EXCLUSIVE KIPLIN HALL - Friday 19th April 2024

Kiplin Hall 19th April 2024
Alan, Kathryn, Sharon and Sonia.

We greated the guests into the hall and Kathryn gave the welcome talk to everyone as we had a lot of first timers on the investigation.
We then all headed up to the long gallery after taking the group picture in the stairs.
We spread out along the gallery and Alan delivered the white light protection to the group and then left to do his own.
We put two car balls on tbe floor in the middle of the guests.
We began to call out and a male energy was picked up on along with the name of “James” comming out of the servants quarters room. So we placed a cat ball in the doorway but we didn’t get any responces at all.
We split down into our groups for the rest of the night.

Kathryn and Sharon’s group.
The Nursery room
Equipment: K2 and cat balls.

We all settled in the room and spread the equipment around the room.
We began to call out and one of the guests, Avril felt a hot patch on her back and some pressure.
It then moved to her side and she felt a stabbing/ pressure in her side.
We didn’t get any responces on the equipment so we decided to move into a different room.

The Servants Room.
Equipment: K2, cat balls and spirit talker app.

We made a circle around the room and we all sat in the floor.
Kathryn began to call out to the spirits in the room and One of the cat balls lit up straight away and the app asked “who is talking”
Kathryn introduced herself and then asked “what’s your name??” It came back straight away on the app with the name “Harry”.
We went with this and found out we were talking to a young boy called Harry, who’s parents worked in the house and they lived and slept in the room we were in.
We weren’t able to get much more information from the him so we moved onto the last room on the top floor.

The Ship Room.
Equipment: K2, Cat balls, spirit talker app.

When we entered this room there was a noticeable drop in temperature, its was freezing cold compared to the area we had walked through to get to this part of the house.
We put a cat ball on the back of the model ship. One on a table and two each end of the fire place. One of the guests opened the app up again on thier phone and the K2 was placed in the middle of the fire place between the two cat balls.
We began to call out and got K2 spikes up to orange straight away.
We began to call out to the room; and asked if there was a gentleman with us.
This was confirmed with a K2 spike up too red.
We established that a spike on the K2 was a “yes” response to a question very quickly.
We started to talk about the room we were in and if this was used as a map/ chart room/ office. This again was confirmed by a huge spike.
When asked if we were talking to the gentleman who is talked about on the information boards around the room, almost everyone in the whole group heard a very loud breathy “YES” as a response. No one in the room spoke and it was very loud and clear.
We established that we were defiantly speaking with George Calvert the builder of Kiplin Hall and he was proud that the house was still here, and that we all liked it so much.
He wasn’t happy however that it was being used as a museum and would prefer it to be used as a home.
He was happy that Maryland was still established today and that we all thought he was doing a great job talking to us.
He also liked having the model of the ship in the room and he was ready to go “plot” a course to go in another adventure.
George also confirmed that King Charles I has hunted and had had dinner in the hall during his reign.
We thanked George for his time and went to take a short break before exploring the other floors in the building.

Kathryn and Sharon's Group Part 2

The Library Betty
Equipment; Cat balls, K2, table.

Everyone got settled and we started to call out to the spirits, a cat ball which was placed in a bowl didn't just start to flash but started to move by itself aswell. There were lots of loud knocks and what sounded like footsteps coming from behind the bookcase, Kathryn explained to the group that there was a staircase behind these walls, these footsteps were loud and plentyful but we couldn't establish who we were talking to, the K2 was also spiking to red.

A few of the group wanted to try table tipping; it was a slow start but the energy soon built up. We asked the spirit to move the table one way for yes and the other way for no. We established we were communicating with a young girl called Elizabeth but got called Betty which she pregered. She was 9 years old when she died and her parents had worked at the house. Betty confirmed that she had died in one of the upstairs rooms, following lung/chest infection (possibly consumption but she didn't know the name of her illness)

When the table was moving to a yes response, this was backed up by the cat balls and the K2 being activated which had been placed down the opposite end of the library.
During speaking with Betty Kathryn saw a white ball of light about the size of a tennis ball move from the fireplace over to the other side of the room before disappearing.

Betty went on to say she didn't like the Governess as she was very strict, but she was being looked after now. Time was getting on and we had to go aa we had other rooms to explore, Betty didn't want us to leave and wanted to continue to talk to us. We apologised and said our goodbyes. As we were leaving a guest informed us they had seen a shadow stood behind Kathryn Infront of the doorway which led to the old staircase which led behind the bookcase wall.

Short Break

War Room
Equipment; Cat balls, K2, Music Box

The group got settled and we started to call out to any spirits that were present. This room was very quiet with no responses so after about 10 minutes we moved on. As we were leaving Kathryn and I heard a noise so looked back in the room and saw that the door to the room had been opened. (We can't confirm if this was paranormal as the floor boards are uneven)

Green Bedroom
Equipment; Cat balls, K2, Music Box

As time was getting on we decided to try a human pendulum. The group stood in a circle and we invited spirit to choose who the would like to be the pendulum, spirit chose Holly. We established being moved backwards was a yes response and forwards was a no response.

We were soon communicating with a little boy who was 5 years old, who had lived on the land with his parents before the hall was built.
We couldn't get much more from the little boy as he was uneducated and struggled with numbers and letters. We thank the little boy and said our goodbyes as it was now time to go home.

