EXCLUSIVE ORMESBY HALL - Saturday 4th May 2024

Ormesby Hall 4/5/2024

We set up base camp in the tea room at the back of the hall and did our walk around the building.
Kathryn and Abbey walked down to the car park with some of the staff to walk all the guests up to the building.
Michael delivered the welcome talk to the group as we had a good mix of regular guests and new investigators at the event.
The energy in the group seemed to be good already so we made our way to the entrance hall and Kathryn delivered the white light protection to the group.

Entrance Hall: The whole team.
Equipment: Cat balls, Bear and Glow ball.
Everyone settled in the floor and the guides stood in one of the doorways as Abbey began to call out for the evening.
We heard a few taps and bangs and sounds of movement in response to some of the questions we were asking.
There was one rather loud the seemed to come from a closed door in the corner. The glow ball seemed to move in the carpet at one point and also the bear lit up but more out of curiosity rather then in response to a question.
We decieded to take a break and then split down into our groups for the night.

Claire ans Kathryn’s group.
Top floor landing,
Equipment: Ghost busters car, cat balls and spirit talker app.

As the group climbed the staircase many member said they felt dizzy/ drunk.
We spread out in the landing and the atmosphere seemed different and heavy from the walk around. Many members started swaying an wobbling so we decided to conduct a human pendulum experiment.
A guest Helen was chosen to go in the middle of the circle. It was established very quickly we were dealing with a male spirit who liked a drink. He was seen standing at the back in one of the doorways but some other guests were feeling pulled into one of the rooms at the side which was making them feel uneasy.
A guest for the name Richard while doing the experiment and we established this wasn’t the man first name but his middle name but he was happy for us to call him Richard.
He confirmed he use to live in the house, his picture was hanging on the wall somewhere in the house and one of the rooms used to be his bedroom.
Helen started to shake in the middle of the circle and wouldn’t respond to questions at all, so we shut it down.
As this happened another guest Lilly, felt like she was grabbed from behind and this really shocked her as it was one of her boundries and had to leave the area for awhile.
We spilt down into two bedroom, opposite each other in the landing.
All women went into a very calm bedroom which used to belong to Mrs Pennyman, who were told was very kind and was probably pulling us into the room to protect us from whatever was outside.
We went and sat out in the landing again and with the spirit talker app. Lilly was brought out of the room she had been with and was sat with Kathryn and the others in the floor.
She was constantly asking to go back in the room, and we all said no.. Kathryn put her hand on Lilly’s left shoulder and asked spirit to “leave her alone now” and other members saw a ball of light leave from Lilly’s right shoulder which is where she advised she was feeling coldness and the energy of the spirit. At this point she had to be taken out of the area as this encounter had affected her a lot.
Everyone came back into the landing area and some of the members started to feel angry and if they were ready for a fight, and pressure on thier heads as well.
The ghost busters car went wild as if the batteries were going to drain completely and then stopped. The area on the stairs, the middle landing there was a huge flash of light.
Other members of the group were feeling unwelcome and uncomfortable so we left the area and decided to take a break.

The Laundry Room.
Equipment: Laser grid, cat balls, motion sensor, estes experiment x2 guests with spirit boxes.

We set two guests up in the smaller room at the back of the laundry room with the estes experiment. The rest of the group spread out in the larger room with the equipment.
Straight away, as we began to call out we go very fowl language directed at the female members of the group.
It was felt by the group that the energy from the landing had followed us down into this area and now had a voice.
We got the name Thomas but were unable to confirm if this was the “gentleman’s” name.
A guest began to call out in the room and ask “what had happened to Lucy” in this area.
We were getting constant responces on the cat ball and the motion sensor along with huge K2 spikes in response to this line of questioning.
We were able to work out that this man had been in a relationship/ or paid for certain services from Lucy. He wanted more and for them and wanted to take her away from her life.
She said no and rejected him and he killed her possibly by strangling her in the room.
Lucy had a child out of wedlock and her name was Charlotte, who was still there looking for her Mum. When the Steve in the group questioned the “Thomas/ Richard” about this he basically asked him for a fight.
The laser grid which was behind Steve on the wall moved twice which was witnessed by several members of the group.
The numbers “857” came up as well which are angel numbers to do with reform and trying to make up for what they had done in life.
Steve felt as if someone was holding onto his arm at one point as well.
The energy seemed to slow down, including the rate we were being swore at too so we decided to tak another break.

The Library/ Drawing rooms and
top floor landing.
Equipment: Laser grid pen, Mirror scrying, table, Rem pod and cat balls.
We attempted to call out in these rooms but got little to now responces at all.
We got a small wobble on the table but it was very faint.
One guest tried scrying in a large mirror that was hanging on the wall and seemed to grow a beard but the energy didn’t stay for long.
As the night was drawing to an end we attempted to go back up to the top floor again, but as soon as we did the heavy energy came back and everyone felt uncomfortable/ angry again.
So we left the area and joined the other group again in the laundry room for the last part of the investigation.

A very interesting night and a new energy never felt or picked up on before… we will need to try and find out more about this story on our next visit!
Another amazing location and investigation. 

Ormesby Hall 04/05/2024
Clare, Michael, Kathryn and Abbey


Michael gave the welcome talk and then handed over to one of the ladies who worked within the hall so that they could give the health and safety talk. We all then went into the main hall for the white light protection and the group photographs.

