EXCLUSIVE Richmondshire Museum- Friday 23rd September 2022

EXCLUSIVE Richmondshire Museum investigation.

We started the night with Alan giving our guests the welcome talk in the base room at the back of the museum.
After the group photo, we headed up to the office room where Kathryn gave the white light protection to the group.

Office room:
The group sat around the table and began to call out, some of the guests picked up on movement at the back of the room where Alan was standing.
Other guests were fixated on the door and found it hard to look away.
There was a number of knocks bangs and taps, even potential footsteps.
There was also light of different colours seen around the room, the biggest in the middle of the table, a big pinky/ red tennis ball size flash.
One member of the group picked up on the energy of a Farther and son called William and Thomas.

The group then took part in a mini séance by touching hands and forming a circle of energy around the table. Although we did not get much of a response, at one point guests felt the table vibrating beneath their fingertips. On callout there were four or five occasions of knocking type sounds coming from different areas around the table, and these were clearly heard by all in the room.

The attic room.
The whole group headed upstairs the the attic and spread out between the shelves and units.
Again the energy of Thomas and William were picked up on as well as the name Anna.
We were able to establish this by using the touch sensitive bear as a method of communication. One guest appeared to be singled out by a spirit who was impressing feelings on her, which really unsettled her, so was asked to back off.
There was energy picked up on by the lift which was extremely cold and made another guest so uncomfortable that they had to leave the area.
There was lots of taps and bangs coming from the lift aswell.

The group then took a break before seperating into two smaller groups of 5.

Kathryn’s group.
The sewing room.

There wasn’t a lot of activity in this room for the time we spent in there, we didn’t get any responses on the equipment to the questions we asked.
Although the energy of a women was picked up on as well as the name Elenor.

The Military room.
In the room the group all made a circle around one of the glass cabinets in the middle of the room.
There was the energy of a man picked up on as well as the name James.
We were able to establish that an item of clothing in the cabinet belonged to that man using the touch sensitive bear which was placed over by the lift.
The bear was going off constantly and the energy was cold and stayed at the side of the circle where two guests, Helen and James were standing along with Kathryn.
So the other members of the group asked if the circle could move around and swap sides to see if they could feel the energy but it came around the other side of the circle with the original three members of the group.
Chris started to use some bells to stir up the energy this was very affective and helped understand the feeling of frustration from the spirt.
He seemed to focus on Robert out of the three people he was affecting in the circle but he was able to pick up on that he was unhappy as he wasn’t able to be himself while he was alive, or be with who he really wanted to be with.
The bear went wild fully lighting up on all parts and it wasn’t until the group stopped explaining about how we live in a more understanding world and we were sorry that he didn’t have that in his life time that it stopped.
The energy seemed to leave the area and we left the room. (Alan & Lea’s group went up to this room later in the evening but received no activity).

We took another short break before going into the last hour of the investigation.

The Pharmacy room/ Roman room.
We spread out between the two sections and had a few spikes on the K2 meter that we placed in the staircase but we didn’t have any response to questions on any of the other pieces of equipment.
We did however hear a huge bang which made us run into the railway room to look to see where it could have come from but nothing was out of place and it was too loud to have come from the floor above as we heard the others moving around and it seemed a lot closer.

The railway room/Fenwick street area/ Farm room.

We placed the touch sensitive bear on one of the barrels used by a blacksmith and we got very child like interaction with the bear lighting up on its head, and then once on its arm, and it was when we weren’t looking directly at the bear but at the other objects in the room.
We then spent that last 15 minuets of the night in the farm house room at the front of the building before rejoining the other menebers of the group.

Alan & Lea’s group

The Pharmacy
In this room, we used a touch sensitive bear, a K2 meter, and a pair of dowsing rods. The room felt like it had a nice atmosphere and on calling out we received no activity on the two electronic devices. One of the guests (Charlie) used a pair of dowsing rods and set up his yes/no replies. When asked if we had spirit with us, Charlie received an immediate yes answer via the rods. The group questioned the spirit and found out that it was a female Doctor Who had been associated with a local chemist and the curator confirmed that the majority of artefacts in the room had come from that establishment. Some of the answers were quite unclear but the doctor seemed happy for us to be there but did answer that she would be unhappy if anyone touched any of the artefacts or bottles of medicines. This was a brilliant effort from the group with all guests calling out.

The Farm Room
Having tried a session using a Ouija board, and getting no response, the group agreed to take part in a human pendulum activity. Spirit was asked to push one of the guests forward or backwards and although it appeared to be inconclusive, one of the guests who had sensed movement was chosen to stand in the centre of the circle. We also positioned the bear and our K2 doll, Wendy, at either side of the room. Responses via the guest were immediate and again, spirit said it was female. The strangest thing happened with both the bear and Wendy being activated at exactly the same time. This happened on four or five separate occasions and seemed to be when the answer was really clear or strong. Spirit said that it was not the same spirit from the pharmacy room. Quite a few of the answers were inconclusive with the guest either not moving or moving very slightly. What we got from this was the spirit had either worked on the land or had worked in the building in one of its former guises.

The Sewing Room
Earlier in the evening, Alan had taken one of the guests (Nikki) and one of the female curators to this room. Although no activity was registered, there was a feeling that it was a dominant female space and that whoever had worked there was proud of their work. When Alan and Lee took the group of guests to this room, it again felt fairly quiet so we used a crystal and a crystal board to try and connect with spirit. After a quick demonstration, a couple of the guests used the crystal in turn and got some mixed responses.

The clearest activity came from a female spirit. When asked to spell her name, the responses on the crystal were fairly strong. When asked to spell her name, the letters C, L, and O were given. When asked her age when she passed, it looked as though she was in her late teens. As the night was coming to a close we headed back to our base room.

Although the activity was a bit quieter than on previous visits, it was still a brilliant night with guests experiencing a variety of interaction. We can’t wait for our next visit!