A really good night, but time went far to quickly.....till the next time.

Kiplin Hall report

Sonya & Alan’s group

Equipment used: Cat balls, touch sensitive bear, K2

Guests spread out around the library and settled in. We placed three cat balls in various locations and a K2 meter on the main writing desk. One of the guests also placed the bear on a chair and we began calling out. No initial responses but some guests reported shadows and feeling cold around their feet at the far end of the library. Two female guests reporting smells of cats and a male guest thought he heard the sound of keys jangling. The bear activated once and then went quiet.

Quite a few of the group began feeling cold around their legs and Alan reported a strong draft over his face. Sonya felt a female presence although this was more of a male room and was unclear why she was there. The impression was of an Edwardian female around 16-17 years old. Asking guests if they were getting any impressions, a female guest felt a similar female presence and that she was being shown / felt the left side face had been slapped. She felt she was upset and was trying to get away/ hide away from another male. She had come into the room to hide from an older male. None of the equipment was getting triggered at this point and Alan asked if spirit could present their name to the guests in the room. Alan along with two other guests receive letters in their minds eye. Alan received the letters A and C, one guest got the letter L, and one guest got the letter K. This would prove to be intriguing later in the evening.

The atmosphere in the room changed and Alan felt an older male with a beard arrived into the room but wasn’t connected with the female. Again guests feeling cold around legs. With no further impressions or activity, we took our first break.
** the guest who had received the letter L found a portrait of Lady Alice Carpenter on one of the walls when we had our break. Could this be the letters L, A and C? Very intriguing!

1st floor
War room
Equipment used: touch bear, marbles, glow ball, cat balls, bells, rem pod, SP7 spirit app

One guest moved into the servant corridor with the touch bear (reported later he had some hits on the bear but no specific details)

Trigger object marbles were placed on an old tennis racquet on bookcase, a rem-pod in the adjoining room, and the string of bells on a door handle. The room was extremely quiet but at one stage, the marbles were heard to move.

We decided to use the SP7 app and started to call out.

Guests sensed the presence of a man who liked a drink and questions about what he liked to drink gave the audible responses of YES / BRANDY/ WHISKEY. We asked about his name and received FELIX. Did he prefer male company – YES. Asked if he had a friend, the name BOB came through. BOB was in the ARMY and apparently they were secret LOVERS. The word ILLEGAL came through multiple times. Guests felt he was drinking and sad,upset they had been found out and the response was YES. Asked if they were caught and by who, the name ALICE was given. One guest stayed in the bathroom to do a lone vigil while we moved to the next room.

Green bedroom
Equipment used: Human pendulum

A female guest was clearly chosen by spirit so we formed a circle with the guest in the centre. A male spirit came through and identified as being in between 30 and 35 years old he had lived and worked in the building and we ascertained that he had worked with horses and possibly as part of a hunt group. He had lived and worked there in between 1750 and 1800 and when asked how he passed he responded that it was an accident. On further probing he said the accident was an accident, possibly as part of the hunt and he had been shot in the neck and head area. One guest had already said that she had a pain on one side of her head and neck. He was neither angry nor sad at how he had passed as we believed that he accepted this as part of his role. He also indicated when asked that he was not brought back to the lodge to be treated so must've possibly been taken somewhere else to be laid out the rest. The movement with the guest was brilliant and although she was extremely apprehensive at first she eased into the activity and was surprised of things that came through. (she had never done anything like this before) At this stage we thanked spirit and moved on.

With no activity in the other rooms we moved the group to the top floor.

Top floor

Sonya’s group
Ship room
Equipment used: cat balls

Sonya took the remaining 3 female guests to the ship room ( previously team had some good activity earlier in the night

Calling out questions inviting spirit to come forward/ if they were connected to the ship/ room/ the flag/ the house, there were no responses and the room felt very quiet. With no activity on either the cat balls or by other mediums, we moved to the music room.

Alan’s group
Children’s nursery (2 guests)
Equipment used: touch bear, cat balls, K2, glow balls

We started off by staying silent, trying to sense any spirits. We received a few very quiet taps over by the school desks. One guest sensed a female child spirit approximately seven years old who was standing watching them, and they both said their legs were cold. Alan also noted that he had the name Robert pop into his minds eye so possibly we had the spirit of a boy and a girl but they wouldn't step forwards to make themselves known. Numerous questions asked about both child spirits and their former nanny/governors failed to elicit any activity. We thanked spirit and moved into the music room where Sonya had taken a small group of guests.

Sonya & Alan (all group guests)
Music room
Equipment used: crystal and board

We immediately received a yes response when asked if we had spirit with us. The pendulum was moving quite fully and rapidly and the spirit identified themselves as male. He said that he was a former family member but not an owner and he really liked the company of women. When asked if he abused his power with the female servants there was a full yes response. Alan jokingly said to spirit “would that mean you were a randy bugger ?”and the spirit response was an emphatic ‘yes’. When asked if he was bothered about abusing his power with the female servants, he responded no and then when pushed further and asked if he felt guilty about what he had done, again, the response was an emphatic ‘no’. With the night drawing to a close, we closed the board down and returned to base camp to end the night.