EXCLUSIVE - Majestic Theatre - Saturday 25th February 2023


Static Lantern
Glow in the dark balls
Static white noise Radio Transmitter

So Chris's ventures back into the downstairs play area after the last live he had done here, made him rather apprehensive.
No longer as he had started, the kitchen door at the back of the room swung open and the automatic lights had come on. Chris ran through to show any viewers that nobody was in the kitchen.
Upon composing himself, calling out began with certain responses to his questions that were drawing him back over to the corner of the kids party room. Viewers were hearing footsteps along with movement from behind him in the kids party room.
Chris moved over to the certain tables that viewers were picking up on and the radio transmitter was brought out to try and gain spirit responses.
The radio transmitter was on for literally a few minutes with no responses when Chris heard a audible voice which due to the radio transmitter being on, the viewers didn't hear.
One viewers was picking up on a rope and an accidental hanging along with the name Gordon. Another viewer on the live was picking up on the name of Martin. No responses were picked up when asking to these names by Chris.
Even though, this was a fairly quiet live but this was to showcase once Chris ended the live and caught up with the group upstairs in the attic.
During the live no equipment had been triggered and activated.


Equipment used
Static Lantern,Dowsing rods,Hanging bells,Cat balls,REM pod, Wendy K2 doll

So once the group had settled down after the crazy responses by spirit upstairs and began asking out in anticipation. We had set up some hanging bells inside the soft play and low and behold the began to jingle on numerous occasions which all of the group heard. Again, like Chris's live there was movement over towards the corner where the party room is situated 
We moved underneath the soft play area and joined hands in a circle to create ABIT of energy. A little sigh was heard by all and the cat ball activated upon questions regards the little girl Abigail. We then kept getting responses on the cat ball to a lady who potentially worked on the stage area. Movement was also heard in the play area by one member of the group which sounded like the balls in the ball pit rustling. No more activity was heard so the group headed down into the basement, which we weren't to know but some amazing yet terrifying activity was about to happen to us.


Equipment used
Wendy K2 doll

So all the group got settled in the complete darkness. We scattered everyone across the basement and our questions fell very flat. Alan our team member drew us into the bigger, main part of the basement and this is when things really started to "KICK OFF".
Alan and a guest started to feel tickling impressions and asked about a gentleman who felt abit agitated with us being in his space. This question was asked and we had little things been thrown. We then carried on questioning the gentleman and a piece of wood was thrown and actually hit Alan our team member on the head. We then continued asking this gentleman if he could do something amazing and we would be respectful and leave his space and with amazement but also terrifying action a large piece of stone( or something along those lines) was thrown with such a violent force which made all the group scream. This violent poltergeistal activity and our respectfulness towards spirit and his eagerness for us to leave his space, we thanked spirit for his interaction and left his space like he wanted us to do.


Equipment used
Glow balls, glass & table, Wendy K2 doll

We set up a glass divination experiment in the corridor outside the changing rooms but no movement was seen or felt by the guests who were on the table. Overall no responses to questions were heard by guests and the space felt very flat so we didn't stay in this area too long and ventured back up towards the attic and basement space with guests having the last hour on their own, venturing where they wanted to go.

Chris took 2 guests back into the basement but under strict instructions that if he felt any negative energy from the gentleman, we were to leave immediately but actually no response or activity was heard or felt down in the basement like we had as a group.