EXCLUSIVE NUNNINGTON HALL - Friday 15th December 2023

Exclusive Nunnington Hall Friday 15th December

Stairwell room off stairs
Equipment used - Cat balls, K2 meter, guests REM bear, table tipping

We entered the stunning room that stood at the bottom of the main staircase and proceeded to gather some energy around the huge table that sat in the middle of the room.
As we began to call out with everyone around the table with their finger tips. K2 spikes were seen by all when we asked if a gentleman was with us. Temperature changes around one guest was felt, with the male guest feeling like it was also around his legs and over his shoulders. Another male guest picked on 2 spirits who were portraying themselves only as a dark shadow and walked down the staircase. He then didn't pick up on anything prominent from them.
We asked to confirm if this was male by tapping twice and all guests heard 2 taps come from the table.
As we began to ask questions to start to determine who this male spirit was, without much response, one gentleman was then picking up on an energy around the make guest opposite him which was confirmed by the guest who then said he felt very cold and that something was surrounding him.
With little concrete evidence by spirit answering our questions, we proceeded to put a few guests in the room that was adjoining and the rest of the guests on the stairs.

Once settled on the stairs, one female guest had mentioned she felt a very strong aching feeling on her arm, which was confirmed by our guide Robert who works in the hall that a formed owner of the house had his arm shattered in a shell attack and that the guest who also picked up on the word treatment would link in with what has happened to this gentleman.
The room felt quiet but a female and male guest who were stood by the fireplace were drawn to 2 mannequins and kept seeing shadows flickering between them which both guests were seeing.
After discussing this, a team member also then saw movement that had blocked out the light coming from underneath a door that led to the tea room. This felt very strange as no one was in the tea room and linking in with the shadows seen by the mannequins which were stood by the door also.
With it feeling flat and not much intelligent activity, we proceeded then to head upstairs.

Drawing room upstairs
Equipment used - K2 meter, cat balls, Thermal imaging camera

We proceeded into the drawing room upstairs and immediately felt a total different feeling. As we all settled, a huge bang was heard in the corner of the room which would play prominent later in this room.
With this bang happening, we all began to call out but very little happened by spirit but one female guest felt like a male spirit was quite withdrawn with us being in this room. She felt he wasn't nasty but really didn't want us in this room and wouldn't answer any questions we threw his way. Again due to the nature of the gentleman, no responses to our questions were answered so tried to get some energy going to all gathering together on a circle.
Once in the circle, we proceeded with the K2 meter in the middle and immediately asked if the gentleman was present and the response on the meter shot up to amber. One female guest felt coldness around her and the thermal imaging camera picked this up, with the temperature dropping around her by a few degrees.
She also felt then that there were alot of secrets being held this gentleman and this is why he didn't want us in the room and wouldn't answer any questions we asked him.
Guests then began to see a flash of light to the left hand side of the room which in turn other people saw too but we managed to de bunk this due to a flashing of light on a security lantern. Debunked.
With little more evidence we then proceeded to head up to the next level with the group.

Top level stairs and servants corridor
Equipment used K2 Meter, cat balls, deadcom app, spirit box

We then headed to the top of the stairs just before the servants rooms and corridor and git ourselves settled.
One female guest then felt a very strange feeling as she came off the main staircase, which also another 2 male guests felt. The stair case seemed to have a significant feeling about and again a female guest and male felt that the gentleman downstairs in the drawing room, this was to do with his secret he was holding. K2 meter and cat ball went off in response when we asked this question.
We felt that a little boy had an accident on the stairs and little footsteps could be heard down at the bottom which also had the cat ball going off again. We proceeded to ask the question if the child in question was related to this gentleman and 2 clear taps were heard, which was our "NO" response. Another lady then felt like the children here had been brought here and our guide again confirmed this was correct, which children had been brought here both during world war I & II.
Our questions began to unravel the story of a child that had lost his life on the stairs by a gentleman but it had been a Terrible accident when he had lost his temper and the child had ended up falling down the stairs and losing his life.
Guests then who were on the lower level felt like the darkness had got a little lighter and the two K2 meters both lit up to amber when we had mentioned this.
We then turned our spirit box on and as we did, a few of the guests on the upper part as well as a team member heard a physical whistle, which sounded like it had come from the room that was locked next to us.
With the night drawing to a close we then proceeded further along the upper levels to the servants quarters.

