EXCLUSIVE MAJESTIC THEATRE - Friday 2nd February 2024

The Majestic Theatre
Team: Chris, Kate, Michael, Abby.
We welcomed the guests into the main bar area before moving into the current theatre space to conduct the white light. As we were preparing for this, Chris went back into the bar to retrieve equipment for his live and reported that one of the beer logos on the pump had come flying off and fell backwards behind the bar! After coming through to report this, he went back in with a member of theatre staff and a second logo fell off another pump! Excited by the early start to the activity, Chris nervously went off to do his live and Kate conducted the White Light Protection with the guests.
We spread ourselves around the seating area in the theatre and began to call out to any spirits who wanted to communicate with us. Although reluctant to start with, we soon began to experience knocks and bangs around the space that we couldn’t explain. Guests sitting stage left of the staircase to the bar repeatedly said they could feel icy cold temperature drops around them though we couldn’t find an explanation for this. There were also a lot of knocks, bangs and thuds concentrated in this area, though not always as a direct response to the questions being asked. To encourage spirit to interact, we placed a bear and a cat ball on the stage and instantly began receiving responses via the bear. Spirit confirmed that they were a male spirit who had worked there and they had been a member of the travelling community, but they were reluctant to give any further information about themselves.
Kate was facing the seating area of the theatre space and could see shadows moving around in the tech box at the very back of the room and this was also confirmed by some of the guests. One of the guests suggested that this was maybe a female spirit who was known to stay in this area and who was afraid of the male spirit. We asked for confirmation of this and although the knocks and bangs continued, direct confirmation was elusive.
A guest sitting in the cold stage left area said he’d seen a shadow going down the staircase and was sure he’d seen spirit lights there at the same time. We placed a cat ball in this area to see if this would encourage interaction and the cat ball did indeed go off twice before going straight back to the bear.
We felt we were in communication with a child spirit who was also afraid of the man in the space and she was moving around the seating sections in an attempt to keep out of his way. Was this little girl responsible for the temperature changes and making the chairs in the area move?
As activity in this area became a little quieter, we all had a break before moving down into the soft play area where Chris had been conducting his live. Initially, the group split, with a group of guests in the soft play area and the rest of the team seated in the booths around the room. Activity in this area was pretty much instantaneous with knocks and bangs being heard at the back of the room next to the bar. Kate and other guests also saw what they thought were shadows of someone moving around the guests sitting in the booths.
During his live, Chris had repeatedly heard a high pitched alarm which he had been informed was the front door being opened, though there was never anyone there when this happened. The alarm went off again as we were all in this area and again, we confirmed that there was no one there.
Without warning, the light in the kitchen area came on on its own. Chris, Kate and a handful of guests rushed to investigate but found no one in this area. The light itself is motion activated and theatre staff confirmed that this light was not known to come on without anyone living being in that area!
The whole group moved into the soft play itself and guests formed an energy circle, placing two emf meters a cat ball and a motion sensor on the floor. The emf meters began to trigger together in direct response to questions being asked, and we ascertained that we were again speaking to the little girl from the main auditorium. This was noted to be highly unusual as she was very rarely known to be in this area due to the male spirit not allowing others in his space. Throughout this part of the evening, both male and female voices were heard from a distance, though we weren’t able to rule out whether or not this was due to human contamination from outside sources.
As activity slowed in this area, we moved onto the basement. This area had a very different feel and guests felt quite unsettled here. One of the guests chose to spend time alone in a smaller area away from the main group and used his dowsing rods to see if he was able to communicate with spirits that way. The rest of the guests gathered in the main boiler room and began to call out. During this time, guests reported being touched on their bottom and also felt that spirit was getting “up in their faces.” The guest using the dowsing rods alone also had an experience with the door to his area slowly closing as though trying to close him in!
On hearing a large bang near the entrance staircase, Chris went to investigate and found that the cellar door had been slammed closed on us! This was enough for the guests who decided a cup of tea was needed for sustenance!
Whilst having a quick break, the guest using the dowsing rods and a guest who’d been in the boiler room both reported seeing red auras in the cellar, as though spirit had been trying to chase us out of the area. Both of the guests wondered if they’d been shown the glow of the boilers as it would have been when the area was in use.
We decided to complete the night in the changing rooms where guests attempted some mirror scrying. Three guests all reported seeing their features change, and a female guest was particularly affected when she saw herself change into a man with a very gaunt and scarred face!
We also used the spirit box in this area to see if we could get direct communication from spirit in this manner. Our guest with the dowsing rods used these at the same time and we did get some responses to suggest we were again speaking to the gentleman who intimidated other spirits in the theatre.
Before we knew it, the evening was over and we had run out of time. Once again, some amazing experiences were had at The Majestic Theatre and many of the guests commented that they couldn’t wait to return to see what else could be uncovered.

