We started the night in the auditorium, with all guests on the stage for the white light protection.
We stayed in this area and the guests spread out. Some were sat in the seats, a couple were in the tech room with the rest on the stage. We then began our call out.
The 2 guests in the tech room, reported hearing movement next to them. All of a sudden the heard a disembodied voice of roughly 5 words. They couldn't quite make out what was said as it was mumbled.
One of the photographs taken of the tech room, from the stage, shows a 3rd figure at the window. There was definitely only 2 guests in that room.
We continued with our calling out and a few guests reported that the seat infront of them had moved forward, as if being pulled down, ready to be sat on. We checked the seats and it was row F, seat 21. We took a photo to show it wasn't in its natural upright position.
We heard quite a few taps and bangs, on response
Cam asked Matt (trialist) if he could lead with the calling out as he has a personal connection to the building. We did get good responses in the form of 2 knocks for Yes, 1 knock for no. However, we still couldn't find out who we were communicating with.
We stayed as a full group and decided to move to the lower level where the play area is.
A few guests carried out a ouija board session and we were soon communicating with a little girl and her mam. Cam played Swan Lake for them, which they seemed to like.
The energy on the board soon went when we asked if the gentleman had joined us. Does this gentleman stop the younger spirits coming through?
We went to the track area underneath the play area and stood in a circle, holding hands. Chris was calling out to the male spirit. We were met with a clear 'Yes' in response to one of our questions. It was not a guest or a team member who said it. A lot of the guests were a bit freaked out.
We had placed a rem-bear at the bottom of the slide. It wasn't until we were leaving that area, that we saw the bear had been pushed over.
Matty checked the CCTV and to our amazement we had caught the bear being pushed. It was quite forceful too.
We had a quick break and the split into our groups.

Cam & Colin - Dressing Rooms
Equipment - glow ball and rem-bear
We went to the dressing rooms and started calling out. We were met with 3 loud bangs from within the other dressing rooms. We could hear a lot of walking/running and movement of furniture upstairs in the stage area.

Cam & Colin - Stage Area
Equipment - Glow ball and rem-bear
We all stood around the table in the centre of the stage. We placed the glow ball at the centre of the table on a little dimple to stop it moving.
After calling out, we spread out on the seats.
Cam reported seeing a light anomaly next to the table on the stage and thought she saw the ball move, she had asked for the ball to be pushed off the table. We just thought this was just our eyes playing tricks but when we went to check it, the ball had actually moved from the centre of the table to the edge. There was a lip on the edge of the table which stopped it falling off.
We thanked spirit and moved on after no further interaction.

Cam & Colin - Projector Room
Equipment - Rem-Bear
We placed the bear in the doorway of the room and called out. The bear didn't go off once but when we asked about the maintenance engineer, something was thrown at us. We checked the floor and discovered through tests that it was a screw which was thrown.
We didn't get anything else in that room.

Cam & Colin - Cellar
We went down to the cellar and stood where the original furnace is. We called out and could see a light on the wall opposite and high up. It was blocked out and then full again as if someone was with us. From checking peoples movement and where they were standing, it was behind Colin. We didn't anything more in the cellar.

We met back with the others and headed back to the dressing rooms where we introduced mirror scrying to our guests, with brilliant results.

Another really good night as always at the Majestic. Thank you to all our guests for helping make the night what it was. We look forward to seeing you again soon