EXCLUSIVE Richmondshire Museum - Friday 7th July 2023

Richmondshire Museum – 7th July

Team members
Chris LVI, Katie, and Michael B.

We started the evening with the LVI talk done by Chris then we went to do group photos, Chris then conducted the white light in the cobled area.
After the white light, Chris went off to do his live on Facebook, so as a full group, we stayed in the cobled area and this is where we started our investigation. Michael B started calling out to the spirits of the building to come and join us, and we were there just to find out their story and why they were still in the building, wasn't long beforenwe started here noises comeing from the other room and it was like the spirits were cheking us out we in curaged this spirit to come and walk among us, as we were picking up on this spirit we decide to use a k2 to see if this spirit would come and join us.
We placed the k2 in the door way and incuraged then spirit and reassured the spirit that the device won't hurt then in any way and we weren't there to judge them, there was definitely some thing in that room and one guest suregested moving the k2 to the wooden post in the middle of us. It wasn't long before a female gust was feeling a cold breeze around her legs so we asked if there was any spirits with us and the k2 light up in response to the we found that it was a little boy spirit who felt comfortable around the female guest and she did say it felt like the little boy was hugging her legs for comfort, the spirit of the little boy seemed to come and go out of the room like if there was another spirit scarring him of we asked the question is this correct and is this why you were hugging the female guest legs because of this negative spirit and the k2 light up with response to the questions every body felt drained in this area and it was 10:30 so we decided to give the spirits a brake and we said thank you to spirits for the camunecation and if we came back to that area with a smaller group would you still camunicate with us it did seem to go flat in this area as if the spirits had left, we went for a break and Chris rejoined us from his live

‘The Boardroom’

Intuition, K2, Dowsing Rods, Rem Bear, Ouija Board and Music Box and Cat Ball as trigger objects

We introduced ourselves to the spirits of the room and sat around the table. Rem Bear was head of the table, a guest using the dowsing rods with their signs for ‘yes’ and ‘no’ already defined, and the K2/cat ball on the opposite end of the table. The music box was placed near the doorway.

The atmosphere was already noticeable in the room so we began calling out straightaway. Instant hit on the dowsing rods that confirmed we had company, with accompanying taps clearly audible at opposing ends of the room. We ascertained we had a male spirit in the room and that they were attached to the building, although hadn’t worked there. We asked spirit if they could point to anyone they wanted to communicate through around the table. The rods pointed in Katie’s direction – to test if this was the case - she swapped seats with a guest on the opposite side of the table. The rods followed the direction with short spikes on the K2, so we asked if it would be easier if we used their energy to communicate through the board – the answer was a resounding yes with a hit on the K2 as double confirmation!

We opened the board and the guests settled in to make a start – straightaway there was clear, smooth activity on the board. The spirit confirmed the following:

He had come to see ‘KC’ and confirmed this by pointing the planchette to the guest in question. Spirit confirmed that we were talking to a male, the guest didn’t know him, but he felt attached to her, and not the building (same as from the dowsing rods).

We asked if spirit would be okay to let us know giving us their name – he said yes to spelling name out, but no to actually spelling it, this seemed confusing but then we concluded that spirit may not be able to spell – so we tried the numbers.

Spirit wouldn't give his age, he said that he did know what year it was currently, but wouldn't move to the numbers! So, let’s make it about you, spirit! Year died: 1573 and followed this up with a ‘yes’ movement to that being correct.

Now the board was warming up as asked if spirit might like to give us the first initial of his name: ‘M A U G H’ came out, but this was not his name or where he lived….we asked if he was just giving us random letters, and he moved to ‘yes’! This spirit also seemed to spike the K2 and get talkative when there was general laughter and banter amongst the group.

We now managed to ascertain that the spirit was 37 years old, he didn’t work here, but he did have a job and was quite adamant about that.

He confirmed that he wasn't downstairs with us before, and does not go downstairs. This isn’t because he is stopped from doing so, but he doesn't feel safe near the other spirits of the building. We asked how many spirits were in the building tonight and he talked of there being seven this evening, and that three of them were in the board room. At this point the K2 spiked and confirmed this. He said that none of them can spell and hadn’t received a formal education, but they didn’t mind us being here in their space. He also confirmed that he could make the bear flash, but he just didn’t want to, cheeky!

We asked if there was any message that any of the spirits wanted to give to our guest who had been linked with this spirit and rather than confirmed ‘yes’ or ‘no’ spirit spelled out ‘P R U W R T’ – we knew that spirit couldn’t spell so we gave spirit some words that he may be trying to spell - 'property' was confirmed. Spirit confirmed that he came from the same ‘land’ as our guest (around Darlington) and he knows where it is. He also confirmed that he hadn’t lived in the house that she had recently bought, but he was attached to the land it was built on (previously in the calling out session downstairs the word ‘mortgage’ came up on one of the apps a guest was using, which seemed out of place, but perhaps not so for this session?) The guest cheekily asked if spirit would like to pay her mortgage – and moved the planchette swiftly to ‘NO’ with a K2 hit to boot!

The guest knew of some stories about witchcraft in the local area near to where she lives, the spirit confirmed that he was indeed a witch when he was alive, and was rather good at it! He wasn't an evil or bad witch, and that all three spirits in the room that were communicating were witches. This seemed confusing as we were talking about witches and not warlocks so to confirm we asked if spirit was male, they confirmed that no they weren’t - we just assumed this before!

