EXCLUSIVE Park Hotel WEEKEND - Friday 25th to Sunday 27th November 2022

The Park Hotel, Morecambe

Chris, Cam, Alan and Katie went for a walk around before the guests arrived and were welcomed with activity immediately. On the top floor near the tower room, we heard the loudest moan, which we couldn’t explain. It certainly wasn’t from any of us.
Night 1 – The Library Area
After the guests arrived and we settled them in for their weekend, we carried out the white light protection in the Library area. Following this, we started the night calling out to the spirits of the building. A few guests reported seeing shadow figures on the stairs so a few of the guests decided to space out along the stairs which led to the 2nd floor.
We continued with our calling out and a couple of guests were using one of their personal devices, which gave us the names Emma, Rose, Frank and Bill. We called out using these names and we did hear responses in the form of taps. A few of the guests also reported their hair being played with.
Cam never mentioned it at the time, but during the white light protection, when she was sat on a chair in the corner, she sensed a man stood to her left, who has playing with her hair and back of her neck. Was this the same male spirit?
Night 1 – The Snooker Room/Bar (Equipment used – The Portal App, snooker balls from the bar)
We decided to move on to another location, and headed to the bar which had a snooker table it. We scattered some snooker balls around the table the guests sat on the seats around the room and we started calling out.
After calling out for about 15 minutes and not getting much communication, we started to get the smell off fire, coming in waves, around the room.
Cam decided to try using The Portal app and she did get responses to her questions, but these were for her to ‘Stop it’ and she was told that she was being ‘Annoying’. She decided to stop calling out and asked Alan if he could call out to see if spirit would respond. Spirit did respond to Alan.

