EXCLUSIVE Majestic Theatre - Friday 9th June 2023

Majestic Theatre report.
Team: Ged, Colin, Michael B, Alan

After welcoming our guests, and with the group photos taken, team member Ged gave our intro talk. We began the night with a group white light protection meditation and began the investigation while team member Alan went into the basement to do the Facebook Live vigil.

Main theatre
Equipment used: K2 meter, Spirit app, own senses.

We started calling out as a group to the spirits of the building. It wasn’t long before a couple of guests were starting to feel emotional. We were picking up on a female spirit, who had apparently been killed by someone pushing her down the stairs and when the lady was pushed, there was a child killed at the same time. We got this information with the k2 being triggered by our questions. Both guests and team members were picking up on a shadow figure in the upper back row of the auditorium seats. Guests sensed it was an angry male spirit who pushed the female down the stairs. Two guests captured what appeared to be a man sitting in one of the upper seats, when taking photos! One guest had the spirit app open on their phone and we got the name Elizabeth and the surname Williams through. One guest noticed some brass plates on the seat next to them and this blew our minds because the name on that chair was Williams and the guest who was sat there was picking up on someone sat next to her before all this was said! Other names picked up were Anna, Harry, Mabel. Alan re-joined the group and we decided to have our first break of the evening, before we split into smaller groups.

Ged & Michael’s group

Equipment used.
Touch sensitive bear, cat balls, spirit talking app

We started to call out to the spirits to come and join us and Ged decided to play some 1930s and 40s music on his phone to build up the energy in the room. We got ‘1200s’ through on the app and ‘I'm still alive’. We then turned everything off apart from the touch sensitive bear, and tried to communicate with the spirit but it was very quiet in the basement. After spending we a good amount of time in there, we decided to move onto the next location.

Projection room/upper storage room
Equipment used: OUIJA board,yes/no table & glass, music box, cat balls, k2 meter.

The guests wanted to use the OUIJA, so Ged opened the board safely in preparation. The energy in the room felt hot but not negative. The k2 was triggering via questions but the board was quiet so the guest asked if they could use the yes/no table instead. All guests took part in this and we placed two k2s to the side that was spiking all the time. Once the glass started moving, both k2s just stopped flashing as if spirit had taken the energy away to start moving the glass on the board. The two guests on the board asked if John was with them and the glass moved to ‘yes’. One of the guests explained that John was one of their family members who had passed over not that long ago and he always comes through. We decided to close down the session and take a quick break as it was nearly 1am before we knew it and time was flying by!

Colin & Alan’s group

Projection room/upper storage room
Equipment used: Rem pod, Rem bear, K2 meter, hanging bells

We started calling out and the rem bear went off straight away. This happened a couple of times and the spirit would not step away from the bear so we turned it off. We replaced rem bear with a K2 and started getting responses to the questions being asked. A few of the guests at the back of the room said they felt highly uneasy with headaches and nausea being reported. We received some quiet taps from different areas of the room. One guest said she was getting a burning feeling on her left hip and upon inspection after we left the room she had a red mark that was clearly visible. Team member Colin also said he felt like he had a burning sensation on the right side of his face, saying it felt like a cigarette had been run down his cheek. There was a red mark running down one side of his face. It felt very threatening so we told spirit to respectfully move away and left the room.

Rem bear, K2, Bells, cat balls, Rem pod.

Once guests were settled and had found a good place to plant their feet, we went torches out. In the pitch black of the room, we received some immediate activity with the cat ball going off when we asked if spirit was with us. This happened three or four times and the Rem bear also going off. Guests could sense a male presence with a few mentioning that they thought their hands/arms were being stroked. At one stage, movement was sensed next to team member Alan, with one guest saying they thought a man was standing next to him. We also received a few quiet taps but nothing more out of the ordinary. It was time to regroup for the final area with all guests while team member Alan took one guest (Steph) to do a vigil in the dressing room area.

Dressing rooms - Alan & Steph
Equipment used: Glow balls, crystal and board

While the main group were in the soft play area, we had an initial calling out session, with no activity. We switched to the crystal and board and immediately got activity. Spirit identified as a 6 year old girl who said she didn’t work in the theatre. When asked to spell her name (she said she could) she gave the letters: V/W and E, E. The strangest thing then happened. Spirit took the crystal to each letter and number in turn, with extreme accuracy. This happened in a clockwise direction. We both felt uneasy so Alan asked if they were playing with us. The answer was a clear yes! We both agreed that this was probably not who they said it was so decided to close the session down.

SOFT PLAY AREA (all guests bar one)
Equipment used: OUIJA board, touch sensitive bear, K2 meter

We all joined back together as one big group for this final area. A group of guests were on the OUIJA board, next to the racing cart track and had activity, with numbers counting down on the board. This was seen as negative so they said goodbye and closed the session down. While this was happening, footsteps were heard above us so we decided to move to where the Astroturf is and place a bear in that area. We made contact with a little girl who was 8yrs old by confirming this on the bear. A guest asked her to make the bear flash when she counted and reached her age. The bear flashed when the guest got to the number 8. we called out to Mabel who we think was the little girl but it seemed pretty quiet so it was time to say goodbye to the spirits. We thanked them for their contact throughout the night and headed back to basecamp. With a final thank you to our amazing guests, the night came to a close. We love the Majestic Theatre and can’t wait to come back!