Friday 6th January 2024.
Richmondshire Museum.
Clare, Michael F, Kathryn, Michael B, Colin,

We welcomed the guest, Colin took their photos, Kathryn took their names and Michael B welcomed them, Michael F started by giving the welcome talk and giving the guests a run down of LVI and explaining the white light protection and what it does. We left the base room and made our way up to the board room, Clare went to do her live, when we got to the board room the guest sat around the tables and Kathryn asked them to join hands while she did the white light protection.

Board Room
Kathryn, Michael B, Michael F, Colin
Cat Balls, Rem Bear, K2

We remained in the board room, Michael B started calling out to the spirits and asking them to come forward and make themselves known to us, the cat ball on the table went off after a while, all the team took it turns to call out to the spirits, it was hard at first to try and get a response from the spirits and they did not want to play but after about half an hour or so, we did start getting taps from corners of the room and we did hear foot steps coming from the upper level, one of the cat balls started going off and it seemed it was a young man who had taken a liking to one of the female guest, nearly every time she asked him a question the ball would light up, it did seem the spirit liked a laugh, we could not get a name for this spirit and he did not want to give out to many details, a few of the guests said it felt like their chairs were vibrating, like someone had just walked past and at times the room did seem to get very cold, we all tried to keep the energy going and encourage the spirits to come out and talk to us but the room seemed to have calmed down, so the team decided to take a break.

After the break we split into two groups, Michael b, Michael F were one group and Kathryn and Colin were the other group, Clare floated.

Pharmacy and Vet room
Kathryn and Colin.
K2, Rem Bear, Cat Balls.

We made our way to the Pharmacy and the guests spread out around the room and passage way, Kathryn started calling out but we did not get any response, we put a K2 on the floor and one on the counter and a cat ball on the floor in the passage and a rem bear on the operation table, we had a few taps but we debunked has it was the radiator, the room seemed very still and calm, there were a few taps from the passage and the cat ball did flash a couple of times in the passage, Colin asked the spirits to welcome us and to make themselves known but nothing, after a short time the rem bear flashed a couple of times but nothing after this, the team tried to encourage the spirits to interact with us but it just seemed so flat, so the team decided to move on.

Cobbled Street Scene
Kathryn and Colin
K2, Cat Balls, Rem Bear.

Equipment was placed around the room, rem bear was on the wheelbarrow, K2 on the ladder and cat balls on the floor, the team started calling out and encouraging the spirits to communicate with us and to use all our energy, nothing seemed to happen, so Kathryn got the guests to form a circle and hold hands and asked the spirits to choose someone they would like to use to talk to us, they chose of the guests, we put her in the middle and Kathryn asked the spirit to use this guest to communicate with us but then there was a bang on the metal doors on the floor behind us, which made everyone jump, we stopped what we were doing and asked the spirit if they could do that again, after a while we all heard a cat meowing from the other room, Colin went to check but found nothing, the team called out again but there was just silence, then there was three loud bangs coming from a display cabinet in the other room, then the lift doors opened and at the same time there was a loud and long hiss which did scare us all, we made our way to the other room to see if it would happen while we are all there. While we were calling out the rem bear which was on the wheelbarrow in the room we just left started flashing, we all started asking it questions and it did seem to reply to our questions, it seemed to be a male spirit and it seemed to like one of the female guest, the spirit said that the female guest reminded him of someone he know, we did have a few taps and noises, the spirit which we were communicating with seemed to have left and the room felt calm once again.

Army Display Room
Kathryn and Colin
Cat Balls, K2, Rem Bear

We made our way to the army room and put out a few cat balls and the rem bear by the lift , the guests spread out around the room, Kathryn started calling out, Colin asked if William was there, the cat ball flashed straight away and everyone who said good evening William the cat ball flashed, it was a great start and the team was hoping it would continue but it then just seemed to have stopped, there was spirit that Kathryn knows who does walk this room and she asked if he had stopped William coming forward, we had no response, the team asked the guest to gather round a display and join hands to see if we could get the energy going, it just seemed to be really flat, we did get a loud bang on the floor and the odd tap but nothing seemed to want to talk to us.

Attic Space
Kathryn and Colin
K2, Rem Bear, Cat Balls.

We made our way to the attic and got comfortable, we placed the rem bear at the back of the attic and placed cat balls on the type writer and on the floor, we started calling out and in a instant the rem bear was flashing, at moments it did seem to answer some of our questions, the lift seemed to be making lots of noise, there was not much time left so Kathryn said to the spirit if you want us to leave please make the bear flash, which it did, so with that, we said our goodbyes to the spirits and left.

