EXCLUSIVE Kiplin Hall - Saturday 11th February 2023

Kiplin Hall - 11th February 2023
We started our night off with a white light protection which was delivered by Alan in the Library.
The team and guests stayed in the Library and Cam lead the call-out, introducing us all to the spirits of the house.
We reminded the spirits that we were there with the utmost respect and meant no harm. We explained how we would like to communicate with them to learn their story and why they remain at Kiplin Hall.
A few of the guests suddenly felt that the area where they were standing was very cold. Taps and thuds were then heard by all.
A few of our guests reported that they could see a female in a white dress. They felt she worked at Kiplin Hall and the name Elizabeth came to them. Another guest also picked up on the name Sarah.
The female spirit stayed with the group of guests for a good 20 minutes, at one point one of the guests reported feeling as if her fingers were being played with.
The atmosphere changed and the guests could no longer sense the female spirit. Other guests reported that they could see a tall dark shadow figure in front of Alan.
We continued with our call-out.
One of the guests told us this was John, the butler. John was very protective of Kiplin Hall and was very good at his job. He ran a tight ship and was stern. All of a sudden the guest who gave us this information felt overcome with rage, which was very out of character for them. They had to leave the room for a few minutes.
We started hearing shuffling and taps. A few guests reported the smell of stale alcohol. This wasn’t John. We believe we were in the presence of another spirit, who we have encountered before. We asked John if he could see this other spirit, but he could not.
We all heard the door handle and then 4 really loud heavy footsteps from within the room. This was not from any team member or guest. Many of us were sat on the floor by this point.
Our guest who had earlier left the room told us there were 2 spirits outside in the grounds with what looked like a bandage around their heads. Earlier, during the start of the call-out, one guest said they could feel something they couldn’t quite describe on the right side of her head. Had this been an impression from one of the spirits in the grounds?
We decided to take a break and split into our groups.

Cam & Matty’s group - 1st Floor rooms (Equipment: K2, Proximity bear, Crystal pendulum and dowsing rods)
We led our group to the 1st floor and we decided to settle in the 2nd room from the top of the stairs. We started calling out and immediately the proximity bear lit up. We received responses to our questions through the bear and believed we were communicating with a child.
One of the guests started asking questions using the crystal pendulum. Through a series of ‘yes’ ‘no’ questions, we identified we were talking to a young female spirit who was uneducated and unsure of her age. She didn’t pass over in the house, but in the grounds. Her father worked for Kiplin Hall. We asked if her name was ‘Elizabeth’, it wasn’t. We asked if it was ‘Sarah’, it wasn’t. These were the names a couple of the guests had picked up on in the Library.
One of the guests in the group said her name was Charlotte. This was confirmed using the pendulum.
All of a sudden Charlotte stopped communicating with us. John was back and standing with one of our guests. This guest started to communicate with John using the dowsing rods. It was confirmed by John from ‘yes’ ‘no’ questions on the rods that the young girl did pass over in the grounds. Upon putting information together from previous visits, John confirmed that Charlotte’s father was a coachman. There was a terrible accident which led to Charlotte and her father’s deaths in the grounds. John held Charlotte responsible. We found that Charlotte’s father was called Thomas and John’s wife was called Elizabeth. Was this Elizabeth who had visited us in the library?
After quite a while in this room, we thanked Charlotte and John for their communication and moved on to another room.

Cam & Matty’s group - The War Room (Equipment: Ouija Board)
Cam opened up the board so our guests could conduct safe communication with any spirits. We asked if the male spirit who briefly came to us in the Library, with the smell of stale alcohol had joined us. He had.
The guests were asking questions relative to information we had from previous visits and these were confirmed from the moving of the planchette.
We noticed that this spirit could move the planchette straight to ‘No’ with no issues, but any ‘Yes’ responses were hesitant and the planchette was tilted instead.
This spirit is a sad soul but we told him that what we had learnt from him is ok, and he doesn’t need to be sad. He didn’t give us much else other than he was 47 when he passed over and was discharged from his military role.
We thanked him for his communication, Cam closed the board down and we moved on.

Cam & Matty’s group - Top Floor Corridor (Equipment: Table, Proximity bear, K2)
We tried some table tipping in the corridor but after around 15 minutes we didn’t get any activity other than a slight vibration.
We placed the proximity bear at the far end of the corridor, outside of the Nursery and called out to any child spirits. The bear went off once.
We decided to try a human pendulum. Our guest was chosen and was asked for a sign for ‘Yes’ and then a sign for ‘No’. We started asking our questions and soon worked out that we were communicating again with Charlotte. She didn’t really give us any new information other than there was a small boy with her who she plays with but he was shy and unable to communicate with us. We think she just felt really comfortable with us and enjoyed our company.
We started to hear a knock every now and then, coming from the area where the wardrobe was stood. The atmosphere had also changed and it appeared to go dark.
We asked if John had returned but other than the knocks, he wouldn’t communicate like he did earlier.
We tried a seance but we didn’t get any activity. Again we thanked the spirits and moved on.