Night 1 – The Cellar
We headed to the Cellar and decided to call out, but not use any equipment.
We received some fantastic communication in the form of knocking on beer kegs, taps, shuffling, footsteps and a few audible noises. One of the beer kegs was even moved.
Of the responses we were getting from the questions we were asking, we established that we were communicating with a young boy who was in his late teens. When we asked if this was correct, something was thrown and landed next to us. It wasn’t thrown maliciously, it was more of letting us know that he was still there. We looked around for what it could be and found it was a ‘metal nut’.
The atmosphere seemed to change slightly and we felt like we had been joined by another spirit. Chris was stood in the doorway and said he felt as if he was being moved to the left slightly. Cam asked spirit if Chris was in their way, and stopping them from doing their job, we immediately got a response. Chris moved out of the way and felt a cold draft rush past him.
We seemed to get more responses from females asking the questions this time so Cam and Katie led these. We soon saw shadows, heard audible noises and taps/knocks. We believe this was a female spirit who was a cook.
One of the guests reported that their feet were very hot, as if on fire. They also had the number 16 and a names similar to ‘Sheena’ and ‘Charlotte’ come to them.
Night 1 – The Bar Area, the Human Pendulum
Cam and Katie led the group to the large bar area and decided to try a Human Pendulum (with a twist). Cam asked the guests to stand in a circle, holding hands, but facing out of the circle, rather than in. The reason for this was to take away that psychological safety net of knowing the other guests were facing them, and that we were going to ask spirit to walk around the outside of the circle, looking at the guests before choosing who to communicate with.
Spirit chose who they wanted to communicate with and our guest was happy to act as the conduit. Cam started asking the questions (yes/no response only) and the following is a breakdown of what we got.
‘We were communication with a young boy, who came in visitation only. They came with a family member who was his mother. We also received the number 5 when trying to work out how old he was. He also had a sibling. His mother was murdered in the hotel by a man. The man beat and strangled her. The little boy and his sibling were scared of the man’.
One of the guests had one of their devices on at the same time and the name ‘Emma’ came through again. We asked the little boy if his mother was called ‘Emma’, he confirmed she was. We also had an object thrown on the floor when we were doing the human pendulum, which we identified as a small square of wood. We thanked the little boy for his communication and headed back to base as it was getting very late.
Trigger objects were setup along the edge of the bar and left for the night.
Day 2
We started day 2 looking forward to the days planned activities and more paranormal activity, following the previous nights events.
During a chat with Emer, manager of The Park, Cam mentioned the information we had received during the Human Pendulum. Emer confirmed that a young lady called ‘Emma’ had been murdered in room ‘5’ by a man. She had been strangled. She had a little boy and also a daughter.
We also mentioned how we had the number ‘16’ come through a number of times and that names similar to ‘Sheena’ and ‘Charlotte’ had come to a guest. Emer showed us a picture of a young girl called ‘Sian’ who had sadly passed away on her 16th birthday. Her wake was held in The Park Hotel and that night would have been her 21st birthday. The young girls aunt sadly passed away 2 years after her and was called ‘Charlotte’.
Day 2 – Introduction to the equipment
Day 2 – The Quiz 
Night 2 – The Tower (Automatic Writing)
We split the group of guests into 2 groups. Cam and Chris’s group headed to the Tower, to carry out some automatic writing. We began calling out with the guests taking part with their fingers on the planchette. The letter ‘C’ was drawn on the paper. Earlier in the night, Cam, Chris, Alan and Katie carried out a table tipping session in the Tower and believed they were communicating with a spirit called ‘Charlie’.
Were we communicating again with Charlie?
After around another 20 minutes of asking questions, we decided to try The Etse’s Experiment, because the pen was getting stuck on slight marks on the table we were using.
Night 2 - Etse’s Experiment (part 1)
One of the guests wore a blindfold and we turned on the ‘Afterlife’ app. We didn’t have our headphones with us so we all moved to the far end of the building and asked the following questions:
• What is the name of the town we are in?
• What year did you pass over?
• Which part of the military services were you part of?
• What is your name?
• How old are you?
• How did you die?
• Was someone murdered in the hotel?
• Do you have any children?
• Can you tell us the duration we are staying at the hotel?
• Are you happy with us being there?
• How many other spirits are in the building?
• How long have you been in the building?
• Can you tell me who used to live in the hotel?
• Do you recognize them in the building?
• If you are with us now, and you hear my voice, how many taps do I make? (9 taps were made)
• What is the name of the building?
• What music do you like?
• Charlie, if it is you we are communicating with, what music did we play you? (we played the national anthem)
• What rank in the military were you?

Night 2 - Etse’s Experiment (part 2)
We repeated the experiment with another guest and the following questions were asked:
• Which room are you in?
• Are you here or with the guest?
• Could you tell us your name please?
• Can you tell me what my name is? (Cam asked this)
• Did you help us draw the letter ‘C’ for Charlie?
• Are you attached to anyone in the room?
• Could you please tell us your occupation?
• Do you have any children?
• Do you know where Dave’s wife is? (Dave was one of our guests and we couldn’t find his wife)
• Was it you who threw something earlier at Chris and Tina (one of our guests)?
• What furniture were Chris and Tina walking passed when the object was thrown?

We took photographs after each experiment.

Night 2 – Room 5, Mirror Scrying
Cam took the guests to Room 5 where she introduced them to mirror scrying. Quite a few of the guests had a go with brilliant results.
The guests who were staying on Room 5 had their own equipment dotted about, which did go off at times. When we tried to communicate further, we didn’t get any more responses.
Night 2 – The Cellar, Séance
Cam took the guests down to the Cellar where we held a séance. We could hear movement behind us and taps but we didn’t get a lot of activity from the séance.

Saturday morning/afternoon

Main bar: trigger objects, music box, rem bear

Beer mats and small glass pebbles were placed in a line along the edge of the bar to test if spirit would move these overnight – the next morning on a walkaround to check objects a glass pebble and one of the beer mats had been moved back by a good few inches.

