Richmondshire Musuem
Saturday 21st October 2023

We started by setting up the base camp in the usual room at the back off the musuem.
Once everyone had arrived Clare gave the welcome chat to the group of guest as we had a good mix of guests, some regulars and some brand new to paranormal investigations.

Clare when went off to do her live in Pharmacy/ Vet room of the musuem where the other members of the team and the guests went to the conference room on the second floor.

The conference room:
Kate, Kathryn, Michael B and Natasha (trailist)
Equipment: Cat balls x2

The guests all settled down in the chairs around the big table in the middle of the room.
Kathryn delivered the white light protection to the group and then we began to call out to the spirits of the building.
Kathryn crawled under the table and sat in the gap in the middle.
She put a cat all either side of her in the edge and asked sprits if the could touch the one on the left for “yes” and the one on her right for “no”.
Even after swapping the balls over, it was only the one on the left hand side that lite up so we assumed it was a “yes” response altho it was very slow and random.
The name “Richard” was picked up on in the room and and a gentleman in a uniform, but the responces where very random and more cam when the group where talking among themselves.
We encouraged all the guests to join hands and create an energy circle to help get it going and this did help.
There were taps and bangs heard around the room, several shadow moving and the table even started to move slightly under some guests hands.
One guest saw lilac lights about the size of a 5p coin a couple of times as well, which couldn’t be a reflection off anything in the room.
We decided to go around the room and talk about what we had for tea, which sounds a bit silly but it was to drum up the postivite energy, and it worked as they picked Kathryn’s choice over Kate’s as the better option.
At this point something grabbed the back off Kathryn’s jumper and pulled it very hard so she crawled out from under the table.
We then went around the circle and for everyone to introduce themselves and asked everyone in the group to introduce themselves and say why they had some to the event.
We asked sprit to light up the ball when felt drawn or comfortable with a guest.
Straight away it lit up for a guest called Stephen, who then came and sat in the gap in the middle of the table with Kathryn.
We asked sprit if they would like Stephen to be left alone in the building, they replied “yes” on the cat ball and then lit up again when we got to the “Attic” on the list of rooms in the building.
The spirit wasn’t totally unkind tho, they also pick Paul and Paige to join Stephen in tbe Attic as well.
The energy seemed to go so we went for a short break.

The Attic room,
Kathryn and 3 guests.
Equipment: Wendy, REM Pod, and touch bear.

Kathryn escorted the guests up to the attic room and set the equipment up around the room and explained how everything worked.
She stayed with them for a little while, and there were some taps and bangs around the room.
She left them alone for 15 mins while before returning to the Attic area with the rest of the group with more equipment.
Equipment: Another REM Pod touch bear.

Once the rest of the team members and the other quests were spread out around the attic, we began to call out again.
We had a few more taps and bangs and the touch bear lit up a few times, but not in response to questions as if they were just letting us know that they were there.
We decided to go for a break but the other group were leaving the Miltary room so we decided to jump into there to see is we could build on what the other team had for while we were in the attic above.

Military Room.
Kathryn, Kate and Natasha ( trailist)
Equipment: Wendy, touch bear, car ball, REM pod x2.
After we spread the equipment around the room, we gathered the guests around one of the glass cabinets to make an energy circle and began to call out. The bear which was by the lift door, lit up straight away, and we established it was a “yes” response.
The spirit indicated we had met them before and that they rembered our team and what we stand for on investigations.
They said that they remembered certain team members specifically and didn’t really like them being in the room.
They indicated that something in the glass cabinet that the guests were standing around, belonged to them.
During this time the cat ball which was which was situated on a table was also lighting up at the same time as the teddy bear.
We called out names from inside the cabinet and from previous investigations but the responces stopped completely.
We gathered up the equipment and let the room to for a break.

On the way down the REM pod on the locked off live was going crazy so we decided to go into the little house room where is was and check it out.

The House room.
Equipment: Locked off live camera, REM Pod, touch sensitive pad, and a cat ball.

We didn’t set up any extra equipment as there was already plenty in the room, the REM Pod was going crazy with different lights going off different times but with a constant noise.
we decided to reset it and and asked spirit to use the REM for “yes” and the touch pad for “no” answers to questions which was all recorded on the live feed camera.
It was a small room but it had alot to give in that short visit.

We decided to for break as we were heading to the last hour of the night.
During this time, Kathryn and Kate and a guest Paige went to the toilet, while Paige was waiting out on the landing she heard someone shout “Kathryn’s” name very clearly but no one else was around as they were all either having a break or outside the main entrance to the building.