There was some more light-hearted banter between the guests on the board that perhaps we didn’t have a flirty male spirit as we first thought. One guest joked, ‘Are we still sexy?’ and she said ‘YES’ with the K2 flashing at the same time – we all laughed as this spirit definitely saw the lighter side of the humour and energy in the room.

We asked if the witch we were communicating through was related to our ‘chosen guest’ and she confirmed that she was blood related and was one of her ancestors.

We wondered how spirit had passed and they could spell 'D E A T H S’ out on the board – we continued with ‘YES/NO’ questions and found that his hadn’t been due to an illness such as the black death or the plague, but from witch trials in the area at the time.

We asked a little bit about the other spirits of the building as these didn’t want to roam further than this room and they confirmed that the little boy we were communicating with downstairs is frightened, but not of her. This seemed to tie in with the information we had received from the little boy in the old street scene.

As a last attempt to use the letters on the board we asked if the other spirits were able to help her spell out a message for us – ‘N R O R’ came up, and at this point the planchette began to run slowly so we said goodbye, and that we would let spirit build their energy back up as by this point we had been in the room for just over an hour without realising. When we said ‘goodbye’ the planchette slowly spelled out 'FOR NOW' and the K2 flashed in confirmation!

We were on a high after all this communication and wondered if we could get any other spirits to come forward with some table tipping. We tried this for around 10 minutes, but at this point they definitely needed a rest – and so did we! A quick break before venturing onto our next area.

Chemist/veterinary scene

Rem Bear, Cat Ball, K2, Intuition

As soon as we went lights out we felt the energy in this room. The K2 spiked in sharp response to questions – we had a spirit with us and they wanted to communicate. At this point one of the guests felt a blow of breath on her neck/face area – we have had this on previous visits to the museum so we gathered for a human pendulum….the guest who had been blowed on was chosen as our conduit – this wasn’t surprising as we felt she had been chosen before the circle was formed!

During the questioning, we were having confirmation hits on the K2 once again. Spirit told us the following:

She was female, aged between 30-40 and had lived in a section of the building with her family. When she talked of her family this wasn’t parents and siblings, but her fiancé. We wanted to get a feel for a timeframe and got this to around the 1900s, but it was definitely not after the 1920s.

We asked if her fiancé had been involved in the First World War – a resounding yes movement with K2 spike. From further questioning, he hadn’t made it home from the Great War, and she stayed on this plain looking for him and that she was happy to keep looking for him, as she had never really moved on with her life after he had passed away – indeed it seemed that she hadn’t survived for much longer after his death herself. As were talking to her about this tragic story, she blew in the guest’s face once again and she confirmed that she didn’t do it to just let people know she was about, she wanted to give them a scare, but just a little one as there was no malice in it.

We asked spirit if we could try and get a letter for her first name to see if we could perhaps guess – ‘C’ came out as a yes and after a few names were confirmed as no’s she eventually confirmed with, ‘Charlotte’.

We asked if Charlotte would like us to continue communicating and she said, ‘no’. We asked if it was perhaps time for us to leave and let her be in her space alone and she said ‘yes’. We always respect spirit, so we thanked Charlotte, said our goodbyes and gathered our equipment up.

The Attic

Rem Bear, K2, Cat Ball Intuition (Spare Underwear!)

We placed the rem bear and cat ball around the ‘creepy’ corner – there were immediate hits on both pieces of equipment as we settled in and before we had an opportunity to call out – we thought it might be because we referred to the area as ‘creepy corner’ to which the spirit confirmed. We placed the K2 on the other side of the attic on a table and this began getting activity also. The atmosphere felt a little unsettling for some of our guests, and also Michael and Katie didn’t feel 100% in this space.

We called out and asked if spirit was here earlier in the night when we were having a walk around. Quiet. We asked if spirit wanted to come and join us to which the equipment lit up – we welcomed spirit out of the shadows to join us and that we came here with respect.

There was still an uneasy feeling in the room, so we tried to reassure spirit that we were not there to disrespect them, or cause any trouble. At this point a small flash of light could be seen coming from the direction of the corner and travel behind our guest who was leaning against a cupboard – the K2 which was next to her spiked and there was a HUGE crash in the room – when we turned the lights on, two hardback books were on the floor and looking around we were not sure where they had come from. Michael had taken a photo when we entered the attic so we check that and could clearly see the two books lay flat on top of the cupboard where the old typewriter was situated.

Nerves were a little on edge after this happened so we picked the books up and put them on the counter. We asked spirit if this was their way of letting us know they were there…no activity. We asked if it was because they didn’t want us there – taps.

Again, to be respectful we gathered up our equipment to leave the space. However, this had left us with mixed feelings of both excitement and fright.

Artifacts Room

K2, Rem Bear, Intuition

We placed the K2 by an old door from the 16th century, given that we were talking to a spirit before from 1573 – we got no hits and the rem bear by the dining room scene was also quiet.

At this point, nerves were a little frayed and that we had had some big pieces of evidence. As time was ticking on we called it a night, but thanked the spirits of Richmondshire for - once again – making themselves known and giving us so much communication.

We can’t wait to come back to this absolute gem of a building. What an amazing night, perhaps you could argue it was an investigator’s dream…or nightmare!