Richmondshire museum did not disappoint in any way, it just took a time for the spirits to build their energy up and let us know they were there, an amazing investigation and some wonderful guest.

Richmond museum
Big mick and little micks group wright up.

War room.
Equipment used, touch sensitive bear, cat balls.
We got guest settled down in the war room, then we started to call out to the spirits of the building, we told spirits that we don't mean them any disrespect or harm, and none of they equipment we are using will hurt you and we are here to find out your story.
We asked spirit to come towards our voices and come out of the shadows and there's no need to be scared of us.
Wasn't long before we herd to load bang witch sounded like they were on the floor and we didn't even ask spirit to do this we were talking amongst ourselves at the time this got the guest excited so we asked spirit if they could camunicate with us threw the bear and the cat balls, big mick asked spirit if we could use the bear as a yes answer the bear light up and then big mick asked if we could use the cat ball as a no answer, the cat ball light up on command all guest couldn't belive the response from the spirit we asked if he was a solder and connected to some of the artifacts in the glass cabinets we herd what was like tapping on the glass cabinet and a scratching noise comeing from the floor some guest started calling out to spirit and asked if he was a drummer boy we had no response clare joined us and we herd noises coming for the kitchen table display inthe room so we placed the bear on the table, little mick called out to spirt and asked if there was any children with us it took a few moments befor the bear light up so we went with thus but had no more response from spirit clare called out to see if we had a geaorge present with us, we herd a few taps and the lift made a banging noise we put this down to spirit we think we were camunicateing with a solider from world war but couldn't get witch war it was, we decided to take a short break and move on to next location.

Attic space
Equipment used k2 cat balls, rem pod, touch bear, dowsing rods, touch sensitive elephant witch belonged to a guest who had been doing a lone vigil in the Attic by himself witch is very brave because of what goes on in there.
We asked spirits if the could make them self's knowing to us and one guest got the name Edith from the 1868s so we called out to Edith and the cat ball light up we placed some guest in the far corner of the Attic unknowing to guests this corner is very active, one guse had spirit wissper in her ear and the frightened her and her friend, we started to see spirit moving about us by light for and this started behind clare when she was at the top of the ramp, clare started to get a pian in her eye so we asked spirit if the could take this impression of her and another guest started to get realy emotional to the point she had tears coming down her face and she didn't now why this was happening.
Clare left the room to try and take the impression of her we asked Edith if this was how she had passed the impression clare was getting you could actually see spirit by light for moving towards the carball before it light up this spirits energy was very strong and didn't feel intimating.
The female guest who was crying just all of a sudden stopped and apologised for it we said there's no need it would have been spirit putting the impression on you we left this space and thanked spirit for there camunication.

The house display in the musem.
Equipment catballs and k2.
We only spent a short space of time in this room it was very cold in there, we called out to spirit and we had a little boy join us who like the k2 and uses that to camunicate with us we found out he was linked to the North East and he was part of the D.L.I in Durham and big mick flashed his ankles again for spirit and the k2 went to red, and the spirit boy liked to play with the balls every time we asked if he like playing with the balls the k2 flickered to red very strong energy from this spirit and we think he had been following us all night. We left this room and moved on to the chemist room.
Equipment cat balls bear and spirit talker app in this room we asked spirit if we could here them come towards us and set the cat ball of we herd the floor start and creak and the cat ball went of and the room were the gust were the carbon monoxide divice started going of for no reason and one guest felt like there was a spirit behind her when this happened the room went very dark dark and guest and clare started to feel uneasy and the spirt was coming forward we couldn't figure out who this was but the energy from spirit wasn't very nice at all.
Train room display with all the old toys.
Equipment radio, and k2 .
Clare asked spirit if they could talk threw this device and give us there name we hot a male spirit threw who was called Andy and he was very aggressive to the point were he told us to F**K **F we told him we weren't going any were then another male came forward called Marcus and he worked at the museum he just came threw tho say hello then he said, I have To go now, one guest did say that she new Marcus and he used to work at the museum witch amazed everyone in the group, all guests took park and even calling out to spirits witch mad the night and what a night it was at Richmond museum, this little rabbit warren  never disappoints and what a night it was at the museum we thanked spirits for there communication and end the investigation the time there just flew by.