After the results from the previous night’s human pendulum which gave up a lot of information, we also set up some trigger objects aimed at giving the little boy something to play with. Katie sat with the rem bear present and talked to the little boy, who we believed may have been called James. The rem bear lit up a couple of times to let us know he was there, and he seemed to like it when spoken to in a gentle whisper. The car was left on the table with a camera positioned to check for any movement throughout the next day with the doors cordoned off.

Saturday night

Alan and Katie’s group

Cellar: Victorian Séance, candles, guest had camera set up to video session

Eight guests joined in with this activity in the cellar, a brief history was given on Victorian seances and the theory behind some of the rituals and practices. To be true to the opening of a séance we recited the lord’s prayer and joined hands around the circle. We welcomed spirit to join us in the circle and come towards the light so we may communicate with them. One guest, who is a sensitive, acted as conduit during séance and quickly became aware that she had a searing pain along the left side of her head. Spirit was reluctant to step forward out of the shadows, but one guest could see a small shadow figure peeking around the corner on several occasions – she believed this to be a little boy.

Throughout our encouragement and questioning consistent shuffling could clearly be heard in the rooms surrounding where we were sat, with gentle taps coming from both side intermittently. Our conduit, who was still suffering from the pain at the side of her head, quickly became drained and asked spirit to remove the impression from her and that she had made her boundaries clear during white light what she would not accept. Spirit stepped away and the atmosphere felt lighter, although this interaction had left her still very tired.

The name ‘Thomas’ was discussed throughout séance, and our guest who had seen the little peeking shadow figure felt that it may have been him, and that in life he would not have been allowed down into the cellar and was hiding away so he wouldn’t be discovered to be breaking any rules!

Cellar: Crystal work

Alan demonstrated to guests the theory how the board worked and how to use it. The crystal was then passed to eat guest who immediately picked up on spirit. Spirit identified as meal and when asked his age clearly showed the numbers one and then zero. When I asked for the name the crystal went to the letter T. Could this be Thomas? Another guest took over and got the same results so we assumed it was a young spirit of a 10-year-old boy.

Top floor, Tower Room: scrying mirror, spirit box, OUIJA board

The names Emma and Robert came through on spirit box, so our guest attempted scrying to channel in on what had come through the box. There was a change in her appearance with a moustache forming as she looked into the reflection.

A shadow figure seemed to be in the doorway and was watching what we were doing, but didn’t come any closer even when encouraged that we were curious to understand their story and talk to them. The figure dissipated and we carried on with the activity. The box had come out with two sets of profanities (cheeky!) and told us to check the rooms. Alan took two guests out along the corridor and into Room 16, a number which had been repeated throughout the previous night. One guest quickly felt her bottom being tapped, and when she made it clear she wouldn’t accept that behaviour, spirit then tugged at her hand instead!

Another group set up an activity on the Ouija board. The activity was rather random and the planchette move slowly and immediately settled on the letter T. Again, could we have the spirit of Thomas?. When asked to spell the rest of the letters the messages that came through didn't seem appropriate so the board was shut down.

We re-joined the group, and all moved into different rooms – another guest tried scrying in Room 15 and began to see a change in his face, but couldn’t quite make the full transition so we could see who it may be.

The ‘Snooker Room’

Alan took a small group of guests to try some automatic handwriting. The paper was placed on the snooker table along with the planchet and pen. Four guests put their fingers in the planchet and ask for spirit to come through. Although the movement was slow at first, the pace picked up and the planchet made some random movements which ended up circling round multiple times. Alan stopped this and centred the planchette to try again.

Spirit was asked to give their initials and immediately the planchette moved slowly and when commanded to stop when finished, there was a clear letter of either an e or an a, depending on which angle you looked at it. Spirit was then asked to give its surname or initial and the planchet moved slowly in a straight line and then bent up to the right. Again, depending on which angle you looked at it this could either be the letter l or the letter r. No other communication was received.

What an absolute amazing weekend had by everyone. Thank you so much to all for making it what it was.