EXCLUSIVE Majestic Theatre Lockdown - Saturday 15th July 2023

Majestic Theatre
Alan, Ged, Michael F, Michael B and Colin

We welcomed the guests and took the photos before gathering everyone into the base camp for the evening. Alan covered the welcome talk and then we conducted the white light.

Main Theatre
Cat Balls/K2
Alan, Ged, Michael F, Michael B and Colin

We started to call out and started to get small taps from the top two corners of the theatre. A guest got the name Lenoard and another guest explained that they had also had the name Leo come to them.
We started to question around this. Lenoard was an older man who use to attend the theatre to watch his partner perform.

Shadows were seen moving in the top right hand corner of the theatre and we got cat ball activity in response to questioning.

A shadow figure was then seen in the top left corner of the theatre and footsteps could be heard walking up and down the staircase.

A guest explained he had been drawn to a seat on row c and when sat he could feel a pressure as if he was being pushed down on his shoulder.
When he moved the pressure stopped.

We continued to call out however activity seemed to have slowed down so we took a break and split into smaller groups

Cat Ball, proximity bear
Alan and Michael F

We got the group into position and placed a proximity bear on the staircase and we went lights out.
We were soon receiving responses via taps and a large groan was heard from near the staircase.
At this point the proximity bear set off 3 times and then continued to make noise until we turned it off.

We placed two cat balls one at the staircase and one in the boiler room. A couple of guests felt touches on their arms. Michael explained that he felt someone was standing in between himself and a guest Kayne and he felt a strong breath on his for arm.

We stopped receiving responses to our questioning so decided to move up to the soft play area.

While leaving the basement Michael noticed 3 large scratches on his arm where he had felt the breath earlier.

Soft play
Bells, Ouija, cat balls, dowsing rods
Alan and Michael

We split the group into 3. Alan to one group into the soft play and Michael sat one group in a table with the ouija board and another on a different table with dowsing rods.
Michael asked the group with the dowsing rods to use these to confirm Alan’s Yes/No questions from inside the soft play.

Alan called out and there were taps from the corner where previous activity has been reported. There was contact from a child and Alan’s questions were being answered not only through the cat balls but also by the team using the rods.

The group using the ouija started to get a little movement in the board however there was no questions answered.

New room/ Behind main theatre
Human pendulum and cat ball

We gathered the group into a circle and called out to spirit asking to chose which member of the team would join the middle of the circle.
Two guests were affected and we decided on Angel to take centre.
We started communicating with the spirit of a boy called Adam, he was 10 years old however not connected to the building. He had came along with Alan that night and although not Alan’s guide had been looking over the team all evening. Adam was mischievous and his responses where random at times.

A guest sat near the door started to get cat ball flashes and a strong smell of smoke. We could also hear voices and noises from the adjoining stair case.

Michael and Alan split the group again. Alan took his group to the projection room and Michael moved his group to the main stage.

Main stage
Dowsing Rods, Spirit talker
We started to call out and after a short time building energy the rods started to become responsive. We were joined by a spirit called Alex. He was a handy man who worked in the theatre. We could hear loud bangs and the sound of someone walking between the wings and Alex confirmed this was him. There was also a shadow figure seen by guests in the right wing of the stage. Alex was between 25 and 30 years old and worked in the theatre in the 1960’s

Projection Room
Cat ball, K2, Spirit Vox

One of the women in Alan’s group explained she had her hoodie pulled as they walked into the room. The group used this to start questioning.
There was little response so the group decided to start using the Vox app.
There was a crystal clear message come through when asked who we had through stating ‘I am Colin’
Other than that there was no other activity. The group decided to move on to the dressing rooms.

Dressing Rooms
Crystal board, SP Spirit box

The group took one room with one guest sat in the other with headphones on calling back answers.
They started to call out and the first answer shouted out was ‘shhhh’ and this was done twice in succession.
The next answer was ‘speak’ and when asked to give us a name the person said ‘Alex’

The team moved to a crystal and board session. Sprit identified as a 9 year old girl called Wendy. She said she she passed in 1862. There was no other information gathered from her.

Everyone then split into their own groups and moved out to complete their own lone vigil investigations.

An active night however a different energy than previous nights in the Majestic. Our guests brought the energy for us though with loads of laughs.

