Richmondshire Museum

We commenced the night in the cabinet room. During the white light protection we all heard a loud bang in the room and the clicking of a wheel, this set our excitement and expectations. We began calling out and again the clicking could be heard from an old metallic wheel. There would be no reason for the wheel to turn! In the same area 2 ladies experienced feeling very hot while the rest of the room shivered from the dropping temperatures. They moved to a different place and the heat began to lift. We experienced taps and bangs behind people but it was difficult to pinpoint and not in response to direct queries.
A guest (Rob) saw a shadow moving around the room and occasionally the darkness in certain areas of the space became more dense. During this time Rob and Claire sensed a very tall man standing between them, Rob also saw a small head pop out from an area near the lift. The name Edward was suggested and in exploring how he would like to be addressed he responded with a tap when we said “Ted”, and he responded to the question of being an apprentice from the building. However, no further responses were received.
We switched on the K2 and it would light up, for no identifiable reason when pointed at a large stone, we read the description of the stone only to learn it was a headstone from a grave. Again no direct answers to our questions were received. When we talked about the stone the guest complained of feeling extreme chills to her legs and nose.
The room after a small flurry of activity quickly fell silent and still.

Attic, Sophie, Sonia, and Claire. Thermal imaging camera, K2’s, cat balls. Spirit talking app.
We settled into the small space and quickly we became aware of small children in the area. A Guest (Shirley) rolled the ball and asked for it to be rolled back, the ball lit up. The spirit talking app was suggesting lots of names such as Winifred, Scarlett, Charles,. The cat ball and K2 would light up when Sonia sang nursery rhymes. The app said “mummy” when we asked for their mummy's name the app said Sarah.
The K2 under the table started to light up furiously after the talking app said “go away”, when asked “why?” The app said legion, the children said they were hiding when reassured the K2 settled.
Two guests complained of feeling cold behind them, we heard a bang from the same area but again the activity quickly dissipated.

Claire, rem bear in the artefact attic. A small went next door to the artefact attic. We sat in silence for a couple of minutes to see what noise contamination could be heard from the other group just next door. Nothing was heard so we proceeded to call out. Claire and a guest felt as though we were charging up and a rush of energy came past us, the guests head began to feel very hot. We felt like we were in the way hence we moved. As we were chatting about our favourite topic of ghost hunting the Rem bear would light up, it had been unresponsive till now. Each time we spoke about ghosts we had seen the bear would light up!

Everyone, radio, K2’s, talking app, cat balls and Rem bear.
Just on entering the room a guest felt as though something had rushed past her legs, she felt wobbly and needed to steady herself. The K2 near the chemist began to respond amazingly to questions about the person hurt in the elevator. The radio gave the names Kevin the man hurt, Susan his wife and Ann his daughter. The Cat balls began to flash in the room adjacent hence the group moved, the activity in the pharmacy left.
Claire and a small group of guests in the annex, necrophonic app, K2 and rem pod. We set up the space and the K2 on the table and on the floor would slightly trigger in response to questions. The name Murray came through, we asked the app to repeat our names and strangely it did so almost immediately. We encouraged the spirit to touch the Rem pod by the door. We heard a loud bang but we couldn't entice the spirit to touch the Rem pod.
Claire took the same guests to the back room to undertake a Ouija session, the board although did respond by moving the planchette the answers were not understable. We attempted a yes/no session but this was not responsive. We went to the fabric room,
There were no responses to any questions.
Sophie and a guest went to the artefact room for a line vigil, it was uneventful and calm. Then when some further people arrived the rem bear and the cat balls would light in response to jokes being told. Sophie and a small group went to the cabinet room, it was quiet but would respond when a male guest would speak. A man named James came through and stated he was the owner of one of the uniforms. Some disembodied voices were heard but couldn't be debunked and weren't in response to questions. The rem pod alarmed as the group were about to leave, it had been silent the whole time before this. Sophie, Sonia and Clare took guests to the annex to attempt table tipping, nothing happened and no responses to anything.

Clare’s Write up

Long Corridor next to Chemist:-
Clare’s Group
Cat Balls
Music Box

Following on from the Chemist area and the story of a man who lost his life fitting the lifts. Clare noticed a few hits on the cat balls. As some guests settled to watch the responses on the K2 and cat ball…Clare noticed the hits were only when Rob was asking questions or talking. The spirit was certainly responding to Rob’s voice.
Shirley put the Portal on and we soon noticed the words, Rob, Attractive and Love you came through. A joke around that the spirit was declaring their undying love for Rob resulted in spirit confirming. The activity soon fell flat and we agreed to look elsewhere.

Street Scene:-
Clare’s group and Sonya

Music box
Cat balls

During our time within the street scene. And calling out, there was very little activity. Shirley called out to Mary and Mary came forward and confirmed she was there. Mary was connected to Shirley as she is her Granny. But as quick as she came through she was gone.
We continued to try to connect with spirts of the land or building or artefacts but silence continued to fill the darkness.

Cabinet room:-
Clare, Sophie and Sonya
2 proximity Bears
Cat balls

Upon settling in the cabinet room, we placed the proximity bears close to the lift area. While we had a few spikes, the room was very still. Clare called out to a Robert or a John which is a known previous spirit who has links to the uniform in the cabinet who usually makes himself known. Clare began telling the story about Robert or John (his name was Robert John). She told guests and team in the room how he was connected to the uniform, he was actually interested in the same sex but was a huge secret. Rob joked that maybe the spirit earlier was this spirit declaring his undying love to Rob and to our amazement, the cat ball right near Rob started flashing. We had a few more hits but again fell flat. So we decided to move to the next area.

Old Cottage:-
Clare, Sophie and Sonya
Table Tipping

Shirley, Stephen and Rob began a table tipping session with no response. They felt a slight movement and a few other guests joined on to help create more energy. They gave this a really good go but the table stood in stillness.

1960s room:-
Clare’s Group and Sonya
Cat Ball x2
Proximity Bear
Music Box

As the night was starting to draw to a close we settled in the 1960’s room to complete one last call out.
It wasn’t long before Rob had mentioned a Lady in white who has been known to wonder the area. We soon noticed a display cupboard with a 1960’s wedding dress in it.

We called out to the lady and on response we had activity on the cat ball. We continued to follow with this and learnt that she lost her newly wed husband and was in search for him. She confirmed she was wearing her wedding dress and wasn’t connected to the wedding dress in the cabinet. We had some hits on one of the cat balls, the proximity bear and music box. As quick as the responses were coming the activity stopped.
Clare had noticed a door open and when took a second glance, saw nothing. We began looking at the area she had seen the door along with Stephen checking externally. It was clear there was another building or stable area once there. This morning Clare mentioned to the curator of the building about what had been seen and she confirmed in the exact same spot, is a door which lead to the manor. Did this lady spirit go through the door in search of her husband?

The night soon drew to a close and we couldn’t believe it was gone 3.30am. We decided to start bedding down for the night.

All in all, it was one of the most quiet nights we have had At Richmondshire Museum along with a very cold one too. The theme for the night was a burst of energy which quickly vanished leaving the areas in stillness. We always say we can’t guarantee any activity and the most smallest bits we should be grateful for. A very fun night, with an amazing group of guests that gave it their all throughout, with lots of laughs. Thank you so much to my group for your amazing energy throughout.

We look forward to seeing you again soon GO TEAM RICHMONDSHIRE