Energy Lantern
Proximity Bear
Music Box

So once the guests had been welcomed and completed their white light protection, Clare proceeded to head to the creepy Attic.

As starting the live, the bear began to flash and as Clare called out to spirits to step away from the bear, it stopped on request.

It wasn’t long before viewers at home were hearing taps and knocks in response to the questions Clare was asking. A whistle was also heard along with a groan type noise.

Clare continued to call out as the response was continued on the proximity bear. With the help of viewers at home, it was the spirit of a girl who was called Marie. Marie wasn’t linked to the land or the building but had apparently come with a male guest of the night. She had come with me to the cellar to take care of me.
Marie also had never been spoken to since her passing and knew this was her chance of being heard.
Clare asked if there was a throat condition that Marie had suffered due to Clare’s throat feeling ‘strange and weird’. Viewers picked up that Marie had put the effect on my throat as she wanted to be heard.

With a few taps and bangs and alot of relative responses on the proximity bear, Clare kept calling out to find out Marie’s story more. But unfortunately wasn’t able to get any actual confirmation on anything further.

A shift in energy changed at the same time as the proximity bear changed sides of its lights to communicate. A male spirit was soon picked up on and Chris, our team member and a few guests who have been previously felt this was a male spirit called James they have contacted with previously. With a few hints for Clare to call out to contact with spirit, it was soon confirmed this was the male spirit they thought of.
James is associated with a uniform that is within the building. He has a secret story that he doesn’t like being talked about which is to do with his sexuality. James becomes quite guarded and tries to stop anyone discussing this.
The atmosphere changed as Clare continued to talk about his sexuality to try to tell him it’s nothing to be ashamed of. A loud thud followed by heavy footsteps were heard by Clare as she continued to feel very uneasy. A loud groan was heard at the same time as the walkie talkie went off by Ged our team member, letting Clare know they were going for a break.
Metal tapping was heard but discovered this was guests on their break in the toilet areas.

Clare thanked the spirits for coming forward and the viewers at home for their help and support. And the live came to a close.

What was really interesting when Clare rejoined with the group was that they had contacted a spirit who had taken a shine to a male guests that was potentially some kind of uniform service. They actually had asked as a whole group for this spirit to come up to join Clare…this would have tied in around the same time that the atmosphere shifted and a male presence made himself known to Clare in the Attic.

Thank you to everyone who tuned in and participated. You really are our eyes and ears at home during the Live.


The night started with Claire welcoming the guests and photos taken for website.After greeting all the guests all team members Colin Kate, Ged and trialist Sharon moved everyone to the 2nd floor conference room where we had already eat up a REM bear (on) K2 (off) and movement detector (on) . On approaching the door Ged seen the REM bear activating and showed 3-4 guests through the glass panel the bear being activated with no one yet in the room , all guests where informed of what most had witnessed before we even entered the room. Ged completed the white light protection with all taking part and we settled down along with the 2 museum staff members to try and communicate with spirit.

Conference room,
Equipment used, REM bear, K2 meter, movement detector, (Guests cat ball) .

All guests sat around the table and all 18 joined hands as Ged started to introduce everyone to spirit and ask out. Guests where asked if anyone could feel anything or picking anything up. It was noted 2 guests Jo and Ricky where skeptics which LVI always especially like as it’s a good way of keeping everyone grounded to activity . A guest placed her cat ball in the far corner of the room on top of a bench and the REM bear,K2 , and movement detector where put around the table out of everybody’s reach . Guests where informed how each device worked and we started asking for spirit to confirm they where with us.
The REM bear activated and kept activating when asked questions . We agreed it was a child male spirit but no names where picked up on by anyone. Guests asked very good questions and spirit informed us it would like to use the REM bear around the table being placed in turn in front of everyone a good way to get every guest to become involved. When it came to Jo the bear was very active and she stated she didn’t understand how it was concentrating on her . A lot of laughter was generated and activity picked up esp at these
times, the REM bear also took a shine to Ricky ( the other sceptic) who also appeared to struggle with how it was interacting with him on him asking questions Ricky especially found it hard to explain how on 2 separate occasions the cat ball and REM bear activated simultaneously! After approximately and hr we thanked spirit for activity contacted Claire who was on her lone vigil and decided to have a break.
Guests appeared to be overwhelmed by how much interaction they had witnessed and spoke about it during their break


Clare | Kate | Trial Sharon

So after a break we split into small groups where we headed off to the Attic to see if we could continue the story from Clare’s Live feed.

As we entered the Attic, the proximity bear could be seen flashing. We all settled as a group and began to call out.
A guest was picking up the spirit of a girl that felt she was starved that was connected to the building. We shifted some equipment around in areas that the guest had felt needed to be placed and the bear continued to respond. With so much activity on the bear, it was hard to work out what was in response to questions.