Main Hall
Cat balls, glow ball and bear.
All of the guests spread around the room and made themselves comfortable and then Abbey started calling out. All of the team were calling out and taps and bangs were heard. To establish if this was paranormal Clare suggested we all sat quietly and took in the sounds of the room as the noises could be natural building sounds. One of the guests felt as though a spirit was in the doorway, so both Abbey and Clare at the same time had the idea to put the bear in the doorway. Once the bear at settle into position the bear did light up once. Several guests and Abbey stood within the the immediate area of the doorway, and cold chills were felt and there was a sense that something could
be in the surrounding area. Michael suggested that Abbey should take a small group into the adjacent room that taps and could be heard. The bear was placed in the middle of the room and we started calling out to spirit, however the feel of the room had changed all of the guests felt as though the atmosphere had changed. The guest who originally said they could sense someone in the room explained how they felt as though the spirit had now backed into the closed door on the other side of the room. At this point it was time have a break and split into the smaller groups.

Michael and Abbeys group
Laundry room
Cat balls, bear, crystal and board, table, spirit box app, bells

The equipment was placed around the room. Abbey and Michael began calling out, we were having responses from the cat ball. Danni one of our guests used the crystal and board in the corner of the room. We were receiving responses from both the cat ball and crystal. Michael set up the spirit box app. We asked questions and a spirit was communicating with us through the spirit box. We heard a man's voice and a child's. We were able to determine that a little boy was wandering the laundry room when he was asked if he was looking for his Mam he replied through the crystal by responding with maybe. During the questioning there was inappropriate adult language used. Michael set up the table for table tipping in the next room whst some quests stayed with Abbey to find out more about the child. We were able to establish the little boy was called Albert and his Mam use to work in the laundry room.
The guests enticed spirit to move the table.
All guests had their hands on the table and we started to call out. There was a cat ball placed on the ground beneath the mangle which started to light up.
Emma told a dirty limerick and the cat ball lit again. Small vibrations started to come through the table.
We then decided to sing a nursery rhyme and the vibrations became small movements. As these were so small we placed a glow ball on the table to see if we could get the ball to move off.
There was some movement but spirit didn’t seem to have enough energy to create much movement.

The dressing up room
Glow ball, cat balls, bear, music box, spirit box app

The equipment was placed around the room. The guide closed one of the doors however Abbey asked to keep the furthest door open, as she has a feeling. She placed the bear in the doorway. Abbey began calling out and invited spirit into the room, the bear lit up and this was the only time it did in this room. 2 guests used the large mirror to do some skrying, they both said they saw an old man. Michael asked if there was a man in the room. The man in the room came across angry. He did not like us in the space. The language that came through the spirit box was inappropriate, the spirit kept asking us to leave, he really did not want us there. At times the equipment would light up and the music box went off. It was time for another break.

Upstairs corridor
K2, ghost buster car, cat balls, glow in the dark ball, bear, crystal and board, ouji board

Abbey placed the k2 on the table and immediately it spiked at times it even went to red. We began calling out and Danni said she began having a pain across her forehead, Michael confirmed that he was having the same feeling. Within the space there was an old man spirit who was angry. The area felt uneasy, we tried to determine with whom we were communicating with and to identify which space he did not want to go in. Michael set a small group of guests in one of the bedrooms with a ouji board. The spirit was reluctant to communicate so it was suggested they tried in another room. Abbey took the group into the small bedroom. The guests attempted to communicate however again spirit did not want to come forward.

We did manage to determine we were communicating with a little boy who's name began with the letter t. One of the guests kept sensing the name Tess. When the guests looked at the information the boys name was Thomas.
Lady pennywells room
Michael and Abbeys group

Human pendulum and crystal board

We formed a circle and called out to spirit to chose a person to be their conduit.
Once we identified which team member had been chosen she moved into the centre of the circle.
We were joined by a female spirit. She was a young girl who worked at the house as a chamber maid. She remained in the house all of the time but this room was the only place that she felt safe.
She was frightened by the male spirit who we contacted in the corridor. He wasn’t a violent man however was aggressive in how he spoke to people. He used derogatory language and intimidated all of the staff. We asked if the spirit had a message she wanted to share but she was not able to tell us as the male spirit would not allow her. One of the guests on the outer circle explained that when the maid was answering our questions she felt that she was being pulled back towards the corridor. The force of this pulling had made her need to bend her legs to stop being pulled backwards.

We closed the experiment and decided to use the crystal board to talk to the made.
The maids name was Judith, she was 26 year old when she passed.
Judith was able to spell out the message she wanted to share. Her message was: Help Me Leave.
Michael apologised to Judith and said this is not something we can do but reassured her that we could help her to stay safe. When he said this the crystal dropped out of the guests hand. The guest completely the experiment became overwhelmed with emotion and started to cry.
We decided to break and give everyone a chance to reset.

Laundry room take 2
Spirit box, cat balls

We were coming to the end of the investigation, however we still had time to visit the laundry room again. Albert the little boy came through, and the cat ball would light up. Albert was unwilling to give us any further information that we had already recieved earlier on in the night. He did however let us know that the angry man was his father. Unfortunately we had run out of time and it was time to say good bye to the spirits of Ormesby Hall.

Due to the nature of the evening Michael did the white light protection again to help ground everyone after their ordeals.

What an incredible evening, there was alot of experiences though they were not all positive. Ormesby Hall is a fantastic building and it was a pleasures to have the opportunity to investigate it. Spirits of Ormesby Hall I will lol forward to the next time.