EXCLUSIVE ORMESBY HALL - Saturday 4th November 2023

Ormesby Hall Middlesbrough, Saturday 4th November 2023
Team Members; Claire, Alan, Ged, Michael B, Sharon.

The guests were greeted by the team and the welcome talk given by Claire in the seating area of the cafe. The group then moved to the laundry for white light protection, talked through by Ged.

The group moved to the hall area in the main house leaving Claire in the laundry to do her line vigil.

We shouted out to the spirits of Ormesby Hall but it was a slow start and the majority of knocks/bangs were debunked as there was a lot of fireworks going off.
A couple of the guests were picking up things; the names Judith and Arthur who worked at the hall and a terrier type dog who was with an elderly lady who walked with a cane and wore a dress with a bussel at the back. The names Lawrence and Reginald were also mentioned.

Some of the group split and as we were walking into a room off the hall one of the guests said he saw an elderly male wearing a hat and glasses, and his name began with a J.
Upon entering the room behind the door was a painting of a male called James, the guest said this was the elderly gentleman who he saw. Another guest reported that the lady of the house was watching us and she was not impressed saying we were "just fools"

We got no response to shout outs but again guests were picking up on things. The name Sarah Smith or Smitt, who worked in the kitchen and a dark haired lady who wore her hair in a high bun and wore a dark navy blue dress buttoned down the front. The impression the guest got was she was the maid of the house.

This group moved into an adjoining room and met with some of the others who had split. One of the guests were using their own rods; we shouted out and we started to get responses through the rods. We established were talking to a male spirit who worked as a servant. One of the female guests reported she was being touched, the male spirit confirmed it was him as she reminded him of "someone he loved but knew he could never have" It turned out the servant was in love with the daughter of the lady of the house, but he never told her how he felt.

The group then stopped for a break.

Alan and Sharon's group - Laundry Room Equipment used; Rempod and cat balls.

This room was quiet so we decided to try a human pendulum, one of the male guests was picked to act as the pendulum. The answer for "yes" was forward and "no" was backwards.
The "pendulum" confirmed we had a male spirit with us who was a senior member of staff. He was married and lived in the gatehouse, they didn't have any children. This male enjoyed his work at Ormesby Hall and died if old age before the year 1650. He said he is buried in the graveyard near the hall. We closed the circle and thanked the spirit for talking to us.

We then moved back into the main house.

Bedroom with adjoining child's room.

Despite shouting out we got nothing. The group then split into two smaller groups and went into the smaller adjoining rooms; again we got no responses.

This smaller group then moved into the cinema room where Ged and Michael were who seemed to be getting activity. As we entered all activity stopped. Ged and Michael's group moved on and we stayed in the cinema room.

Cinema Room - Equipment used; K2 and touch bear.

Disappointing but we got nothing, so we moved on.

Library -Equipment used; K2 and touch bear.

This room was a bit more positive, the bear responded to our questions. The spirit of a female came forward who said she worked as a servant, she disliked her work and she was paid a pittance. The work was very hard and she was never appreciated for what she did for the Master and Lady of the house. She said she died through illness when she was in her 30's and was laid to rest in the churchyard in Ormesby.

The North Room - Equipment used; K2 and touch bear.

This room had a very heavy dark feeling about it which was picked up by all the guests. We got no response from the K2 but the touch bear was very active. We established we were talking to the spirit of a young boy who died before he was 10 years old, and he loved to touched the bear because he liked the flashing colours. Guests also saw shadows in the adjoining room that watching us, they didn't get a good feeling about this and felt uneasy. Unfortunately it was now time to leave. We thanked the spirit boy for taking the time to talk to us and left him in peace.