The Vet/ Pharmacy room.
Equipment: Ouija Board, table, and car ball.
On the way round to this room, the guests noticed that the lift and decided it would be a good idea to send it up and scare the other group who were in the attic. We were more than happy to do this for the guests.
we tried table tipping as the other guests had had some success in this area, but it was quiet, and there was no movement. During this time we heard some very loud, angry/ stomping footsteps, which we assumed was Clare comming to tell us off for messing with the lift, but no one came into the room.
We decided to open a Ouija board, and although we didn’t her any responses on it with the planchet the car ball on the floor was lighting up the entire time.
we decided to close it down and do a human pendulum in the room off to the left hand side as it had more room.
Rob was picked to go in the middle a gentleman came through and told us that he passed away in the military room on the second floor.
He was born between 1620-1630 and passed away between 1660 and 1670.

Clare then came down to get us and regroup in the base camp room as we had lost track of time and the night had to come to and end.
Considering there was so many new guests to an investigation it was great how they got stuck in and gave everything that we suggested a try, especially the lone vigil in the attic.

Michael B and Clare’s group Richmond Museum

War room 2nd floor.
Equipment used k2, Rem Bear, Cat Balls,lantern, Rems.
We started to call out to spirits of the building to come and join us it wasn't long before the touch Bear light up in front of the uniforms, we asked the spirit if they were linked to uniforms and the Bear and k2 light up, we asked spirit if the helmet in the display box was his aswell and the k2 was spiking high couple of guests and michael B saw a green light come from the k2 and go towards the display cabinet, and the Same green light was seen earlier by other guests on the wall we got the name Richard through and the spirt talker app and the spirit was was a solider but we didn't get any dates through. We noticed that some contamination

Cobled Area, equipment used lantern bear.
We conducted a human penguin, and all guests took part in this activity. We asked spirit to come and join the circle to choose someone to communicate through.
We asked if there was and female ale spirits with us we got.the answer no then asked if there was any male spirits with us we got no and clare asked if there was any children with us we got a yes, this spirit was messing about with us and the energy shifted to negative and some guests fot the feeling of there hands been pushed upwards clare told the spirit she new what they were up to and and the energy shifted again and some guests were starting to feel uncomfortable so we asked them.to break the circle but by everyone surprised there were few guest who could not let go of each other as if there was a powerfully force stopping clare had to jump in and separate them and one lady hand she couldn't move her fingers at all so we left the area to go to base camp to move away from the negative energy and clare done reiki on the lady's hand to.try and realise it this took.a few minutes to release we decided to take a break as people were shaking after this experience.

Chemist Room
Table tipping.
5 guest took part In this we placed a k2 on the table.
We asked spirit to take the energy away from the green light on the k2 and the k2 spiked so we started to asked the spirit f they could use that energy to start rocking the table so we asked spirit if they could put the table onto 1 leg it started to rock slowly and this was witnessed by other guest who weren’t taken part, wasn't long before the table was on 2 leg swaying side to side, and the energy was getting stronger and the table was pulled over by the spirit. A great table tipping session indeed.

Attic space
Touch bear rem pod lantern k2
All guest were stood in a half circle near the lift door Michael B started calling out to the spirits and asked if there were any spirits linked to any artifacts in the room the lift door made a bang and the touch bear went off we asked if we had built up trust with the spirit in the room and we all herd a faint whistle clare asked spirit if he was a gay officer and was he ashamed of it we reassured him that it's not like that nowadays, Michael B saw a tall skinny shadow figure behind clare and asked clare to come and join the rest of the group and wasn't long after that we heard foot steps and another faint whistle this made alot of guests jump and scream. we thanked spirit for what they have done so far and the rem went of and made people jump this put people on edge Michael B asked spirit if they enjoyed scaring people and the touch bear light up.
The lift was activated from the ground floor to the next level (which we later found out that the other group had activated this to the next floor). However we heard the lift stop then also heard it continue up to us in the attic yet the doors never opened and there was a large bang inside the lift with one guest reporting hearing heavy breathing coming from inside the lift.
The music box and proximity bear also went off on demand along with a guests bear too where she reported it was acting strangely.

the investigation came to an end and we had to leave the attic space we thanked spirit for there communication. all guests really enjoyed the whole night and the activity didn't disappoint.

Richmondshire musuem is an amazing location and can’t wait to go back. Go Team Richmondshire Museum