EXCLUSIVE- Robert Atkinson Centre - Friday 2nd June 2023


So after the guests had been welcomed and taken part in the white light protection, Clare took herself off to an out building away from the team and guests.

Clare instantly felt a heavy atmosphere walking into the room and knew she was certainly joined by a spirit.
Calling out to spirit to come forward and communicate was a very slow burner but eventually spirit began to work with Clare with the odd taps and bangs, shuffling noises and even heavier presence.

Viewers at home were picking up on the name of a spirit named Robert or Bob, who was a caretaker. Along with a spirit who had done form of military background.
Clare continued to call out but no response. Her throat began to feel slightly uncomfortable and slightly tight to breathe and a viewer at home had a heavy chest feeling. Clare asked spirit if there was any respiratory issues but nothing major to confirm this.

Shadows were seen along with potentially blinds moving by viewers at home and the sound of the door handle rattling was heard by Clare. A whimper noise was heard by Clare and viewers also.

Clare continued to call out to spirit, letting spirit know that she was fully aware someone was with her as she was hearing movement all around her. A viewer at home suggesting where to place the proximity bear - to which Clare followed instructions and the same viewer asked Clare to call out for a Harry.

Instantly, the bear lit up on response to confirm we were communicating with Harry. He had issues with his knees and needed a walking stick. He was a caretaker of the building who sadly lost his life in a fire that happened during his shift where he died trying to save the building and the people inside. He was the only one who lost his life that day. He loved and lived for his job but was also sad that he never had chance to say his goodbyes to his wife. He still remained at the centre due to his love of the place as he still protects the building. With massive strong confirmation throughout the call out, the proximity bear was constantly lighting up on the bears head - this is something that our team members and regular guests watching at home have never seen before which was interesting.

The time came to come to an end for Clare to regroup with the team and guests. Harry confirmed he would remain waiting for Clare to rejoin him with more friends for him to talk too. Clare left the proximity bear as it was and stated, she would be extremely impressed if she returned and the activity on the bear was none existent! She thanked spirit for trusting her and coming forward to give some amazing responses and confirmation and then left to regroup with the team and guests to bring them to this area.

Thank you as ever to all the viewers at home for helping gain an incredible story behind Harry and why he resides here.


The night started with Clare’s welcome speech in the main hall. We had a small group this evening of 5 guests and team members Clare, Kathryn and Michael F. As the team and guests of the night were all full on believers, Clare stressed the importance of ensuring we all worked harder through the night to debunk as much as we could. This was down to not having any sceptics in the group to help give reasonable explanations as it can be easy sometimes for a group of full on believers to jump that everything is paranormal. Can I thank the team and guests for taking this on board through the night as this was an extremely active night and we all tried to debunk.
We decided to start the night, for a change and due to the light pollution in the main hall to start the evening in the stairwell and Clare moved over to the outside building for her live.

Kathryn and Michael F
Touch bear

Kathryn started by completing the white light of protection. We started to call out and had responses of small taps. Michael B who was there as a guest felt we had a sprit of a young girl with us. He had the image that she was a blonde girl around 12-13 years old. Michael F felt the girls name was Sarah. We called out to Sarah and she was responsive with a tap for yes and two taps for no, although these were quiet. Sarah was situated on the stair case and was there because she enjoyed watching the girls dancing earlier that evening.
Chantelle, a guest, felt a burning sensation in her leg, we were then presented with the name Howard. He was situated in a locked room and on request rattled the door. We were able to gather that he had leperacy and had lost the lower part of his right leg.
The spirit talker app was presenting us a lot of Latin words one of which we were able to translate to English which meant deformed.
We continued to receive light taps to questions however we decided to take a break and allow the darkness to set in so we could move onto another location.

Outside room
Kathryn, Michael F and Clare
Touch bear, spirit talker app, K2, lantern and human pendulum

