) spirit said NO. As we had ran out of time, we thanked spirit and left.

At this point, our time at Kiplin Hall had come to an end. The guests had brought a brilliant energy to the evening and had truly made the investigation their own. Some interesting phenomena from this wonderful building and we can't wait to return!