EXCLUSIVE- Richmondshire Museum Friday 6th January 2023


Team members - Chris, Michael and Claire 

Michael’s write up
We started the night with Claire reading the white light protection in the room with all the cabinets in, Michael started the calling out after the white light protection,
5 mins in to calling out one guest started feeling really hot from the waist up, the guest was with a group of about 6 people, Claire started to call out to spirit with a few different names but we had no response.
Michael picked up the name Joanne and asked the spirit to step away from the lady, the guest was starting to feel cold with in a few minutes and one of the mannequins was pushed over on to the floor and then there was tapping on the glass further down the room like as if the spirit had ran away from the guest. We had responses by knocks and taps as-well. Charlie one of the guest was picking up on a father and son who was killed down the mines and their body's were brought to the building when it was a undertakers, we decided to split up in tho 2 groups Claire went off with her group, and Michael and Chris stayed with the rest of the guests, Charlie started to use his dowsing rods and got response to his questions about the father and son who was killed down the mine he got the name Thomas for the farther but couldn't get the sones name, we decided to take a break.
Chris and Michael then took the guest to the chemists room with the doll some guest decided to call her as Abigail we took glow in the dark balls, the yes no table, rem bear, we started calling out and straight away we were getting responses on Abigail.
We had the spirit of a man with us who used to work behind the counter of the chemists and he was responding by tapping on the glass like if he was trying to open the cabinets to get to the medication, and he was opening the draws around the back of the cabinets.
We the all rejoined Claire's group in the meeting room were we started calling between Chris Claire and Michael but it seemed pretty flat, so we decided to split up and Michael and Chris's group went up into the attic space, on walking in one guest started feeling uncomfortable so Michael asked the guests to stand in a circle to build up the energy in the room and the guest was really uncomfortable and didn't want to be in the room so she stood in the middle of the circle to make her self feel comfortable, at this point Chris opened the door to the attic and made us all jump, the guest found it funny in the end.
Zoe's office was pretty quiet rem bear went off on questions but we debunked it it was when we were walking around the vibrations of the floor boards were setting the bear off.
Overall we had a good night at Richmond museum, keeps on given great stories this building.

Claire’s write up
Prior to guests arriving I witnessed a small female in a black fitted bodice and black skirt walk across the bottom of the room, on exploring the area we noticed a wooden loom which was from the era of the lady seen.
Once guests arrived we undertook white light protection in a circle around a cabinet within the white room. We stayed within the circle and encouraged the energies to build. Some members of the group started to feel pressure both internal and external to the circle. Some people felt touches to their hands and temperature changes. The energies continued to build and a guest saw a lady with a white headdress. This person may have been a nurse. The name Joanne was picked up. The lady infront of the white lady was called Joanne!
Claire saw a white ball of energy move toward and into this group, it was at this time Joanne felt extremely hot from her waist up, she wasn't perturbed…her friends moved around her to talk and a mannequin which was next to them flew to the floor with force, the group were rather surprised.
Within this time guests picked up on a
child in the room called James. James is very playful spirit we heard giggles and taps all around the room. Guests identifed he was there with his sibling Baz, Baz too was playful and was able to move the illuminated ball when asked.
Claire asked the guests to move to a part of the room they were drawn to. The energies again we're building with everyone feeling the room was darkening, as we were talking about a spirit named Thomas who had passed away in the mines with his son, everyone heard a very loud and surprising crack. It resembled a bullet flying through the air.
The room became quiet therefore we felt it was an opportunity to recoup energy and split into groups.
Claire in the attic with musical rem pods and EMF. The attic was quiet, we called out with very little responses and no replies from any equipment. Whilst in the attic Claire saw a very black, thin spirit walk past a guest who, at the same time, felt it walk past him. The guest reported feeling this spirit was hanging around in the area not coming out of the shadows. He continued to stay in the attic on a lone vigil in an attempt to communicate. Unfortunately the spirit didn't engage him.
Claire in clothing room with spirit voice box radio. Again all was quiet nothing came through. We decided to return to the white room where this group had had numerous experiences earlier in the night. We took the dowsing rods and Ouija board. The dowsing rods identified a male spirit in the room connected to one of the guests, we used the Ouija board to allow for improved communication however nothing came through. It was at this point, we all decided to join up into a large group to rebuild energies.
Everyone in the conference room with EMF bears. All was quiet, we felt there was a male in the room however he failed to engage with us.
Claire in the pharmacy yes/ no table, all was quiet, again. We moved to the street scene in an attempt to engage the Victorian lady which I had seen earlier in the night, however after another calm room we decided we had used the energy of the building. We said our thank you's to spirit and bid farewell.
Analysis: Richmondshire museum, wowwee!! What amazing audible and visual spirits. We had a wonderful 90m of activity however the museum fell silent soon after. However I feel the spirits will, as they become more attuned to us, will pace themselves and give more each time we go there. The guest were amazing we laughed and had fun. Thank you for a fabulous evening of spooky stalking 

Thank you to all the guests for giving it their all throughout the night. GO TEAM RICHMONDSHIRE MUSEUM