Majestic Theatre 
Chris Lvi Sophie tall Claire and little mick.
Chris started the evening with the lvi talk. 
We all moved into the main theatre on the stage were Claire conducted the white light protection and Sophie and little mick joined in the white light with the guests.
We all got settled in and guests made them self's comfortable in the adotoriam.
We started to call out to the spirits of the building as a team and asked them to come and join us in the main theatre, we explained to spirits that we weren't there to hurt them and we come with up most respect and if you can here our voice can you come towards us please, we not here to judge you either.
It wasn't long before we could here moment behind the main stage on the right had side of us and some guest were seeing a shadow figure standing there, we asked the spirit to come forward and join us on the stage and we all herd a loud bag from that area. We asked spirit if they could do that again if that was them letting us no were they were, we herd another noise from the same area and some guest were picking up on names and one guest asked I this was marry, after guests went in to this area and little mick went and got a touch sensitive bear and placed it in the area at the back of the stage on the right, so we asked spirit if that was them could they come towards the bear and light it up this took spirit a few moments to active the beer so we asked if this was a little girl called Mary and the bear ilumanated we asked the little girl if she was part of the traveling camunity x and the bear ilumanated but once we started talking about the travelling family or gypsy's the energy shifted in the main theatre and it didn't feel nice at all. And the little girl went quite and we were picking up on a angry male spirit and we asked him why the little girl was freighted of him we had no response if. We asked him why he was still here with us was it a bad accident behind the stage while you were working, everyone herd a growl noise but we couldn't explained were it came from. After that the little girl returned and was very active on the bear we asked the girl if she was crushed and was a acedently killed the bear light up we new who we were talking to now as we have come across her befor she is still looking for a mam and is scared of the male spirit what lerks in the shadows. We decided to take a break.
We split up into two groups.
Little mick and Claire in one group and Chris lvi and Sophie had the other group little mick and Claire group headed down to the soft play area.
Equipment used. Ream bear, k2, cat ball, thermo gun, and the ougie board.
We started underneath the soft play area and while we were talking amongst our self's we could here moment from the seating area and taps and bang so we Incuraged the spirit to come closer to us and make there presence knowing or felt or whisper in a guests ear, we could here loads of tapping about the area and wasn't sure what was causing it guest made them selves comfortable and we asked the spirit who was trying make make them selves knowing to us come towards us and let us here your footsteps coming towards us, we could here noises coming from above us and taping we were sure this was a spirit trying to camunicate with us, we asked of that was George making them self knowing and we herd a hissing noise but couldn't debunk it we herd this a few times during the night.
We got our selves moved about in side the soft play and little mick went to the top with some guests and and a k2 and a cat ball on the astro turff bit. We started to call out to George and asked if he was up here with us we called out a few times even tried whistling and incurring spirit to use they equipment we staid up there talking amount our sleeves but the atmosphere just felt normal so we made our way back down to the bottom of the soft play. We.placed our selves in the the little kids soft play and little mick opened the spirit talking app on his phone, we explained to spirits that they could talk to us threw this device and tom the qaiter of the building starting calling out to George and we had confirmation that George had been killed with a hammer from his mental ill sister and his sister was called allice and they were angry about all the change what Tom was doing to the building , and that allice was buried on the land and he wanted us to find her and dig her up, they were angry because bertrie the manger had sold there house next door and kicked them out and Tom asked if George was the one who was hiding his tools when he was doing work spirt app said equipment this was perfect example it is George little mick asked George if he could go towards the red lamp on the table and turn it green he turned it green on command, and we were camunicate well with George and so far into the story and alliance comes along and he seems to stop camunicating with us doe some reason but we couldn't get to the bottom of it Claire was conducting a ougi board at the same time so we stopped calling out to George and went and helped Claire on the board
Build room
Touch light k2 and rem pod
We placed all diveices in the middle on the floor and we got the feeling George had joined us we got the same story threw about his sister killing him he was trying to tell us more but we got stuck at the same point we did in the soft play area because allice came back threw
Projector room.
Equipment dowsn rods
We placed a couple of guest In the back cupboard with the dowsing rods we called out to spirits to join us in the projector room. Claire was asking spirits to use the rods to talk to us and the guest on the rods started to feel static on her hair and her partner was starrjng to feel uneasy in there aswell Claire asked him to knock on the door and see if spirits response to it we did here 3 knocks back from the door and one guest could see spirit peeping. There head around the main entrance to the projector room little micks heckles went up and he was picking up on a spirit behind him and Claire and another guest could see his shadow and little mick said he could feel it on his before I said it the guest said he is on your right hand side little mick said ya I was just about to say that. 

Majestic theater 20/1/24

As a whole group we went into the main stage and spaced out. On the stage a group of ladies felt and heard a little child's presence, cold breezes and feeling like people were walking past them. They picked up on the name John and Steven and Mary.People sitting in the audience saw shadows in the wings of the stage and flashed of lights. People reported feelings sudden temperature drops. We used the teddy bear to ask questions and got intelligent responses, as well confirming these answers on the k2. Michal expressed he had spoke with this spirit before and that she was from a traveling community. After the mention of this the atmosphere changed and all activity ceased. We had a short break in which a gentleman caught an EVP of a voice saying "help me".

after the break we split up onto groups.


We started out investigation in the projector room where Sophie and another guest went into the back room while everyone else was in the main room. We had many taps and bangs but not in response to any questions. The lady next to me expressed that she felt intimidated and unwelcome. After we both felt a strong presence in the doorway we swiftly left that little room and a couple took our place. After lots of cold breezes and shadows moving on the wall we felt it was time to leave as the atmosphere was unwelcoming.
We went to the "black room" and sat in a circle and tried some unsuccessful table tipping . But after placing a k2 on the table we had spikes when jokes were told. After chatting and joking for a while the atmosphere switched and became very oppressive . We had knocks and bangs and guest reported being scratched.

We had another break to warm up before going to the soft play.

At the soft play guests reported seeing shadows walk across the Floor and block out lights and windows. We heard lots of disembodied voices and knocks and bangs.
We went up to the Astro turf and once again heard knocks and bangs. Chris pit his spirit box on and we heard a few names come though.

We then traveled to the basement and went fully lights out. We felt a few cold gusts and heard scratching/scurrying behind us before we left.

A brilliant night thank you to everyone for joining us