Cam & Matty’s group - Ground Floor, room next to the library (Equipment: K2, Cat Ball)
It was close to the end of our evening so we all sat on the floor, with the K2 device and a cat ball. We asked if we had been joined by any spirits as we had during our initial walk around with just the team, earlier in the night. We got no responses and heard nothing.
We moved back into the Library but it was very still in there too.

Alan & Colin’s group - Top floor corridor (Equipment: Table, K2, REM bear, glow ball, OUIJA board)
With the group settled along various parts of the corridor, we placed a K2 on the portable table in the middle of the corridor. Chris started the call out and although we got the odd spike on the meter there was little meter activity. Guests then heard what appeared to be a light switch flicking on and off in one of the locked rooms opposite the nursery. This happened on multiple occasions and would happen later in the evening at random times. The groups split into two with one at the far end of the corridor next to the nursery room where they placed the bear (just inside the nursery doorway) and a glow ball, while the other group went to the opposite end of the corridor to conduct a Ouija board session.

The Ouija board session started slowly but then began to gather pace, with the planchette moving in response to questions. A male spirit identified as a sailor and kept giving his name as Seth. He said this was a shortened form of his name and kept referring to the letters W, D, and S. One guest got the impression this was the name of his ship. He told the group that he was born in 1879 and died in 1935 aged 57. The second group who were near the nursery, had instant activity when they heard a thud from inside the nursery room. This appeared to be the spirit of a young girl who was using the bear for her responses. Guests were clearly under the impression that it was a female child but that she was a little scared to come forward. She made the bear flash many times, curiously after each question. The noise of the light switch flicking on an off was again heard from the opposite room where the door is locked. Although the glow ball was placed just outside the room, there was no movement apart from the bear flashing.

Alan & Colin’s group - Ground floor, Dining Room (Equipment: K2, VOX portal, guests word portal)
We started by using the vox portal and asked spirit to give us names, messages or anything of interest. One guest mentioned that some of the messages sounded angry and a guest who was using a word generator portal had the word ‘run’ appear. The VOX then stated ‘leave’. At this moment, a Team member thought he had the sensation of someone stroking his head. Another guest then got quite alarmed as she said her leg had definitely been touched. As this guest had openly stated that she wanted to believe but was a sceptic, it caught her totally by surprise and she told spirit that she did not want to be touched. She was reassured by the group and asked to remain calm, which she eventually did. We decided it was probably best to leave and move into the next room.

Alan & Colin’s group - Ground floor, room next to library (Equipment: own senses - group activity)
The group performed a human pendulum session and spirit immediately picked guest Hannah to be the conduit. The activity came thick and fast with a female spirit identifying as a former nanny who lived with the family sometime in the 17 or 1800s. When asked if she worked there she responded no but still identified as a nanny who was more part of the family than a worker. Some of the answers were confusing as the activity we had picked up at the start of the evening in the library was used to question spirit. For example she was asked if she had had an affair with a butler and give yes and no answers and this happened a couple of times so we thanked spirit and went for a quick break.

Alan & Colin’s group - 2nd floor, Gertrude’s bedroom (Equipment: K2, Tibetan vibration bowl, REM bear)
The REM bear was placed on the bed and a K2 was placed on a chair at the foot of the bed. We used the vibrations from a Tibetan bowl to heighten the energy in the room and immediately the K2 started flickering. Chris mentioned that he thought he knew who the spirit was as the bedroom belonged to a lady called Gertrude who was a nanny for one of the families. Spirit seemed to enjoy the interaction with the group and when there was laughter the K2 went off multiple times. When asked to spike the meter into the red, this happened instantaneously. It appeared that we had made contact again with the spirit of the nanny but after an initial burst of activity, the room went flat again and all activity ceased.

Alan & Colin’s group - 2nd floor, War room (Equipment: K2)
Although this room felt active and one or two guests felt a little uneasy, the only bits of activity
we got were are a couple of noises from a corner of the room behind where the sofa was positioned. Chris mentioned that it sounded like somebody pushing on the back of the chair. This could have been triggered as Alan asked if there was a spirit of a man he had engaged on his very first trip to Kiplin and if he could show the same kind of activity that happened on that visit (chairs had been moved and the table shoved).

We thanked Kiplin Hall and its ghostly residents for welcoming us and headed back to base.

Additional information:
When one of the guests had picked up on the name Elizabeth, another guest picked up on the letter 'W' and said their name was on a card in another room but they didn't know which room.
When the night had finished, Cam asked the curator, James, if he could go with the guest to check the rooms which were locked, to look for the name.
There was an article with the name Elizabeth Wheatley. It also mentioned John, who was the butler who had served 50 years in his role.