Majestic theatre
Chris, Michael, Kate and Abbey

All of the guests stood in the stage for the white protection spell to be conducted which Kate did.
After the white protection, guests were encouraged to take a seat as this is where we were going to begin the investigation. Kate, Michael and Abbey called our to spirit. Several guests said they felt cold. Lots of bangs and taps were heard. There seemed to be a lot more activity occurring with the guests on the right side of the room. Shadows were seen. A cat bal was placed on the stage however nothing was happening but there was alot of activity within the seating area so the cat ball was placed onto the top of the stairs. Michael went and got a REM bear to place on the stage to see if the spirit could be enticed.
Several times a woman's voice was heard in the background, there was no human woman speaking at the time.
Questions were asked to spirit, pole dancing was mentioned and spirit liked this as the REM bear lit up. Abbey gave an example of what she had done in the past and the REM bear would light up. Lots of guests felt cold chills as if spirit was moving around them. It was as though spirit was wandering around the auditorium but keeping an arms length.
Chris came in as he had finished his live and it was time for a break.
Soft play
Some of the guests sat in the soft play area and some guests sat on the chairs. Again lots of taps and banging were occurring within the room. Some of the guests and the team saw the kitchen light come on. After speaking to a member of staff he said that the light is sensors and the only way it could turn on is if someone walked past it. Chris, Kate and guests went to investigate, there was no human down there.
All guests and the team went under the soft play barring one guest. Abbey and Kate heard voices and a big bang they went to investigate, they spoke to the guest who did not come into the soft play and he said he heads a little girls voice asking for Kathryn.
The REM bear kept going off above the group. Several pieces of equipment were used 2 k2s were placed close together and they would spike at the same time. The group were under the assumption we were communicating with a little girl however a guest felt it was not.
Our next location was the cellar. One of the guests used his own dowsing rods and stood in the door way of an opened door. Michael and Abbey stayed with him, whilst the rest of the group, Kate and Chris ventures into the small room. The guest who was in the door way, noticed the dowsing rods move, he also felt as though he had a red aurora around him. Behind Abey and Michael drips were heard. Abbey put her light on and noticed the door where the guest was had closed slightly. This door was watched closely. It went fully dark again and when a noise was heard Abbey checked the door again and it had moved again. The door was heavy and was unable to be closed without someone moving it. Eventually the door fully closed with the guest inside. There was a big bang from where the cellar door was. Michael and a guest went or investigate and the door to the cellar had been slammed shut. This door was left open. The guest behind the door began feeling angry luckily it was time for a break.
We had our last break before venturing to the dressing rooms.
Several guests chose to do mirror skrying. The guests Abbey was with noticed he was looking older, he was becoming balder and hos face was becoming longer, the guest next to him said his ears were becoming pointy. Several of the guests felt that due to it been the dressing rooms that what was coming through could be masks. No further evidence confirmed this. There were however changes of temperature within there. The temperature started around 22 degrees and went down to 14.5.
We had run out of time and it was time to end the investigation.
The magestic theatre was incredible it did not disappoint.

Little mick and one guest called Allan, went down to the basement by ourselves.
With what happened previously with the full group down there little mick propted the basement door open with something heavy so it couldn't be shut.
Little mick placed a cat ball in the door way, and started to call out to the spirits to join us and said that there is only 2 of us down here and we feel very vonreble.
Wast long before Allan the guest was getting a cold breeze on his legs and then we herd loud footsteps coming down the basement steps like if someone was wareing heavy boot, so little mick put his tourch on and shouted anyone there and the footsteps had stopped so we went to investigate, and we couldn't belive it the basement had been shut, so we decided to leave the area and as we were we had a big cold breeze follow us up there stairs. Little mick shit his pants and Allan the guest said that was realy good. We rejoined the rest of the group as soon as we could in the changing rooms.