Majestic theatre

After the welcome briefing from Chris we gathered the guests together and moved to the main theatre and Michael F took the group through the white light of protection.
We explained what we would be doing for this first section of the investigation. Split the group into their individual groups and spread them around the main theatre seats to start.

Big Mick, little Mick, Sharon and Abby
Main theatre
REM bear, k2

Michael B started calling out and we were heard a few faint taps.
Two of the guests had their K2 meter reader. We were able to establish that we were joined by a female spirit who worked at the theatre and was a singer.

Michael F took the two lady’s away to the projection room to allow Michael B, Sharon and Abby to call out with the remainder of the group.

Michael F
Projection room
Dowsing rods

Michael asked the guests to hold hands. And started to call out.
Within a couple of minutes we started to hear loud bangs around the room and the group we’re experiencing temperature changes and movement could be seen. As if we were being circled.

We decided to using the dowsing rods to encourage spirit to communicate and find out some information out about spirit.
We had been joined by and older man, this was his work and living space. Sprit pointed to the far left had side of the room when asked where he was.
The guests explained that Michael’s face had changed, they explained that he looked like an older bald man with a prominent nose. When asked if this was spirit putting his image onto Michael and this was confirmed.
Spirit explained that he felt Michael reminded him of himself in his early years. Sprit continued to communicate with loud bangs and the rods and confirmed that he had made himself seen already this evening. Then a shadow was seen walking towards Michael, he could feel someone playing with his hair. He asked if sprit could make a loud noise to confirm where he was this was followed by a loud bang beside him.
We thanked sprit for communicating and joined the rest of the group.

We decided that this was a good point to break and move into our individual groups.

Michael F and Sharon
Soft play
REM bear, dowsing rods, K2

We split the group down into two smaller groups. Michael took his group into the soft play and Sharon kept her group on the outside of the soft play area.

Michael’s group set a K2 out and one of the guests took ownership of the dowsing rods.
The group started to get activity straight away and we were joined by the spirit of a 9 year old boy, Nicolas was given as a name.
Nicolas was connected to the theatre, his Nanna use to work here and she use to sell tickets for the theatre. He explained that he was not supposed to be in the theatre and his nan use to let him in the theatre for free to watch the shows. Nicolas used both the k2 and dowsing rods together to share his story. He explained he was here with other family members however there was another spirit that didn’t approve that he was communicating with us.
We thanked Nicolas for joining us and moved on to our next location

Michael F and Sharon
Cat ball

We settled into the room and we spread the guests out across the space and we started to call out.
There was some faint taps heard. Michael had felt his hair being played with again but did not mention this to the group. Other memebers of the group started to explain they were being touched, arms, legs, hair and Sharon explained that she felt someone nudge her with their shoulders.
Scarlet, one of the group, explained that she felt a pressure on her chest like she was struggling to breathe. She said that she felt red hot. Michael asked if spirit was putting their impression onto Scarlet which resulted in the cat ball lighting up. We used the cat ball to establish that we were talking to a male spirit who worked in the theatre but had died in a fire. Scarlet felt a burning session on her neck, when we looked she had a large red mark across her neck. At this point we decided to take a break and rest ready for our next experiment.

Michael F and Sharon
Ouija board, cat ball/spirit talker app
Basement/soft play

We split the group down. Sharon remained in the soft play with an ouija board and 4 guests and Michael took the remaining 7 guests back down to the basement.

Michael’s basement group spread out across the room. We placed the cat ball again and Michael asked the group to move around to acclimatise to the room.
We started calling out and we’re joined by spirit straight away.
Using the equipment we discovered that we were speaking with a male spirit. He was connected to the building and had been part of the military.
He was found of touching peoples hair as many of the guests experienced his touch. Again Scarlet explained that she felt her face had become extremely hot. When we looked she had a large scratch down her face. Michael asked sprit to not touch Scarlet anymore and asked Scarlet to repeat this to spirit.
The energy seemed to move off however as we were about to leave one of the guests broke wind. The group burst into laughter and the cat ball lit up. We asked spirit if he had found this funny and the cat ball lit again. We spent some time talking and joking with spirit around breaking wind and everytime we mentioned this the cat ball responded. It was a surreal experience to be giggling with spirit over this which definitely lightened the feel of this room.
We thanked spirit for making us laugh and moved on.