To gather some more energy, we all formed a circle and held hands. Clare decided to go on from the spirit James from the live to talk about his story more in the hope of more response other than the bear flashing.
During this time, another guest who was filming on a video recorder had noticed his battery massively drain after just putting a fresh battery in.

These 2 guests went into another room for a lone vigil in the attic area after this to complete their own investigation.

Still holding hands in a circle, Clare continued to call out to James. The circle soon noticed a huge change in temperature with icy cold blasts. A male in the group was placed alone in an area of the attic to see if he could get any response. This never happens despite his efforts.
A REM Bear that was placed around the corner began to beep and the battery became drained. With this, the activity on the proximity bear constantly flashing….the guests video recorder battery being drained and now the REM bear being drained it was clear something or someone was effecting equipment for energy.

Despite our efforts, nothing further happened as a group in this area despite our great energy and team work to try. A fantastic effort from all.

We decided to join the 2 guests who were in another part of the attic and upon entering, they were in absolute hysterics and fits of uncontrollable laughter….was this down to spirit?

They had connected with a hound boy Approx 12, a male spirit who was uniform background based and the spirit of a lady. They had had a few taps and bangs within the room along with seeing figures manifesting by the doorway. No names were made clear but they also received a lot of responses on the proximity bear.
The room was quiet as we started to call out and the energy from the spirits the lone vigil guests had been getting had gone flat with us joining them. We tried calling out and soon realised that with some relative responses to questions, we had a male spirit with us, he wasn’t happy Clare was in the room and didn’t like her for telling a story. The name Johnny was confirmed. A male figure was seen by a couple of guests and the sound of what can only be described as rustling paper was heard clearly. As we closed the session down to head for a break, we found that the rustle noise was infact tissue paper in the room on a shelf. This had absolutely nobody near us at this time of hearing it being rustled.

To our groups shock to realise it was approaching 1am, at how fast the night had gone we refreshed our batteries with a quick coffee before setting off to give the night one big push.

In the street area, Clare was setting up the spirit box, the bear and a music box along with an ouija board that was placed inside the Fenwick shop. A couple of guests and Clare were amazed as the words ‘You should be scared’ came through the spirit box along with ‘I am here’ and ‘I am watching you’. After this, it was turned off due to it strangely scanning constantly. Another piece of equipment working strangely.

An ouija board session began as the board was opened up and 3 full sceptics gave it a try. This group were family and all sceptics and were told to believe and keep positive. The planchette eventually began to move very slowly, to their surprise as they all began doubting each other. They kept up their positivity and with great energy from them to their disbelief, they soon became in touch with the spirit of a boy called Oliver who had very little energy but he done an amazing job to help communicate. Oliver was about 12, he lived at the museum and he was happy and able to come and go as he pleased. The magnetic energy that was described by the group on the table had suddenly gone and they felt that the spirit of Oliver had gone. It was at this same moment, Clare had an uneasy feeling before noticing that the planchette began to move strangely where Clare jumped on the board very quickly to shut down. The guests around the board at this time also felt a total shift in change of energy within the planchette.

During the night we had the lift moving Approximately 3 times with absolutely nobody in the building activating this. The curators of the building confirmed that this should not be happening but it was heard each time by the whole group of the night.

A group of guests were in the chemist room, a group were taking part in an ouija board session and had some amazing activity throughout this session. Now I could be wrong and I do at this point need to confirm with them, that they contacted a spirit of a little boy also named Oliver.

The group ended their ouija board session and tried some transfiguration. An old man came forward during this session and showed himself.

The night came to an end in the blink of an eye and it was clear that everyone had an incredible night.
The whole group of the night were a full mixture of those who believe to theirs who don’t believe in anyway shape or form. EVERYONE in the night despite their own beliefs were absolutely amazing with energy, respect to others and the spirits. Everyone regardless was open minded to the possibility that they may or may not experience anything and for this, that is all we can ever ask! Thank you to everyone for really making the night what it was, we couldn’t have done it without your positive attitudes and willingness to keep pushing through. We look forward to seeing you all again soon

Richmondshire museum : Ged and Colin

Claire came after her Facebook live and groups were created Ged and Colin , and Kate, Claire , and Sharon split up Claire’s group going to the attic with Ged and Colin going to vets display.

Vets display:
Equipment used. ITC device, K2 (Wendy) , K2 , REM pod,
We placed the REM pod in a room full of display cabinets and everybody went into the vets display section. We asked out not getting a lot of K2 hits only a few we couldn’t collaborate with any other activity we acquired until the ITC device said Bones , I wasn’t,t aware I was actually sat next to a display with Roman bones in it it was pointed out by a guest the word tunnels was generated to which Ged said why would we get tunnels nothings collaborated and was then informed by a guest Richmond is a warren of tunnels. We continued to ask out , for the REM to be activated or a tapping noise 1-2 which were heard but we couldn’t rule out noise contamination .