Ormesby hall
Michael B and Geds group.
Equipment used k2 touch bear cat ball.
Frank's Room
We settled in and turned the lights off, we placed the bear on the bed and the k2 on a unite I front of the bed we were camunicating with Frank earlier on at that start of the night in the main sitting room and asked him if he would talk to us more in his own bedroom when we were in smaller groups and he confirmed this lighting the cat ball up.
We started calling out to Frank in his bedroom were he had passed away with T.B and we asked him to come and join us and the bear went of on the bed we thanked him for joining us and asked him if he was with his mam and dad still the bear went of agianin witch is Frank answering our questions, we asked him if this was the room were he had passed and he must of been in a lot of pain the bear light up again this camunicate with Frank was amazing as he was only a 17yr old boy when he passed and he was still in the house, Michael f was doing a ougia board in the next room and Frank went quite as if another spirit had entered the room and frightened him of we asked this spirit to come forward and speak with us and the other bear we had placed on the unite went of we got the feeling this was a spirit of an older gentleman in his 60s who had scared Frank away we left this room to go and find Frank and we went into his mam and dad's bed room.
Placed touch bear on the bed along with the k2 Michael b asked the guest if any one wanted to do mirror scrying one gust come forward and took part in this active wasn't long before the guest doing the mirror scrying was feeling angry and you could see his face changing in the mirror clare entered the room we explained what we were doing and what we saw comeing thre mirror clare wanted to tryu a little experiment to see who this spirit was coming threw.
Clare went out to the hall way and was walking amongst the paintings on the wall she asked the spirit if they could light up the tidy bear when she was at the painting the bear was still on the bed at this point. The bear lit up and Michael b went out to see witch paining clare was at to confirm that it was the genuine who had come threw on the mirror scrying this evidence blew us away as it was the gentleman we had seen in the mirror and the gentleman was called Richard beumont now we had a face to the spirit we were talking so we placed.the bear and k2 in front of his picture and asked Richard if this was him who showed him self in the mirror the k2 lit up to confirm this we were all amazed by thus evidence we got thr feeling there was another shadow figure leaking about and freighted Richard of this happened I'm everyone we went in.
Ruth's bedroom
Equipment bear and k2 and cat ball.
We started calling out to Ruth to see if she was still with us and the bear lit up on the chair this room didn't have a nice feel about it it had a heavy feeling, Michael b saw a shadow figure step back from the bear and went towards the bathroom door and the room seem to go quite we moved on to next location.
Theater room.
2 bears one on stage and other on the dresser under a big painting.
We asked Ruth if this was her happy place and both bears went of Rob one of the guests got the feeling there was 2 spirits in the room with us and we asked if Rob was right and could you light up both bears if there is to spirits present both bear lit up witch we have never witnessed before clare asked if we could her there foot steps on the wood floor and we herd footsteps above us so clare and Michael b went and checked to see if there were any people above us what amazed us was were the footsteps were coming from that room was locked we went back down and told the group that room was locked and no one was above us.
Rob and Michael B had seen a shadow figure leaking about and Rob got the feeling this was the one who was scarring all the spirits away and we couldn't figure out why the room had gone flat once this shadow figure had appeared we moved on to the laundry room.
Laundry room
Music box rem pod cat ball k2 and touch bear.
This is had a nice calm feeling about it. we sat down and got comfortable Ged asked ifnwe had any maids with us who used to work in the laundry room washing all of the bedsheets and the bear went of one guest started getting the feeling that he had a bandage tighley wrapped around his head so Michael be asked if this person had an accident in this room .
Clare was in the other part of the laundry room asking if there was a female spirit who had been killed in this area who could of been pregnant Michael b started getting the feeling of been strangeld and clarenl asked if thisnwasnthe way you were murdered we didn't get any confirmation on this. We all joined clare in the other room and paced the rem pod on the bench were all the old irons were,
What come next was just wow, we were talking amongst our self and the bear was lighting up Ged had seen a small shadow pop there head from From underneath the bench and the rem pod went of with clare screamed and jumped out of her skin we clare asked the spirit if the could copy her whistle and we herd a faint while from the other room. I should say clare tried to whistle and the spirits found this funny by lighting up the k2 and the bear Michael b whistled for the spirits and the rem pod starting going crazy and it was like as if the spirits were trying to copy the whistle threw the rem pod this evil was amazing again because the spirit had learnt how to use the rem pod and its not very often we get this piece of equipment going we had a whistle off with the spirits and had fun with them and this didn't feel like a negative spirit they were having fun with us in the laundry room the time come to say good by and thank you to the spirits for there communication and that we would be back again soon to see them again in was 2am before we new it the hole night was very active and the time flew by. 

