EXCLUSIVE Richmondshire Museum Sleepover - Friday 3rd June 2022

Go Team Richmondshire 

Richmondshire museum….
We set up base camp in the William Sanderson room at the back of the museum.
Kathryn gave the welcome talk and then the group headed up to the big meeting room where Rebecca delivered the white light protection to the group.
We had a touch sensitive bear and a K2 in the middle of the table and started to call out to the spirits of the building.
We got responces on the bear almost immediately, it was alittle boy who was called Paul.
We established that he died during the plague approx around 1348 and he was burried in one of the plague pits around the centre of the town.
Tracy and Rhoda who work at the museum told us that the ghosts of plague children are seen running round trees.
The sprit of Paul didn’t admit to being seen until after the members of staff left the room.
We got out a talk app on one of the guests phone to try and establish some more information as the energy of Paul seemed to fade away abit.
We had numerous waiting’s around the room of shadows moving and light flashing and moving between people around the room.
One of your guests Nicola picked up on a “Matrens’” energy around the same time we heard a loud noise come from a book cabinet with was closed.
Another guest Helen moved over to the bookcase behind Kathryn and Nicola and got a feeling of intense angry and had to come and sit back down at the table.
Chris joined the group after the facebook live video and almost immediately got the same angry feeling come over him and he slammed his fists down on the table to demonstrate the level.
Helen still had the feeling on her and was rocking in her chair.
One the voice box app it came up with the words Shush & F**k off, during this time as well.
The feeling went and we decided to take a little break before trying another room.

We went to the James Heraton room and spread out across the floor, we propped the main entrance door open so we could see the staircase and also the little post office area as well.
Kathryn and Helen reported a shadow figure walking or marching across the landing area, and another gust who was using a talk app on thier phone picked up on word Roman.
Although this line of questioning went cold quickly the figure could still be seen walking and standing on the landing watching what we were doing.
Another shadow figure was seen walking past the doorway to the corridor that lead back round to the Victorian street.
Some of our guests were conducting a human pendulum experiment and was getting push quite forcefully backwards and forwards, so we asked the energy to back off a little bit so that she was more comfortable carrying on.
We were able to establish that we had the spirit of a man called George who was not connected to the building but too the land.
He had 9 race horses and was unfortunately was beaten or attacked a number of times eventually resulting in him being stabbed in the chest which lead to his death, as he refused to sell his horses.
George was happy but was not totally aware of the fact that he had passed on, but he had a feeling of abondment when it came to his horses.
As it was getting late we decided to have another quick break before going into the gallery that is on opposite side of the floor we started the night in.
It was an interesting room wnd we formed a circle around one of the glass cabinets in the middle of the room.
We set up some equipment around the room including a touch sensitive bear and a rem pod.
We began to call out and Diane picked up on a the energy of Pirates and the sea, possibly a Naval link.
We started to feel cold blasts of air around the circle as well as movement.
A shadow figure was seen standing at the bottom of the room behind one of the guests Lee, as well as one appearing in the middle of two guests, Helen and Sam, which was witnessed by Helen and Kathryn.
Chris and Kathryn also saw a shadow standing in the glow of the REM pod.
We used a spirit box to get some more information and the groups got the names, Sidney/ Sid, Jack and ( i can’t remember the third one) sorry!!!!
Sidney was the most dominant spirit in the room and was not shy about letting Helen, Kathryn and Chris he was there.
He continued to touch the three members of the group to the point where Helen had to leave the circle for a moment.
There were loud bangs on the lift door that is also in the room.
The energy seemed to fade so for one last push of the night we went down into the Victorian street area as a whole group.
We spread out and there was shadows and movement witnessed in the shop areas by some of the guests as well and some taps and knocks.
We put the glow balls out on the floor in opposite directions and asked if there was any child spirits who would like to roll them back, there was slight movement in the balls as if they were being rolled around in the spot.
As it was almost 3:30 we decided to turn in for the night.
Richmondshire musuem was an amazing night and one I think we will all remember for awhile.