EXCLUSIVE KIPLIN HALL - Saturday 17th February 2024

Kiplin Hall
Clare, Kathryn, Michael and Katie

Michael completed the welcome talk and set expectations for the night. Clare then moved off to complete her welcome talk and the team and guests moved into the library and Kathryn took the guests through the white light of protection.

Kathryn, Michael and Katie

We started to call out and started to receive faint taps throughout the room. We were unsure if these were tap responses or floor boards creaking and settling due to us moving into the room. We asked spirit to make these taps louder however we didn’t get responses.
A K2 was placed on a table in front of us and almost instantly the K2 started to spike.
A guest, who was stood next to a bookcase explained that she had felt as though something was pushing and pulling her. We asked spirit if it was doing this to the lady because women where not supposed to be in that space and we received strong K2 spikes. We had been joined by a male spirit who use to own the house.
He has stored is financial documents on that book case and didn’t want people to see these.
We gained confirmation that the man had struggled financially due to bad investment's and gambling. The investment was in import/export shipping to India. He didn’t share his worries with anybody else and kept this information a secret.
The pulses on the K2 seemed to resemble an sos morse code and spirit may have been trying to communicate using the code.

Michael and Clare
Admirals office and Drawing room
Touch sensitive bear, dowsing rods and Crystal board.

We settled into the room and one guest had rods, another group the Crystal board and we set the touch sensitive bear up in the midde of the drawing room.

We were joined by the spirit of a man called William. He had been killed when transporting weapons during world war 2.
His body was never found and had a grave close by but not much of his remains had been buried due to the explosion.
All responses were confirmed by the rods and board simultaneously. There was also flashes received on the touch best although sporadically.

Servants Corridor
Michael and Clare
Cat ball, REM Pod

The guests positioned themselves at the top and bottom of the corridor and Michal stood in the middle. We started to call out and received responses on the cat balls Michael walked back up the corridor towards Bridget’s bedroom and spirit followed, lighting the cat balls and then setting the REM pod off consistently for 1 min.
We were unable to find any specific information about what the spirit wanted.

Bridget’s room
Michael and Clare
Table tipping

Four of the guests joint the table in the middle of the room. Almost instantly we were joined by thd spirit of Bridget. The table would rock forward for yes and back for no. She explained that she was misunderstood. Bridget was never angry and being in her room more protective of the people that visited from a darker spirit.
Bridget explained she had invented the torches that were used on life jackets. She had fully renovated the building and was proud of how Kiplin looks now and how much it is visited.
Bridget stepped back to allow us the chance to speak with this darker spirit. This sports name was John, he was a butler who had abused children, boys and girls. He had no remorse and although new this was a crime and caused pain had no regrets as this behaviour was seen as normal. I
John started impose his impression onto a guest who became visibly shaken.
We decided this would a good point to break.

Servants quarters
Michael and Clare
Table tipping

We again set the table tipping experiment up and we’re joined by John again.
We set some boundaries with him so not to impose his impression and continued our questioning.

He was not remorseful for his actions. He explained that there was parties thrown where children/teenagers were brought, given lots of alcohol and the abused.
This abuse took place in the room Bridget resided.

Kathryn, Clare, Michael and Katie
Touch bear

We set one final experiment in place all together in the library.
Using a touch bear we started calling out. The bear continually lit up. Sprit continued to light up the bear for lingering periods of time. Katie felt that spirit was laughing at Michael. This was confirmed with flashes on the bear.

We were close to finish time so we thanked the spirits of Kiplin for communicating with us all and said goodnight.

Kiplin Hall is such a beautiful building with an amazing reputation for an investigation. It lived up to its name tonight. The guest all were involved and brought with them such high energy which helped spirt to communicate through its chosen way.

What a fab night with an amazing team 

Kathryn & Katie's Group
Ouija board, K2 and proximity bear

A girl aged 8 called Cassandra, known as sandy came through along with flashes on the K2.
She told us that she uses to play in the nursery and had lessons there too. She was there in 1814 and lived in the village.
Teacher wasn't a man. Spoke of her being a lady teacher, or governess but this prompted no response and sandy said goodbye at this point.

Session 2
A lady came through along with K2 and Cat ball spikes. We asked spirit to come to the board, and they said no!
However, they then spelled out P A D D Y - we got Patrick on spirit talker moments earlier. This energy went as soon as it came, and then
Catherine, who was 5 came in. Multiple K2 spikes accompanied this, but before we could get any further information she said goodbye

Green bedroom
Human Pendulum, K2

Spirit on K2 and confirmed via the circle she was setting both off. She said the Hall was not her house, and she didn't work here.
She told us her name was Margaret-Ann, but we were not to call her by her first name. We had to refer to her by her titles name, Lady Margaret.
Family owned the house and she would visit.
She never married.
This was her childhood bedroom, but it isn't her favourite room in the house. There items in this room that belong to her, and she told us that one of the wardrobes was hers, but we were not to go in it.
She visits here regularly, and isn't sure if she's happy that this is now a museum but it is nice to see people enjoy the house as she did.
She was here in the 1800s and passed away in 1854. She didn't pass away in this house, and she had her own house on the grounds.
She was happy here.
Her surname was Carpenter.
Lady Margaret said she was in a picture in the room and deducted who she was in a group picture from Kathryn pointing at the people in it.
She doesn't go to the cottages on the grounds where she lived, she just visits the house so she can be back with her family because they were all very close.

War Room
K2, proximity bear

We called out for spirit to join us, after an initial spike on the K2 and proximity bear it went quiet. Two guests began to feel sick and left the room

Michael and Clare's group then came and joined so the guests formed a circle around the table to build some energy for the last 10 minutes of our investigation. The bear went off again, however we couldnt get any sustained communication so we thanked spirit and left the room.