Upper level Attic/servants quarters
Equipment used - Ouija board, K2 Meters, Cat balls, spirit box and proximity bear

Once we all got settled down, a team member opened up the Ouija board for the guests that had asked to do one whilst the rest of the equipment was dotted amongst the guests.
The guest on the board didn't get any significant movements of the planchette but did explain like the planchette itself was slightly turning itself around or vibrating with energy.
With K2 spikes and cat ball responses being seen randomly and not really in response to questions, a team member then decided to finish off the night with the spirit box session.
With one of the guides in the room, we tried to get spirit to recognise who she was by calling out her name and low and behold, her name came through. The names Annie or Anne always was heard by guests along with what we thought we'd heard the word "WEDDING".
The night had flown by and it was time to head home. All in all, we did have an active night but felt like spirit inside Nunnington Hall needs more time with the team to gain our trust and really open up to us.
Thank you again to our wonderful guests who have their all in participation and our wonderful team who helped our guests along with their quest to uncover what resides inside stunning house.
Go team Nunnington Hall

Nunnington Hall
Chris, Ged, Michael B and Colin

Ged took guests photos and Colin and Michael welcomed the guests to Nunnington Hall. Chris gave the welcome speech and explained everything to the guests. Chris gave the white protection and then left to do his live, Ged took a small group to the room next door to the base room and Michael and Colin stayed in the base room and started their investigation, Colin called to the spirits of Nunnington Hall and asked them to come forward, Michael also asked the spirits to welcome the guests, there were a few small thuds and some of the guest had their own k2’s and cat balls that they put out, not much activity on the equipment, a few flashes from the K2 but nothing that seemed paranormal, after an hour Ged came through and said was taking his group to the oak hall, Michael and Colin continued for another half hour but apart from the K2 flashing and one of the male guest picking up on a male spirit that seemed to want to stay in the corner, there was not much happening, Chris had finished his live and so we broke for a break.

Oak Hall
Chris and Colin
Cat Balls, Rem Bears, K2, Rem Pods and spirit talkers.

Chris asked the guests to gather around the long table and gentle place their finger tips on it, Chris called out and asked the spirits to come forward and use the energy to communicate through the table, again there was not much activity, the name Noah came through and a man who had hurt his arm, a few of the guests said that they were getting colder and the room seemed to be getting darker, Chris decided to split the group and went upstairs and Colin stayed in a small room just off the oak hall, Colin called out to the spirits but not much activity, a few taps and the cat ball went off a couple of times. Colin decided to move the guests to upstairs as well.

Nunnington hall
16th December 23
Ged and Michael B group.
Srevents quters.
Equipment used.
Rem, k2, touch sensitive bear.
We started calling out to spirits of the building to come and join us up stairs, and if the there was any spirits on the upper levels with to join us 10 mins went past and alone guest was picking up on a small shadow in the doorway peeping around the door frame, so we then asked the spirit to come forward and join us in the room, the guest who was picking up on this spirit said it was a little boy about 9 yrs old and he was picking up the name odd boy. We tried to get odd boy to interact with they equipment we had put out for spirits to use but he seemed reluctant to join us, so we moved on in to the next room along, we all sat on the floor and we had cat ball and k2 on the floor we called out to spirits and one guest asked spirit if this was a little girl spirit who had joined us could you go to the green light and then k2 flickered we got the age of the girl was about 9yrs old and she was up there looking for her mam. We got a few hits on the k2 but nothing else and ged explained to the group on how the k2 works and we can't explane how it works.

Main hall
Human pendulum.
All guests took part in their activitie and wasn't long before spirits had chosen someone on the circle.
We were camunicateing with a little boy of 4 yrs old called Daniel and he was looking for his mam and he had died in the property in the 1920s over all it was a pretty quite night but looking forward to going back and I'm sure the spirits will build trust with us in this amazing local