Michael F and Sharon
Room next to main hall
Dowsing rods, Cat Ball

Michael placed a cat ball on one of the tables and we started calling out.
Within a few mins we started to get responses on the cat ball. These responses were erratic and went really answering any questions we asked.
Michael asked if spirit would prefer to communicate in a different way and we got a clear response on the cat ball.
Michael gave Rhonda, a guest, the dowsing rods and asked her to say aloud the responses from the spirit trying to talk with us.
Michael explained how the rods would work and then started calling out.
We were joined by a male spirit, he was a servant who worked at the property and was in his 30’s.
Spirit had touched one of the guests so using the rods we were able to confirm where on the body and which member of the group the spirit had touch.
Spirit explained he was attracted to this group member, Molly.
He liked her red hair and reminded him of the woman that he loved. This was unrequited love and although we didn’t get a name we were able to confirm it was the daughter of the property owner.

Michael F
Room next to Franks Bedroom
Ouija board

We started calling out and straight away we’re joined by a spirit. The spirit explained his name was James and that he died at age 24 in a war in 1835.
James did not pass in the property but came back as this was a place that he had felt happy and safe. James explained that there was a further 8 spirits in the property but warned of a mischievous spirit in the laundry room.

Franks room
Michael F
Ouija board/scrying mirror, cat ball.

We set the board up, placed a cat ball on the bed and Dan was set for a scrying session away from the remainder of the team.
We started to call out we’re joined by Franks spirit. Frank was drawing energy from around us all and when answering questions was affecting the torch light, dimming and switching this off and on.
Frank explained there were 2 spirits in the room however would not let the other spirit communicate.
Dan asked from across the room what Frank was showing him in the scrying mirror and the team got ‘face’ as a response. He then asked what part of the face and the team got ‘eyes’ as a response. Dan explained that his face had changed and it looked like another persons eyes were looking back at him and this is why he asked the questions.

Dan joined the team on the board and asked spirit who’s pictures had he seen down stairs earlier that evening. The response was James and Dan asked what the name was of the woman in the picture he had seen earlier. The planchette moved to R so Dan removed his finger and the full name received was Ruth
This again was the pictures that Dan had looked at earlier this evening.

We were joined in the room by Clare. The team continued to call out and in sequence the closed door behind the team opened, the cat ball on the bed set off and then the motion sensor Halloween decoration activated.
We all screamed ????

After changing my underwear we continued our investigation throughout the building that evening using the board and cat balls but each room we seemed to get a trickster spirit through that would go by the name of Durk. There was no real sense out of this spirit. What a great venue though and my team had a great time.

Ormesby Hall

Team members, Claire,Big Al, Sharon ,Little mick, Ged.
Claire started the night by greeting our guests, Claire gave the welcome LVI talk to the guests some of them being paranormal investigators virgins.
Once everyone was ready we went to the Laundry room to carry out white light protection given byGed.

It was agreed by everyone we should start the investigation in the main hall as fireworks were making it difficult to make out genuine activity , We made our way to the main entrance room and started asking out , a few knocks were heard but again fireworks made it difficult, we had 4 national trust volunteers with us who helped guide us during the night confirming any activity we obtained, we decided to split the group in 2 and Al took some guests along with Sharon into the next room. Mike and Ged remained in the main room along with approx 10 guests. As soon as the teams split up and we asked out we placed a cat ball on a table along with a K2 device and immediately the cat ball activated on us asking if anyone was with us.
During our questioning we contacted a young man age not confirmed who was called Frankie, Frankie had passed in the she and decided to stay around the she a lot of the time , Frankie confirmed his bedroom was upstairs and that he’d passed away in his room and it was connected to his parents room information confirmed by the volunteers.
Frankie said he would contact us when we investigated upstairs, Frankie also confirmed the last owner called Jim and his wife Ruth were also around the house. The other group entered the main room again as they heard the activity we were receiving Frankie almost stopped contact at once and on asking received a K2 hit when asked if he felt uncomfortable due the large group , Rob a guest stated something had followed the group back into the room and he believed Frankie was scared of this spirit.

Short break to split into 2 groups.
Equipment used, K2 , REM bear, Torch,cat ball, oui ja board.

