EXCLUSIVE ORMESBY HALL - Friday 26th January 2024

Ormesby hall:
Team Chris,Big Al , Little mick, Kate,Ged.

Chris introduced the guests to LVI once all had been checked in and completed the white light protection before as a large group we moved to the vestibule.

Al, Ged Kate and Mike started by asking out without any equipment as is the how events are usually started.
A few noises where heard , 1 guest had the feeling she was being grabbed around her leg and on later checking her leg a red mark could be seen as if a red ring had been put around her leg. A guest had the feeling a little boy was present but was very shy. After around an hr we moved to the kitchen area where we’d set up our base area.

laundry room.
Ged , Kate. Equipment used
REM bear K2, rem pod, cat balls, glass and yes no table.
We started asking out for any staff or household members to come forward,1 of the guests believed a small boy was hiding under a worktop as he did when alive so he could be kept an eye on by his mother , on asking on a few occasions the REM pod activated which was situated between the 2 rooms , Kate was in the utility room with 2 female guests and they had activity simultaneously with the K2 meter we had in main laundry area. Ged played some WW1 music and regimental marches and the K 2 lit up like a Christmas tree, it was at that point we started to get answers to our questions.
We moved into the drawing room accompanied by our volunteer who explained what the room was used for in the past as some are set up to look like they may’ve been used for different purposes.

Drawing room,
Equipment used:
REM bear, bender the robot,movement detector,K2,crystal board.
All the guests plus Ged and Kate joined by Chris sat around the room. We started by asking out and received hits on both K2 and rem. ear simultaneously, we believed we were talking to Colonel Jim as directed by the volunteers a portrait of him and his wife were hanging in the room, Ged put lots of questions to him and we received confirmation of activity by rem bear and K2 Bender was put in main corridor but decided not to play the game, a movement detector activated near Rob a guest and nobody was anywhere near it Rob believed the spirit had left the room.
Short break.

Equipment used, ITC device, K2 ,
Ged 4 guests Richard’s room, Franks room,
Ged started asking out without revealing any information from past investigation as wanted to see if guests received same contacts as previously. Ged put a K2 on the bed and ITC on mantle piece and asked out a few hits on the K2 where received but nothing connecting previous information gathered, we moved into Frankie’s bedroom and place a trigger object of toy cars on a windowsill , a trigger object of coins had already been left on the bed and Ged place d Al 2 on the bed also.
Ged started asking out again not giving any information as to the room or persons name who had previously occupied the room. We started asking out and received a few hits on the K 2 a cat ball had been put on the bed also and activated on a few questions as we went to say goodbye the ball activated a few times as if to say I’m still here.

Ruth’s bedroom,
Equipment used, movement detector, rem bear, K2,ITC ,Ged and his 4 guests joined another part of the group as whilst upstairs people had gone into Groups of 3-4 supported by Chris and Kate.
Ged started asking out and the volunteer gave brief information on the room and access by maids and staff, explained as to the ladies social life whilst she had lived there. It was made known the room belonged to the last owner wife of Colonel Jim, Ged again played some old time music and devices lit up , guests where surprised as to how this activity sets the devices off all the time and we discussed how we all believed in different approaches and hopefully how things will work trying to prove it’s nothing as a team we do .

Drinks room/ meeting room.
Equipment used.
K2 ITC, music.
We started asking out as we didn’t have much time left, and received a few indications on K2 again especially whilst using music to set the tone Ged played we’ll meet again as we said our goodbyes and thanked spirit for all there communication the K2 again activated strongly as if spirit where singing along , overall a interactive night by spirit and hopefully the guests had an interesting night and hope to see them again soon.

Ormesby Hall
Team: Chris, Alan, aged, Kate & Michael B.

