EXCLUSIVE NUNNINGTON HALL - Saturday 3rd February 2024

Nunnington Hall
Chris, Alan, Big Mick, Sharon and Kate

Michael completed the welcome talk and took the guest through the rules of the building and the expectations of the night. We took our group photos and started the evening.

We moved into the reception hall and Alan took the guests through the white light of protection. During the white light a number of guest had heard a loud ladies scream.

Reception Hall
Chris, Alan, Michael, Sharon and Kate
Cat balls

We settled into the hall and started to call out after a short while we started to hear faint taps through the hall. A number of guests explained they had seen shadow figures moving around the area and shadows were also seen on the stairs case.
Alan had the image of a well to do woman who may have been the lady of the house. She was in an Edwardian white dress. The responses we received became louder and more prominent when we address her as my lady or maam.
The lady of the property was use to complete respect in her home and there was a feeling that she felt disrespected by the questioning that we were doing.
The taps continued to move around the room for around and hour until the energy seemed to change and we stopped receiving responses to our questions.

We decided that this was a good point to break and spilt down into smaller groups.

Michael and Sharon’s Group
Top floor exhibition space
Table tipping/Cat Ball

We sat the guests around a table that we had set up prior to their arrival and asked them to place their hands on the table. We also placed a cat ball on the shelves at the side of the room and started to call out.
Within a few minutes we could hear footsteps in the two corridors adjacent to the room. The guest also explained that the table had started to vibrate. We were able to gather that we were joined by the spirit of a child. A male child who use to stay in the exhibition space. His energy was not very strong but was able to copy Michael’s taps, albeit from the corridor area and not directly in the room. As the energy seemed stronger in the corridors we spilt the team into two smaller groups and took a corridor each.

Michael’s group
Exhibition Corridor
Dowsing rods/Cat Ball

We placed a cat ball at the bottom of the corridor and started to call out but didn’t seem to be getting any activity with our questions. Michael asked Elenor a little about what this area may have been used for previously and she had explained that it had been used for evacuated children, so we started to call out using this information and this brought on responses on the cat ball.

We decided to drill down the information further we would using the rowing’s rods. We received great responses using these. We were joined by a 10 year old boy, he had died in the property. This was not due to ill health but because of a man that lived at the property who had hurt him. He confirmed that this man was still scaring him and attached to him since passing over.
One of the guests from Sharon’s group joined us and suggested the name George for the man which was confirmed by the dowsing rods with strong responses.
We thanked the young boy for talking with us and then moved on to our next room.

Michael and Sharon
Panelled bedroom
Cat ball

When walking into the room all guest said they felt that this room was shrouded with death.
This was the same description that the team had given during the walk around earlier that evening.

We placed a car ball on the bed and started to call out.
Instantly we could hear loud cracks and bangs around the room. We also received responses on command using the cat ball.
We were joined by the spirit of a man, he was a sad spirit who had watched his mistress pass in this room while pregnant with his baby. His son had lived on and spirit confirmed his name as George, previously mentioned.

Michael and Sharon’s group
Main Reception hall
Ouija Board/cat ball

We set up an ouija board session to see if we could get any other information from the contact we had had earlier that evening and also placed a single cat ball on the staircase.

It took a while for the ouija to warm up and start responding however when it did respond, it was backed up by a flash on the cat ball.

There was two spirits present in the room but we were talking with a spirit called Michael.
He was employees previously at the hours however no further solid information was gathered.

We split again and Michael took some guests into the smoking room and Sharon took some guests upstairs to other bedrooms.

Michaels Group
Smoking room
Cat ball/table tipping

We placed a cat ball on the table and set a table tipping experiment up. Again there was alot of vibration felt through the table however there was no real movement.

There was loud bangs heard around the room and the a darkness had come to one corner.
When Michael stood in that every he had felt uneasy and his hackles were up.
One of the guests explained she had gotten the image of a tall black man with chains on his feet, a slave.
We discussed this for a while and talked about why he could be tied to this room. Michael suggested turning away from the ball and calling out. We asked if spirit was meant to not be seen when in this room and the cat ball lit. There was a definite feeling that sprit was meant to be out of sight at all times and was used to serve the masters of the house.

We then thanked the spirt for their interaction as the time was getting close to 2am, joined the remainder of the groups and closed the night.

What a brilliant night we all had, Nunnington is a new venue to us and this was only our second visit. The energy in this beautiful hall is just starting to build. Can’t wait to find out more about what stories it holds.

Sharon's Group after briefly splitting from Michael's Group.

Exhibition Corridor (opposite one to Micheal and his group)

The group spread themselves out along the corridor with a catball at one end and a catball at the other but in the mezzanine area. We got an immediate response to shout outs but it was evident we had two spirits communicating with us. At one end of the corridor we had a female spirit who told us she was responsible for the children in the house, and whilst in her care, one day one of the children died. Although she was not directly responsible for the child's death she was overwhelmed with guilt. One of the guests felt the name Lilly was relevant, to which the female spirit responded. At the other end we had a male spirit, who responded to the name George, he explained that was angry that he had lost his temper with the child and things "went to far" it wasn't meant to happen but his actions caused the death of the child. The male and female spirits remained at opposite ends and never came together, the female stopped communicating when we moved the catball near to where the male spirits energy was. Out of respect we moved the catball she was using to communicate with us back to the other end, where she continued to talk to us. Time was moving on so we thanked the spirits for trusting in us and telling us their story before we left them in peace.

Lady's Bedroom
Catballs, music box, SLS app.

The small group spread themselves out and started to call out, but it was evident that the atmosphere was flat so after about 10 mins of no activity the group moved on.

Smoking Room
Catballs, music box.

We all felt a bit on edge in this room and althought we got no response from the equipment we felt something wasn't quite right. Unfortunately we had ran over time and we had to leave. We said our goodbyes and hopefully on our next visit the Smoking Room will tell us it's story.