For our second area we decided to move to the outside room where Clare had completed her lone vigil earlier that evening.
We set equipment up around the room and began to call out. Clare had not informed any team or guests about what had happened on the live feed so nothing was imprinted in their heads. If the same spirit came through then this would lead to some amazing activity with nobody in the group knowing. Upon entering, Clare felt the energy within the room was certainly not the same as it was during her live feed. Clare was sceptical that we had the same spirit as she had on her live as the energy of the room seemed different.
Rob, a guest said he seen an appertain of a veiled female in the corner of the room. He seen this figure 3 times before mentioning it to the group so we started to call out to the female.
We got taps and knocks around the room although again light. Clare focused her attention to try and draw the spirit back she got through on the live and after around 20 minutes of no equipment being effected she called out the name Harry, wow - we started to get responses on the touch bear. Clare asked if she could share the spirits story and this was confirmed as ok by spirit. At the same time, Kathryn felt a tightness in her throat and was coughing and spluttering. Spirit confirmed he was putting this impression onto her. Although Harry was now interacting with the proximity bear, this was being lit up on the arm of the bear. Clare again mentioned she felt this spirit was not actually Harry but someone impersonating or stopping Harry coming forward. We had no confirmation of this. We also continued to receive Latin words through on the spirit talker app.
We also continued to get responses on the bear but decided it wasn’t the same energy on the live and to try and understand who we were talking to to conduct a human pendulum.

Alison was chosen to go into the middle by spirit and we found that a push forward was a yes response and backwards was no.
Spirit came through strong and we were able to gather a lot of info.
Spirit was a male witch, a warlock. He was from an ancient time, a healer who had been outed by someone who he had helped. Without a trial he had been burnt alive for the crime of witch craft.
He was a member of a coven of 8 witches which he was born into and his mother, also a witch. His healing powers came from her but unfortunately she had to watch him being executed.
Spirit also explained that the church across from the centre had been built on the land to cleanse the area of the witches influence. He was forgiving of his executioners and stayed on the land as this was a place he felt connected to his mother. During the human pendulum Clare and Rob both witnessed a shadow near the doorway where the app also said shadow at the same time.
We decided as time was flying to move to another area for the last part of the night and We thanked spirit for communicating and moved onto our next area within the main building.

Male changing room
Kathryn, Michael and Clare
K2, cat ball, lantern, spirit talker app and radio.

We entered the room and instantly upon entering Clare felt a horrible atmosphere which she informed Michael F. Upon this Clare felt a sharp pain in her stomach which as only be described as though she had been stabbed and felt sick. At the same time the K2 meter started to spike. Clare left the area and this instantly removed off her.
Rejoining back to the room, Clare didn’t feel welcome in the room at all and had to leave at several points as she felt unwell each time she entered the energy.
We got the name William on the spirit talker app and had confirmation via huge K2 spikes. There was also heard by the entire group and feral growl from the corner of the room.
Again this was confirmed as spirits voice via huge K2 spikes. We questioned William and he explained he had hurt someone that was potentially named George, maybe killed home and was in a prison of his own making within the building.
William continued to give us huge K2 spikes to red with an additional K2 added which matched the same spikes.
We then started to see moving basketball size shadows moving up and across the wall behind Kathryn and Emma. We tried to debunk this for sometime but really had no explanation of these shadows but Again confirmed as William showing himself by K2 spikes. Rob was stood in the door way near the shadows and could feel them hitting out at him with the strong energy and he too felt spirit didn’t like him. The word picture came through on the app so we took a picture of Rob and asked spirit to show himself. Upon taking pictures in quick succession, Rob appears clear except for one where there is a dark mass over him. Rob confirmed he felt the energy’s presence at this time.

Clare, using the transistor radio, was given her own name, and Robs name was given to a response when Clare asked spirit to name the person sat next to the green light. This was indeed Rob. We were sworn at and when asked if spirit had sworn at Clare was confirmed with ‘correct’. Again amazing when we have swear words come through the spirit boxes as radio doesn’t swear!
We got Dad and father through and when question we were able to confirm using the dowsing rods that George was infact Williams Dad whom he had murdered.

It was extremely clear that the energy didn’t like Clare in his space and movement was heard in the corridor to which Clare and Michael F went to check out. In the Hall had the same energy feeling as the changing rooms and we felt the energy had moved to this area. What was even more impressive was that upon returning the energy lantern that had remained on red for the duration had changed to Green. Clare asked if Edward, a spirit who is often with her to protect her had made an appearance to which the K2 spiked to red. The lantern remained green for the rest of the short duration.

We closed the night at this point. We thanked spirits for communicating and packed up for the night.

What an amazing night was had here at Robert Atkinson Centre. Full of activity and some amazing shadow figure activities we have never experienced before. Along with loads of laughs a giggles to boot. If you haven’t joined us at Robert Atkinson centre before, why not? This really is one of those places that you wouldn’t expect to keep on giving. It is becoming a firm favourite with team members. Our guests were all amazing throughout and the energy and positivity really helped make the night full of activity.
Thank you for joining us and we look forward to seeing you again soon.