Majestic theatre sleepover :

So after our main get together session in the main theatre we all went for a break before splitting into our allotted groups:

Equipment used :
REM bear x2 ITC device ( spirit talker ) rem pod, cat ball, k2x 2
Ged Micheal Colin and guests … projection room .
As we set up equipment in the projection room during our pre guest walk around we had already cleared away spaces for guests to stand as a lot of gear is stored in the room, so everybody was comfortable we set up a rem bear each end of the room with the rem pod placed in the corner Ona rocking chair 2 ladies had night vision video cameras and record3d a lot during the session ( I hope they share activity recorded) . As soon as we went dark the rem pods were activating too orange range and we all felt it may be electrical installations within the room , we tried to find the source and were assured at the beginning of the night by Matt (theatre staff) all power sources except emergency lighting would be cut off so we could come up with no reason the k2’s should be so active , we eventually placed them on top of cardboard boxes and hey eventually settled , we asked out and both rem pods would activate at the same time, the activity moved from k2 to rem bears (both) on request we believed we had a gentleman with us who said the girls belonged too him and said he was grandad , the ITC was giving out lots of information that ALL GUESTS. Believed could not be coincidental , as it was too precise. Some guests believed the information was for them ( regular guests) , a little girl then came through she said she stayed there as her father had worked there although she said she was on her own and liked to stay in there , the amount of activity between the devices everyone stated they hadn’t seen the like before and it left us all amazed the only device not to activate was the rem pod , the cat ball lit up next to Ged when he asked it to move from 1 device to another Virginia was the name the little girl used and amongst all the laughter and amazing activity it was some of the best activity as stated previously most guests and staff had ever received.

Conference (Dark room ) beneath projection room.
We moved to the conference room after saying goodbye and asked the little girl if she’d join us
Equipment used : as previous.
We sat around the room and placed rem bears and k2’s at opposite ends we had previously set a doll up on a table during walk around, the doll hadn’t moved. As we asked out for the little girl the rem bear activated the k2 again was active immediately on entering the room so we moved items about until we could get a normal setting on the devices. After asking out for different things it was agreed we should move the devices and place them together near a section of 5 female guests. We asked the spirits to activate both bears at once and as requested both bears activated numerous times everyone believed it to be the little girl again , we had a conversation with her until we decided to go for a break to change areas with the other team.

Children’s soft play, basement.
Equipment used,
REM. Ear k2 oui ja board rem pod cat balls, ITC device.
We split into 2 smaller groups Colin taking half the guests to the cellar with oui ja board Ged and Micheal staying in the soft play area.
We set up our devices around the room as noises were heard in various areas when asking out the rem bear went off on a few occasions and we decided to enter the track area and asked out for activity a few noises were heard and the ITC stated a few words we could say were related to what we were asking but not always. We came back into the main area and had a few bits of activity before Colin’s group rejoined us, Kevin 1 of the guests from the other group joined us and Ged seen someone walk along the back of the soft play area guests had been informed earlier this areas is out of bounds to everyone , so Ged believed it to be Matthew (staff member ) on shouting him got no reply and went into panic mode believing he had seen a person, a few minutes later Ryan a staff member not on duty came through the doorway and stated it hadn’t been him but Matthew had been in the areas earlier. A few sounds were heard and using the oui ja board during the session in the children’s play area ( see video) the guests using the board believed they were speaking to a little girl , a man named Tom and a man named ,Neil . Every time they asked if they were being stopped from talking by another spirit the board went still. It was then agreed to visit the dressing rooms.

Dressing rooms,
Equipment used
rem pod
k2 ,ITC scraping mirrors, cat ball.
The guests spilt up into 2 dressing rooms corridor and kitchen.
Some guests where trying scrying in the mirrors whilst other s asked out in the corridor, the rem bear activated on a few occasions whilst the k2 in the kitchen activated also, the ladies who had night vision cameras during the nighttime sessions stated they had cough orbs in most of the locations and light anomalies that they described as floating feathers also.
We all regrouped in the main children’s play
area and as it was 02.30 it was agreed everybody that wanted too could start LONE VIGILS… as some people went to sleep others continued there own investigations.
Final farewell, all guests where thanked for attending and let out as they requested, all guests stated they’d had a great time and enjoyed the event, after a final sweep of the building Matthew was thanked and we said goodbye to the Majestic theatre….till next time.

Projector Room.
Ged, Colin,
Michael B
Equipment used
3 k2, 2 touch sensitive bears,
1 cat Ball, and some bells hanging up.
We entered the projector room and it all seemed calm, but it did bring back some memories for team member Colin.
We set out all the equipment and moved one of the rocking chairs into one of the door ways, we.started calling out to the spirits of the myjestic and it wasn't long before 2 of the k2 were spiking to orange and red and we asked if there were any children present with us and one of the touch bears went of and then the other one went of at the other side of the room and then the cat ball went of we camunicate with this child for ateast an hour and she enjoyed playing with the equipment and walking around us.
We found out that the little girl felt safe in that room away from the negative spirit In the building, and she was still looking for her mam and she couldn't find her mam.
All guests and team members were amazed by the active and camuniction we had with the spirit girl, and the room It's self didn't feel negative this time unlike previous visits to the myjestic, we thank little girl a d asked her if she would join us In the next room below us.
We all headed down to the next location witch was under the projector room and this room had never been investigated before.