Exclusive Majestic Theatre 12Hr Lockdown - Saturday 21st January 2023

The Majestic Theatre, Darlington – 21st Jan 2023
We welcomed our guests and Chris gave the intro talk. After this, Cam carried out the white light protection with all the guests on the Stage in the Auditorium.
Chris left to carry out a ‘live’ on Facebook, while Cam and Kathryn kept all of the guests together as one group.

The Séance – Bar Area (Cam & Kathryn with all guests)
We had setup 2 round tables in the room between the bar area and the steps up to the auditorium. We kept the doors to the auditorium open, so that we could hear any noises from that room.
We introduced ourselves to the spirits of the building and began our séance.
Immediately we started hearing noises and footsteps from the bar area. We carried on with our questions and one of the guests said the names ‘Arnold’ and ‘Harold’ were coming to them.
We asked spirit to confirm if their name was ‘Arnold’ and heard faint tapping and then an audible ‘Hmmm’.
A few guests reported hearing movement around the table and then we could smell a scent in one area of the room which just seemed to appear. Cam and Kathryn walked around both tables checking for perfume or aftershave aromas but nothing matched what we had smelt. It soon disappeared.
We carried on and the noises from the bar area returned, only this time you could see a figure moving back and forth at the far end of the bar, next to Kathryn’s sleeping equipment.
We decided to move on as we weren’t getting anything relevant to the questions.

Auditorium – (Cam & Kathryn with all guests, Equipment: Proximity bear and Rem bear)
We moved in to the Auditorium and the guests spread out in the seats, while a few remained on the stage with the table.
We started calling out and for about 15 minutes we were getting nothing at all. We stuck with it and then guests reported noises and shuffling from the seats towards the back.
We placed a proximity bear on the railing around the front of the stage, and placed the rem bear on the stage but at the back.
We continued with our calling out and one of our guests said we had been joined by a young girl whose name was Emily. We asked Emily if she would like to play with the bear. Emily wouldn’t go on the stage so we tried with the proximity bear which was on the railing.
Kathryn picked the bear up to move it but it was completely flat. It had been working fine 15 minutes before.
We replaced the bear with another and were talking to Emily. She took a shine to bear and was touching it a lot.
After about 10 minutes of Emily illuminating the bear on request, we heard a loud scream, which sounded like it was from another room. We ignored it. Oops.
A few minutes later we heard and even bigger, longer scream and we all started laughing saying Chris must be scared. Minutes later, Chris came through the doors, absolutely petrified and told us what he had experienced in the play area. Our activity in the auditorium became slight so we quickly moved on.

The Soft Play Area (Everyone), Equipment: Proximity bear
We all headed to the soft play area after what Chris had encountered when doing his ‘live’ on Facebook. He wasn’t wrong. Within minutes of us walking in, the loud noises started.
The bangs were loud and in response to us asking questions, trying to work out who we were communicating with.
The proximity bear had been placed on the 1st level of the soft play area. In the same place where it was at our last event, when it was caught on CCTV being pushed over with force.
We headed to the area under the soft play area, where the little go karts are. We all stood very still and called out. There was a loud tap, as if hitting off plastic. It happened a few more times when calling out and we found that it was a large plastic ball, which was secured hanging from the upper level by a rope. It was on the other side of the roped wall so none of us could get to it. It moved when we heard the noise. Was something tapping it to get our attention?
As the noises got louder and appeared to become aggressive, they sounded metallic. We were trying to work out where the noises were coming from and at each area of the sound, was a fire extinguisher. Was someone getting our attention by hitting the fire extinguishers?
After constant loud noises, footsteps and what sounded like, objects being thrown, we decided to take a break. The guests headed upstairs to the base room for refreshments, while Cam, Kathryn and 2 guests hid from Chris and scared him. Ha ha ha.
After we had re-energized, we headed back to the soft play area.

The Soft Play Area pt2 (Everyone), Equipment: Proximity bear and a table
The proximity bear hadn’t moved. We took our shoes off and made our way into the soft play and into the upper levels. It was like being a kid again but the rope bridges hurt your feet.
We placed the table to the astro turfed area and a few of the guests carried out a table tipping session. Soon they were communicating with ‘Emily’.
We didn’t get any of the loud noises which we had heard before we went for a break. It was almost still.

The Cellar – Equipment: K2 device
We headed to the cellar and spread out across the few rooms. We stood in complete darkness whilst calling out. We had a K2 device with us.
We heard one bang, but got no responses to questions and the K2 device didn’t light up so we moved on.

Dressing Rooms – Equipment: K2, Ouija Board
Cam sat in the very end dressing room with 2 of the guests and had the K2 device placed on the bench. There were another 2 guests in the middle dressing room using the Ouija Board.
No activity from the very end dressing room so we moved on. The other 2 guests stayed in the other dressing room on the board.

We headed back to the stage area but it was very quiet. We were starting to wonder if the burst of amazing activity we had earlier in the evening had taken its toll on spirit communicating with us.
The guests who were on the Ouija Board in the dressing rooms, had received a message to go to the lower level so Chris took them back down to the soft play area.
After a while we also headed to the soft play area but moved to the back room so not to disturb the guests on the board.
We got nothing.

Projector Room
We headed up to the projection room. One of the guests had with them our Wendy Doll, which has a K2 device fitted. Another guests had their own K2 device.
The 2 devices were going crazy but we put this down to the number of power sockets on the wall near the doorway.
Again, nothing to report regarding paranormal activity. It was still. Until we bedded down, that’s when the footsteps and shuffling about was heard and reported by a number of guests this morning.
Another fantastic night at The Majestic. Each time we go, we get a little bit more. Can’t wait to return.