Michael F
Main stage
Ouija board

We settled on the stage and after opening the board Michael explained how to use this.
After a few minutes we were joined by a spirt of an Irish man called Dent. Dent had been trying to protect Scarlet in the basement from a spirit called Alex.
Dent was 20 year old when he passed and worked in the theatre, when asked what he did he explained he worked on the stage but what he explained he did on the stage was something you would probably see on a stage in Amsterdam, definitely not in the UK.
He passed in 1939.
We had a few other interactions on the board with sprit however not a lot of sensible information came through.

Sharon’s group rejoined and we moved down to the dressing rooms to complete some mirror scrying.

After Michael F and the two other guests left the stage area, the rest of us continued to shout out. We got no response from the cats balls or touch bear however one of the guests used he spirit talker app which did respond to our questions. We were given the name Adam, who confirmed he could see us all, his Grandma was called Isabella who sold tickets at the theatre.

Following the break Sharon and Michael F took their group in to the soft play where we split the group down again. Sharon's group got no response from the touch bear, rem pod or glow balls, so we decided to stand in a circle holding hands to build up the energy. We invited spirit to join us and one of the guests picked up on a female who had worked in the building - she had only popped in for a brief visit to see what we were doing - We all felt an icy cold breeze around our legs for a couple of minutes before the temperature went back to normal. Was this the female spirit checking us out? We thanked the spirit and rejoined the rest of the group to move to the basement.

After the basement, we then split again and Sharon's group went back to the soft play. After opening the Ouija board we were of the impression that we were communicating with a male spirit part way through we all felt the energy change with planchet racing from a to b then back to a at this point Sharon went to close the board down, we tried to move the planchet to goodbye however it refused to let us move it. Sharon firmly told the spirit that it was not welcome and the board was going to be closed, at this point the planchet was released and the board closed down. We felt the energy change again with the place feeling a lot lighter, in response to call outs we got bangs and taps that we couldn't debunk. We decided to open the Ouija board again - this time the word baby was spelled out and the name Holly. One of the guests, Donna, confirmed many years ago her daughter Holly had died before she reached 1 year old. Donna gave the group no other information. From the board Holly told us she had blonde hair and had she lived she would now be 27 years old, she was looking down on her brother and sister who she loved. Donna confirmed this information was correct, Donna was overwhelmed with emotion and it was decided now was a good time to close the board and thank Holly for bring evidence forward. As we were sat chatting amongst ourselves we noticed that none of the balloons in the room had moved, we shouted out that we would be impressed if the large number 5 balloon moved. No sooner had we said it the balloon did a full 360° degree turn, the touch bear that was infront of it also started flashing. The kitchen light then switched itself on when no-one was even close and that arae had been cordened off. At that point the number 5 balloon stopped moving and remained still. As soon as the kitchen light went out the balloon started to turn again. None of the other balloons in the display moved. We thanked the spirits, and briefly met up with Micheal F and his group for a few minutes before Sharon's group moved to the Bulb Room.

Sharon's group - Bulb Room - Activity - table tipping.

We called out to the spirits and felt the energy around the table immediately, we got a couple of vibrations so decided to raise the energy by encouraging the spirit/s and singing Christmas songs. The vibrations got stronger and it wasn't lond before the table was turning around before it stopped dead for no apparent reason. Again we thanked spirit for their cooperation and left to join Michael F and his group.

Now rejoined we all made our way to the dressing room. The group split into the three rooms two of them full of mirrors and the other more a kitchenette area. Those guests with mirrors were guided by Micheal on how to scry while the ones left did the Ouija board.
We made contact with a female called Anne Benson who had worked at the threare for 20 years. She was born in 1846 and died in 1928 at the age of 81, and was buried in North Road Cemetery. When asked Anne said she was drawn to one if the girls in the dressing room called Samantha and if she starred in the mirror Anne would show her self. Samantha (Sammy) was nervous so was Anne never got to show herself. Time was now getting on and as Sharon went to get the rest of the guests in the other dressing room it was noted that one of the guests (Margret) had gone into a trance. It appeared that she had been taken over by a female called Agnes who didn't work at the theatre but said she was looking for her husband, she went on to explained that they lived in Lowe Street Darlington. When Margaret came round we said goodnight and thanked all the spirits of The Majestic Theatre for coming forward and communicating with us.
What a fab night it turned out to be 

As always it was a great night at the majestic and there was loads of unexplainable activity.
Fab team and a fab group of guests.
Go team Majestic