Richmondshire museum
Chris, Colin, Sharon and Abbey

We started off the night with Chris giving the welcome talk and then we went upstairs into the meeting room to do the white light.

Meeting room
Cat balls, rem bear, temperature gun.

Chris went to do his line vigil whilst the team and guests stayed in the meeting room to talk to spirit. The team and guests asked spirit questions however we had no responses. Guests said they could see a tall man at the door. The temperature in certain areas of the room kept having temperature drops always to 13 degrees. One of the guests said that he could sense a man watching and walking around the room. There were some knocks and bangs and at times at the back near the door guests and team members felt the floor move. It was felt as we were not receiving any responses from the questions and the ladies who saw the tall man at the door said he had gone so it was time to have a quick break before we split down into our groups.

Sharon's and Abbeys group
Cat balls, rem pod, bender

As we walked into the attic the atmosphere felt heavy. Sharon and Abbey placed equipment around the attic and then began calling out to spirt. There was a noise coming from inside the elevator which lasted a second. There were no more noises from that area. Abbey put bender in the middle of the floor to see what evidence we could collect unfortunately bender did not want to cooperate as he was drained from his energy. After a time the rem pod which was close to a guest began flashing, Sharon asked the guest to step away from it just incase it was accidentally touched, this was not the case as the rem pod kept going off until the battery was drained and would not work again. Abbey investigated the rem pod and it would not turn back on. Several guests were using ghost tube apps as away to communicate they did recieve some words. The energy in the room at shifted so we moved onto our next location.

The small room next to the attic.
Cat balls.

When entering the room, it felt strange not in the sense of energy but like it was moving. The guests spread across the room and cat balls were placed around. The floor near the door felt as though it was moving a guest and Abbey felt nautious it was a though we were rocking on a boat. All guests and team members were still however there seemed to be movement on the floor, when guests walked over it was different to what was felt when everyone was still. One of the ladies recieved several names which actually related to one of the other guests.
It was time to leave the room and as soon as we got out of the room everyone felt better.

Small room with costumes.
Ouji board

Sharon opened the Ouji board which several guests joined in. The guests tried to build the energy up to make it easier to communicate however nothing happened and the room felt quiet.

Room with artifacts
Cat balls

The guests spread across the room, one of the guests saw a picture of a soldier and said it looked exactly the same as a passed family member. They passed last year. Guests and the team called out to spirit but again we got nothing, so went and had a break.

Street scene.
Table tipping, k2, cat balls, rem bear.

Abbey placed a k2 in the door way, a cat balls were placed in the rooms and a rem bear was placed on a chair in the shop. We called out to spirit for a while and then we started getting communication though the k2 in the doorway. After a time of asking questions aoud noise was heard something had fallen. Sharon investigated this. A guest jumped and said that they had just seen a tall man in the other room. This then inspired us to do some table tipping in that room however there was not enough energy in there. We went into the shop to do the table tipping, which moved ever so slightly. As this was occurring the rem bear kept going off in the street. Sharon and the guests asked questions, the rem bear then depleted in energy and the battery ran out. Chris had just put a new battery in this before the investigation. We were conscious of the time and wanted to try and get one more room in so we went to the pharmacy.

Cat balls

We were only able to spend a couple of minutes in here, a couple of questions were asked and then we thanked spirits of Richmondshire Museum.

Tonight we had alot of equipment drained of their batteries, bangs, feelings, temperature changes and guests cosnsitenlty seeing a tall man. Even though we were unable to communicate with any particular spirit, we did capture little bits of evidence. The guests were incredible and got involved. Richmondshire museum is an incredible place to investigate.

Richmondshire Museum
16 March 2024

Chris, Sharon, Abbey and Colin.

Main entrance.