We began the evening by welcoming the guests into the kitchen area and Chris gave the welcome talk before moving everyone into the main vestibule to perform the white light.
Following the white light, several guests and Alan said they’d heard taps around the room during this time, and another guest felt the bobble on her hat had been pulled.
We began the investigation in this area and again, taps and knocks were heard in and around the room. Alan felt that there was a definite energy around him, which was near the the fire place in the room. He felt that this was a male spirit who was physically very close to him though we weren’t able to get any confirmation of this. Alan placed a cat ball down to see if spirit would engage with this. It did go off once immediately after being set down, but we got nothing further from it during the time we were calling out here. Guests began to get sensations of something touching their legs and sensations of their legs being ice cold. This made us question whether we maybe had the spirit of a child with us but we were unable to get any real definitive answers to this.
One of the guests informed us that she was getting the name Penny, and one of the guides from Ormesby Hall confirmed that the property had been owned by the Pennyman family. We continued with this line of questioning and it was felt we were speaking to Mr Pennyman. Again, we were hearing noises and taps around the room but not in direct response to questions. Kate felt that she had been stung on her leg at one point, though on inspection later that night, there weren’t any marks or redness where she’d felt this.
Throughout this session, guests were getting the smell of jasmine and also smoke (pipe or cigarettes) and this kept happening throughout the time we were in this area.
As the area drew quiet, we decided to have a break before splitting down into smaller groups.
Ged and Kate took their group into the laundry area and we spread ourselves throughout it, with Kate taking two ladies into the back room with her. We set several pieces of equipment up in this area, including a REM bear, cat ball, two emf detectors and a motion sensor in the doorway between the two rooms. Initially, responses weren’t forthcoming until the motion sensor went off in the doorway and one of the guests got the comment “I died in the war,” on her word bank. We decided to go with this and Ged played some old war and military songs on his phone to see if it would illicit a response. Both emf detectors began to light up in response at times, with the one nearest Ged almost “dancing” to the music. One of the guides confirmed that Mrs Pennyman had written to and received lots of letters from women whose husbands and sons both served in and were lost during The War.
Guests felt that we had been joined by a small child and we began to get direct responses on the bear, indicating that he had been playing in the laundry when he shouldn’t have been and was potentially injured in an accident. Despite several people asking if he could confirm his name, he appeared unable to do this. Once the bear went quiet, we attempted some glass work with the table to see if spirit would be able to interact with us through this. The three guests attempting this all said they felt nothing through the board and unfortunately, we weren’t able to get anything from this. As activity seemed to have become quiet here, we moved back into the main house.
We settled in the drawing room and again set equipment up around us: a bear, cat ball, motion detector and an emf meter. Chris took some of the guests into a separate room down the hallway that they’d said they didn’t like at the start of the night, and the rest of us remained to call out.
It was felt that Mr Pennyman had rejoined us and we began to get direct responses through both the k2 and the bear. Ged had excellent results with this as it appeared Mr Pennyman had also spent time in the military and responded well to Ged when he talked about his own experiences. Kate jokingly asked if Mr Pennyman would like to speak to her or whether he wanted her to shut up and continue to let Ged speak. Before she could even finish the sentence, the bear lit up to confirm it would like Kate to shut up! After a small lull in responses, the motion sensor at the far end of the room went off in the doorway. Guest Rob said he felt like it was the spirit exiting the room as activity died down after this. We did hear distinct footsteps in the vestibule shortly afterwards and this happened twice. Chris confirmed that this wasn’t him or his group and the other team were upstairs at this time. Had we heard Mr Pennyman’s footsteps walking away from us?
After a tea break, we moved upstairs. Kate spread the guests throughout the rooms up there and set equipment along the length of the hallway (cat balls, motion sensors and a spirit box). It’s interesting to note that we couldn’t get the spirit boxes to work correctly during this time (though they all had new batteries and had been working just fine). Ged took a small group in one of the rooms to see if they could get activity with trigger objects and Kate and Chris took some of the other guests into one of the rooms to see if we could encourage activity in smaller numbers. The guests all agreed that it had a different atmosphere in this room and Kate said she could smell something like urine. We all heard what sounded like a door being opened and both Kate and Chris investigated the two doors in the room. The noise had been one of the door handles being tried, though there was no one on the other side of it! We decided to build some energy by conducting a human pendulum and one of the guides from the estate was chosen to go into the middle. We began asking out and “confirmed” that we were speaking to the spirit of a small boy, however spirit kept responding “yes” to every question, no matter how preposterous! Chris asked if this was Mr Pennyman messing with us and spirit again indicated that it was.
As we were approaching the end of the evening, we decided to spend the last few minutes in one of the old hallways and Chris set the spirit box up at the end of it. The radio began “screaming” in a way that can only be described as a car alarm type sound. It’s interesting to note that the team have never encountered this with this piece of equipment before and we couldn’t work out why it was doing it! Out of time, it was time to say goodnight to the spirits of Ormesby Hall.
This is a location that certainly has more to give and it will be interesting to see what spirits give us as they build up trust with the team.