After the break Ged and Mikes group moved upstairs to Frankie’s parents bedroom and Frankie’s room, Mike F ( guest) and a group of 6 of his friends decided to carry out a oui ja board activity in the bedroom whilst
Mike and Ged along with the 2 volunteers stated in Frankie’s bedroom Frankie activated a REM bear on his bed when asked if he was with us
Frankie confirmed when asked he had passed away in this room but not the bed that was present, he was 17 yrs old and died of TB, his parents had moved from their bedroom across the landing to be nearer to him on a nighttime. Frankie stated they were other spirits there 1 he was afraid of, the volunteers confirmed everything that came through and found the activity fascinating, Frankie’s stated he knew both ladies and was friendly with them and liked them being with us.
We decided to move to an adjoining guest bedroom as Rob stated the shadow person had came into the room and activity died down, Mike f and his friend s came into Frankie’s bedroom as we moved on.
Guest bedroom, Torch, REM bear, K2 Cat balls.
Mike helped Peter a gust carry out some scrying as we set up 2 REM bears 1 on the guest bed 1 on a set of drawers and a K2 on the bed also.
We asked out to see if Frankie was with us and received no reply after a little calling out 1 of the volunteers suggested it may be another family member in the room as the K2 and REM bear activated to relevant questions. We made contact with another male named Richard and after a process of illumination found we were in contact with a man called Richard Beaumont who had never lived in the home but was a relative and his portrait was hanging in the gallery. We were at this time joined by Claire and she had an idea to walk along the corridor where gallery was and stand in front of each portrait with us staying in the bedroom being unable to see where Claire was stood asked Richard to activated the REM bear when Clare was stood in front of his portrait Claire having 1 of the volunteers with her who knew who was who in the gallery. We started asking Richard to activate the REM bear after approx 5-8 minutes of asking the bear suddenly activated we asked Claire if she was stood in front of a portrait she replied yes and the volunteer confirmed it was Richard Beaumont’s portrait !!! We asked if the spirit was married it stated yes and if he had children again it activated for yes, the volunteers informed us he was married and a portrait of his 6 children was downstairs in the dinning/ theatre room .
We all walked into the gallery and placed a REM bear under the portrait of Richard ( see photos) we asked a few questions and received yes notifications through the REM bear and obtained accurate responses ackd again by the volunteers.
Guest bedroom ( originally Frankie’s parents room and Ruth’s bedroom last living resident)
Equipment used, K2 REM bears ,cat balls.
We asked out for Ruth wife of Colonel Jim last owner and received REM bear hit next to Ged in a chair,Ged stated his left hand side was freezing and Mike stated he’d seen a dark shadow in the corner near guest sandy. The bear activated when we askedRuth is she was happy and enjoyed living alone in the hse till her passing in her 90’s, The volunteers state Ruth had passed away in the bed within the room and she had used a chez long to access the bed in later life as she was very frail, we thanked Ruth for her interactions and she confirmed she was with Jim,again a dark shadow entered the room confirmed by guest Rob and activity ended so we diced to go to the dinning / theatre room.

Dinning room/ theatre
Equipment used K2 , REM bear -
X2 cat balls,ITC device
We entered the dinning room that had been converted this year to a small theatre room as a memorial to Ruth by national trust staff as it wa she’d 40th anniversary of her passing. We asked Ruth if she was happy with the room, both REM bears activated at same time 1 on the small stage and 1 on a side board under the portrait of Richard Beaumonts child ( adults). The volunteers informed us the portrait wa stoat of Richards children when grown, and explained 1 of ten2 men in uniform had been killed at war the K2 activated along with the bear on the side board. We thanked spirit for their activity and confirmed a lot of information by using the K 2 device and both REM bears both activating at ten same time in both areas of the room. After 20-30 mins of gaining information on the picture the families and spirits present we decided to move to the Laundry building.

Laundry room.
Equipment used, K2 REM pod, cat balls, REM bear,movement detector
We started out by asking out in the rear room of the 2 within the laundry. Little activity was made apart from very loud walking above us we were unable to detect if it was national trust staff or not ( no access to this area for LVI and guests),
We moved into the main laundry Claire informed us during her live she had received inform
A young girl had been injured / killed in the laundry after having an affair and finding she was pregnant we were unable to obtain her name, we received a lot of contact via the REM bear and when Claire tried to whistle the REM pod activated multiple times scaring Claire, Ged seen a dark shadow under a table directly opposite the K2 this activated at the same time we continued to
Engage with who we believe was the person who had killed the young girl, ( see video) we thanked spirit for all the activity during the night, not a lot of different methods where used during the investigation as guests wanted to carry on with methods used, and guests appeared very happy with what Ormesby hall spirits had to say and how they wanted to engage , Thank you sprits of Ormesby hall you were amazing “what a location “ see you soon.