Chris gave the welcome speech and gave a brief run down of LVI, the team and guests made their way to the archive office, where the white light protection was given by Chris, after the white light was given, Chris left to go and do his live, the guest spread out around the tables and the team started calling out, there were a few noises but that could have been put down to guests settling or the floor settling, one female guest, who stood by the built in cupboard said her legs were getting very cold and when we took a temperature reading, the room was 15 and around her legs was 13, the team put some cat balls on the table and one by the door, the team continued to call out, after a while there was some faint taps and the floor shook a few times which seemed to feel like someone was walking around the table, this was picked up on by a few guests, a couple of guests said they saw shadows or a figure of a person going passed the glasspanel on the door.
The team asked the guests to join hands around the table and try and build up the energy, there was some movement and taps in the corner where the filing cabinet, the room did seem calm and the spirits did not want to interact with everyone, we had a few names come through, Robert James and Elizabeth ( who is a spirit that does not know how to interact and felt very frustrated ). We put a cat ball in the passage and asked if anyone would like to sit outside and see if the cat ball goes off, a female guest ( Kelly ) sat out there for about twenty minutes but nothing happened so returned to the room.
The team carried on calling out and the guests still remained around the table and still holding hands, a male guest said he had a pain on his left arm and shoulder, Colin asked the spirit if they could effect someone else, we did not know it at the time but the male guest who said he felt pain on his left arm had been scratched from collar bone down to his arm pit, his partner had taken a photo of this. The team carried on trying to get some interaction from the spirits but the room just seemed to get very calm and still, so the team decided this would a good time to have a break and then split into two groups.

Street Scene and Vet and Chemist set.
Chris and Colin
Cat balls, table, K2, Wendy, dowsing rods, estes.

Colin asked the guest to spread themselves along the street and to turn off torches, Chris had to move the live, it did seem within minutes there was activity all around us, we pick up on a small black dog that just seems to like running around in the shadows, Chris felt breezes around his face like someone had just passed him, a few guests felt very dizzy, there did seem to be noises coming from both ends of the street and there was a few shadows being seen, the K2 flashed 3 times all the way to red and this happened when Chris, Colin and two guests were holding hands around one of the wooden post, three guest decided they would like to do a bit of table tipping and that did no fail, it did seem we had a few spirits with us and there was a strong presence of an angry male spirit who carried with a pace stick, this was picked up on by two guests. There was a dull thud that everyone seem to be hear but it never seemed to be in the same place, two guest said they could see orbs around Colin, with everything going it was hard to keep up with and this is what we all wanted, Charlie ( guest ) started using his dowsing rods and he seemed to interact with two spirits called Elizabeth and Eward Stephens, the guests started asking questions to these spirits but the only one who could answer was Edward has Elizabeth did not know how to do this, Eward was was very fourth coming with his answers, Charlie did explain that Edward is related to him and that he only comes through in to Charlie at the museum and no where else, Edward explained how he was killed in the lead mine with his and that he was not trapped and could move on if he wanted too but he rather stay here.
We moved on into the vet and chemist scene, the guest got comfortable, the team started calling out, there were a few faint taps and the K2 went off once or twice, the only activity was the table tipping, Chris remained with the guests who were table tipping and Colin went with the remaining guests back to the street, Colin put one of the guests on a chair in the street scene and carried out the Estes method, we asked questions and while we were waiting for the answers the was the sound of classical music coming from the street scene, it did last few seconds, the female guest who was doing the Estes said she could not hear anything and that the sound was very quiet, we asked her about the music but she said that there was no music coming from the Estes, this music was heard by three guests and Colin, we had a very active session and with time running out we decided to have a quick break and move to the attic.

The Attic
Chris and Colin
Cat Balls, Sls, K2, glow balls

The team and the guests spread out where we could and started calling out, there were a few taps and at one end of the attic a couple of guests said they could hear movement, there did seem to be a few taps and knocks and this was picked up on by the guests and the team, there also seemed to be a lot of knocks coming from the lift shaft and a few taps that seemed reply to the questions that was being asked, the attic did feel calm, Chris put three glow balls on the floor and one ball did roll onto the next ball, Colin separated them again and the guests said they could see them moving again but as Chris said because they glow it looks like they move but its just your eyes playing tricks with you. Chris checked the time and with only a short time left we decided to go to the uniform section and see what will happen there.

Uniform section
Chris and Colin
Sls, Cat Balls,

The guests spread around the room and getting used to their surroundings started calling out with not a lot happening, Chris suggested joining hands and forming a circle around of the display cabinets, which housed Robert James clothes, Chris started to call out and it did seem that we made contact with Robert James, one of the female guests had to leave the room as this was effecting her and did not feel comfortable, there was some loud knocks to the response to some of the questions, if there was more time could we have got more from this room? It did seem to get very active, when we were leaving the room, Colin noticed Chris’s phone on the floor and asked Chris if left his phone on the floor but Chris said he would have not put it there, so Chris asked the guest that left earlier if she noticed the phone on the floor and she said I had to step over it, so we are not sure if it fell or was placed there.

The tardis better known as Richmondshire museum, wow what a place, what a night and wonderful guests, a slow start but some interesting moments, were they paranormal or just the building settling ?