EXCLUSIVE Robert Atkinson Centre - Friday 10th March 2023


Michael F write up - 

Team: Clare, Kathryn and Michael F, Michael B and Kate were also guests

We started the evening with Clare completing the LVI talk, introducing the team and we took our group photos before Clare left to complete her alone Vigil.

Main hall
K2, Cat Balls, music box and teddy

Kathryn then took the group through the white light protection. We staying in our circle and started to call out. One of the guests Jo felt that her neck and shoulders had went cold and this made her feel uncomfortable. Jo moved to a different position in the circle however this feeling continued so as this was making Jo uncomfortable we asked for spirit to remove its impression off her.

We heard taps in the top end of the room and tried to debunk the noise due to the activity of the heating system in the hall. We decided to place some Cat balls at the top end of the hall and a K2 meter in the middle of the group.

Again Kathryn started to call out. Michael B got the name Elizebeth through who he thought may have been an headmistress and we directed our questions to her. When we did this we got a small activity on the cat balls but this passed quickly.

We all took hands again again and all called out to introduce ourselves to spirt and show our intentions and build energy again.
One of the guest noticed a strong smell of alcohol, which Kathryn could smell this also. Kate also had a name Arty or Arthur come into her mind so we questioned to gain confirmation. Activity start to increase with louder tapping being heard on the merchandise table. We established through questioning that Arty or Arthur was connected to the RAF. When trying to establish spirits role in the RAF Kathryn her a man’s voice whisper into her ear. After this point the energy seemed to flatten so the group took a break.

Outside Room - Room 1
K2, Cat ball, boggle, spirit talker

Clare rejoined the group and we all heading into one of the small outside rooms.
We all gather around the table and place a K2 meter in the centre and started to call out. We started to get K2 spikes up to a couple of green lights in response to our questioning.
The spirt talker app gave us the names of Frank, Bernadette, Marie and Artimus.

Clare and a guest Chantelle started to feel fizzing as if they were drunk. As this was a theme similar to the main hall and alcohol we moved back asking about the RAF.
We played some music from Glenn Miller and the spikes on the K2 increase in strength.

Kathryn started to use the boogle to ask questions and we were presented with word in answer to these questions:
How did you die? Strangled & Behind
What was the land used for? Base
What is your name? Arty

Again the energy seemed to dissipate so we moved to a different area.

Male Changing Room
K2, lantern, music box

The full team sat around the changing area and Clare called out. The music box went off a couple of times and there was a loud whistle heard by the entire team but we were unable to pin point any information as spirt seemed to be playing with us and making sounds in the corridor next to the room.
There was a loud bang so Michael F and Clare went to investigate this but we’re unable to pinpoint where the bang came from

Stairs and hallway
K2, Wendy and Teddy

Michael F seen a shadow figure at the top of the staircase. Both him, Clare and a guest Debbie went to the top of the staircase and started to call out. The K2 meter was pulsing up to red consistently and Clare notice a shadow figure move under the staircase.
The entire group joined and we placed the teddy at the bottom of the stairs.
When calling out spirt was answering our yes/no questions and using the teddy for yes and K2 for no.

We gained conformation we were speaking with a spirit called Alice, that she was a member of a covern and that she was a witch.

Small passage way towards kitchen
Cat ball

Chantelle had asked Michael F if she could try a lone and Michael suggested the hallway. Chantelle was left alone in the area for 15 mins with a Cat ball but had little activity.
Michael went in to the check on Chantelle and felt a hand grab his hair. Michael started to call out and ask spirt if they could have physical contact with one of us again at which point spirt pushed Chantelle.

We positioned ourselves safely and asked spirt if they would like to communicate with us by moving Chantelle. We we able to establish a push forward for yes and back for no.
We gain confirmation there was more than one spirit in the area however we were speaking with Robert. We gained confirmation that Robert was the whistle the team heard earlier in the changing room however we ran out of time and had to move back to the group before the evening ended.

Throughout the night activity was there however fluttered in and out. Spirit seemed to be communicating from other areas and not quite ready to join us.

Clare Lone Vigil || Shower Room

Equipment Used
Music Box
REM Bear

So after welcoming our guests for the evening, Clare left the group and ventured to the shower room. Upon entering the area although it all seemed calm and that quiet you could hear a pin drop, there was a sense that something was stood back watching.
The music box was placed in the doorway to the toilet area while the REM bear was placed on the floor in the changing room.

Clare chose this area for the live based on previous investigations where the team have picked up on 3 witches with only 1 coming forward.

So with the live starting, the atmosphere still being very quiet with a sense of being watched. Clare made herself known to the spirits and asked them to come and introduce themselves.
Viewers had mentioned they had heard the sound of a dog barking…this was not external noise as Clare didn’t hear this at the time although through the live there was a few times a dog had been heard that Clare confirmed was external noise.
Clare continued to call out and the surroundings remained the same feeling of total silence with being watched.

It wasn’t long before viewers at home were picking up on a gentleman who was watching from the shadows while Clare felt the sense of a spirit peering from the doorway watching her.
Clare continued to call out with no responses from spirit. What really amazed Clare which viewers at home agreed with was the activity that began with the REM bear. Everytime Clare dismissed spirit being with her and not able to have the ability to come forward, this would end up causing the bear to illuminate with spirit just giving her and viewers a glimpse of showcasing their presence.
Now we were aware that we had the attention of spirit, Clare tried to call out to find out who she was connecting with. The whole time, Clare still felt like the spirit was just watching from the shadows and checking her out.

Clare asked the spirit to do something other than light the bear up. A few taps and bangs were heard throughout occasionally and Clare and viewers also heard a couple of times a noise that sounded like an ‘oooohhhhhhh’. Along with voices which were not external noises and the sound of a giggle.

Viewers picked up on the name Frank, Robert and Billy. Along with a potential headteacher and the spirit of a child. Again, no confirmation throughout the live was made as to who was ‘playing games’ but they were certainly making their presence known upon Clare dismissing them being able to come forward.

Clare began to flutter between the toilet area and the changing room area where noises would happen in the rooms she had just left which gave her the run around. This seemed to be the theme of the night also once Clare retreated with the team and guests.

Although the team have been here many times, this was Clare’s first time to this location and with spirit giving her the run around or the sense of keeping her on her toes and playing a few games, she came to the conclusion with viewers at home that spirit was playing tricks on her with her being the ‘newbie’ or that they were sussing her out.

Great night though with a great team. Thank you for joining us and we look forward to seeing you again soon