EXCLUSIVE RAGWORTH CENTRE - Saturday 24th February 2024

Ragworth community centre 24/02/2024

Clare, Colin, Michael B, Abbey

Base room

Clare welcomed all of the guests. It was then decided that the white light would be conducted within the base room. After this Clare went off to do her lone vigil whilst Little Mick, Colin and Abbey took the guests to the soft play area.

Soft play area

The guests were encouraged to find a comfy space and take a seat so that we could call out to spirit. Lots of questions were asked however there were no responses. On eof the guests however said she began to feel sick. Several guests called out spirit but again no responses. As we were not receiving anything, Little Mick placed some cat balls down to see if spirit would prefer to communicate this way. Again we had no responses. Suddenly from no where a balloon caught everyone's eye, this then drew our focus. Guests and the team encouraged spirit to move the balloon. Abbey and Colin investigated both sides of the area to see if there were any drafts and there were not any. Colin had a k2 so it was decided to put this next to the balloon. One of the guests placed a music box within this area to. With no avail of any activity we conducted a human pendulum. One of the guests was chosen by spirit. This proved to be successful as we concluded that George was with us and he was a teenager. He also worked in the mines and felt happy at the community centre. He ddi however accidentally die there. The name Alice also came through. Once we felt this activity was exhausted we broke off for a coffee.

Michael and Abbey in the spooky, creepy corridor.

Cat balls, Rem bear, K2, ouji board, spirit talker app (Guest) spirit box app

We all spread out along the corridor, again we were not receiving any communication. Little Mick opened a ouji board for 3 of the guests and the other 3 guests wanted to go into the other corridor as we could hear bender making a noise, this was where one of the guests went to do a lone vigil. The 3 guests used the k2 and spirit talker app. This was when activity was received. Again George and Alice came through and the k2 kept spiking. Questioning continued and then Little Mick and Abbey took the guests back into the corridor we were previously in. Alice and George joined us, the k2 kept spiking and even went to red at times during the questioning. Both the spirit talker app and spirit box app were used by Alice and George to communicate with us. After a time George left us and Alice was trying to talk to us but it was felt as though she did not have enough energy or she was being stopped coming through. We had no equipment light up however right at the end the Rem bear lit up once. At times there were cold chills felt within the space that kept on appearing.

Even though Ragworth community centre was quiet tonight I do feel this location has potential once the spirits have gained trust with us. The consistency of the names that we received in all areas of the building validates we were definetly communicating with 2 spirits. I wonder what will happen next time we visit Ragworth community centre.

Ragworth camunity center.

Creepy corridor.
Equipment used, ougia board session with 3 guests.
Michael opened the board up ready for the guests and once the board was open 3 guest went on it so Michael called out to the spirits.
We asked spirits to come and camunicate with us three the board and we asked the spirit if they could give us the first letter of their name, the planchete started to move and went to the letter S.
We asked spirit if they could spell there name for us but we didn't have any more movement on the planchete we asked if they could tell us what year the had died and the planchete moved over the number 5 witch didn't make Amy sence at all. We then asked spirit if it would be easier using the yes no on the board but we had no more camunication with spirit so we decided to close the board down and rejoin Abbey in the next corridor were they were camunication with George the little boy who we had been talking at the start of the night, when doing the human pendulum as one big group.
This place has lots more to offer and I'm sure one we build up trust with spirit they will start and come forward and tell us there story's.
Overall the time went by very quickly and it was time to say goodbye to the spirits of the building and thanked them for what that had give us during the night.

Ragworth Community Centre


Clare and Colin

K2, Cat Balls, SpiritTalker, Touch Bear.

Clare and Colin led their group to the long passage, the guest spread out and placed various bits of equipment on the floor and cupboards, Colin asked if everyone was comfortable and then proceeded to call out, one of the guest had a spirit talker, which she placed on the trolley, we had some random words and names come through, Clare and Colin did more calling out but seemed very still, there was a couple of guest down the far end of the passage that seemed to be communicating with a spirit, they were getting gentle taps, one guest asked “ How did you die “ and the spirit talker came back with “ I was executed “
that seemed to be a response, Clare asked Colin to roll a cat ball down the passage to see if the spirit would roll it back but nothing happened,we called out a few times more but the spirits did not want to come forward, Clare said we can move on to the gym.

Gym Area

The team entered the gym and we all spread out, Clare placed the touch bear on the bench press proceeded to call out to the spirits, the touch bear started to flash, the best bit about the bear flashing was that it was different parts that were flashing, legs or both arms, the spirit seemed to like Clare asking them questions, one of the guest ( Rob ) said to Clare see what happens when Colin asks the spirit a question, when Colin asked the spirit a few questions nothing happened, we put this down to, the spirit did not men or it did not like southerners, we continued to call out, we asked the guest if they were picking anything up or got any feelings but no one had anything, so we moved.

Women’s Centre

We entered the area and Clare explained to the guest that we were going to do Estes, Clare placed the first guest ( Reece )in a separate room , Colin stayed with the main group and got them to ask questions, Reece had nothing coming through, he did say he could hear footsteps on his left side but nothing else. The next guest to try it was Jade, nothing seemed to come through for her but she did say that she did feel someone touch her, the final guest to have a go was Rob, before Rob took his turn, one of the guest had to leave due to her feeling very ill and she was led out by Clare, we continued with Estes, Rob managed a few words, I write here, I was a soldier and a few growls but nothing that seemed to match thee questions we were asking, it had been a quiet group investigation and the time had gone very quickly so we called it a night.

Ragworth Centre, it may have been quite and not much activity but you do get the feeling that lurking in the shadows are the spirits that want to come forward but are not sure how too, great investigation and a wonderful group of guests