Second floor ( multiple displays ) school, military, local archeology.
Equipment used, K2 REM pod, ITC device, music.
We started off by asking any spirit to come forward and interacted with us. We placed the REM pod by the doorway and a K2 (Wendy ) at the back of the room and ITC device on top of a desk so all could see it. After asking out for a while no real activity was detected the ITC appeared to be giving out random words we couldn’t positively collaborate again was connected to what we were getting . It appeared unusual no names where generated, I asked for the soldiers who may,ve been attached to the uniforms from members of the Green Howards to make themselves known as a courtesy to another ex serviceman someone’s who’s relatives had also served in this regiment. The name Thomas was generated and we tried to get more contact that would make up believe it was a Thomas connected to the uniform, no real evidence could be realistically confirmed , statement s where generated like “I can see you” take a photo. We decided to move onto the attic.

The attic :
Equipment used, K2 REM pod ITC device,cat ball.
We all got together in the main part of the attic set up equipment and started to ask out , a few taps where heard, ITC words couldn’t be connected so we decided to split the group into a smaller number to see if more activity could be gained Ged could 4 guests into the other part of the separated off attic.

GED’s group 2nd part of attic,
Equipment used Wendy K2 , ITC device.
We sat in the attic and asked out not much activity from K2 or relevant words on ITC it was only after a period of time we stated we would all regroup for a break before our final efforts to contact spirit the K2 activate d a few times.

GED’s 4 guests, toilet corridor.
Equipment used crystal board , REM bear, ITC, REM pod.
Guests had asked to investigate the toilet corridor and Ged took 4 of them into the corridor and set up the REM bear on a chair near the lift and REM pod at far end of corridor, the crystal boards set up on the floor outside the lift. Lois 1 of the guests said she’d felt uneasy going into the toilet area and Ged stated he’d felt same when having to go there during the night as he felt he was being watched. Lois said she’d had the name Mary who she believed had been murdered there by a soldier. 2 guests , James, Steve, was very sceptical and don’t think we could corroborate any evidence. We started asking out and the lift door opened unexpectedly making everyone jump, Claire contacted Ged on the walk-in talking asking if we had activated the lift and was informed at NO TIME. Did we activate the lift. We used the crystal board and were receiving brilliant results Mary stated she had been murdered by a solider during the 1940’s Steve and James where a little sceptical so Lois showed James how to use the crystal board and he agreed reluctantly to give it a try , Steve was gobsmacked that he was asking questions and getting relevant responses and asked Ged how it worked, Ged stated he couldn’t tell him it was paranormal activity but how else could Steve explain it ? James got the activity coming through the crystal board and stated he could actually feel the energy going through the device Ged asked him how he felt now James stating it’s unbelievable!!! We left the area thanking Mary for her interaction and sis doodle bless and left returning to the main group before all guests left the event.

It was only realised on the way home Ged and Colin travelling together they had not been aware how much activity could be corroborated! On leaving the military display James (guest) had noted on the name of Thomas connected to the military uniforms was displayed on some of the written information on the walls as the uniform belonged to him , and when asked by the ITC device to take a photo he did, and had shown us during the 2nd break , Ged being unaware it was taken at that time and showed James facing 1 way his back to his mam ( who had taken the photo ) and showed a man wearing glasses holding something in his hand James believed this was Thomas ( hopefully the guest will fwd the photo for all too see) Strange …….
Thanks Richmondshire museum for a brill night guests full of energy ( eventually) and hopefully now not as sceptical !

Richmond Museum

Conference Room, Colins Group
5 Guest.
Ouija board
Colins group made their way to the conference room, Colin opened the Ouija board and put it on the table, only two guest wanted to do the Ouija board, the guest were calling for a message to be spelt out, after about 5 minutes they were getting a spirit of a female coming forward and explaining to them that she was 45 when she passed and she had 12 children and that her husband worked and died in the mine, the spirit was asked what was your husbands name and the board spelt out Ceryl, the guest asked how the lady died, the female spirt seemed to have affect another guest and made feel sweaty and very sick and had to leave the room for a while. The Ouija board seemed to go and just as the guest was going to say goodbye, there was a faint whistle and white flash of light that was witnessed by all the guest in the room, the guest that left the room returned and Colin closed the Ouija board and Colin said to the guest that it was now to 2 clock and we need to be making our back to the base room, as we left the conference room we thanked the spirits for all they have done for us.
What a wonderful evening, it seemed to me that the guest enjoyed themselves and was amazed at some of the activity we had caught, the time seemed to go so quick, Richmond museum is truly a great location to do.

What will you uncover when the lights go out?