Robert Atkinson Centre
Friday 9th February 2024
Clare, Kathryn and Sonia (trailist)

We set up the base camp in the cafe off the side of the main hall,
we greeted the guests and Clare gave the welcome talk.
She then went off to do her live and left everyone else in the main hall, once the white light protection was done we began to call out to the spirits in the building.

Main hall: Kathryn and Sonia
Equipment: Touch bear, K2 and table.

It started off a little bit slow at first, with us not getting any responces to the questions we were asking. So we put a bear in the bottom left hand corner of the hall and immediately it lit up, not in response to question’s but more out of curiosity.
We then tired some table tipping which had some vibrations but no movements unfortunately.
We tried putting a bear on the table and making an energy circle around to see if that would get the activity flowing but this also did not work. Some of us in the group did hear a growl while standing in the circle.
There were a few taps, knocks, creeking floorboard and shuffles heard in the room too as if something was doing laps of the room.

We decided to tak a little break while Clare finished up her live before splitting down into smaller groups/ line vigils for the rest of the evening.

Corridor at the back of the Cafe:
Kathryn, Sonia, and 3 guests.
Equipment: touch bear, spirit talker app and K2.
We got settled into the small corridor and propped open the door at the end leading to the main corridor in the building.
Straight away there was activity on the bear but it again it was more out of curiosity rather than in responce to any questions.
Some words came up on the app like “cursed” “hung, drawn and quartered” and “heretics folk” which was a medieval torture device.
We decided to leave this area as other groups were getting more activity in other areas of the building.

Marks lone vigil Changing room.
Equipment: UTD gun, SLS camera app and REM pod.
One of the guests had been left by Clare in the changing room area at the very bottom of the main corridor. He asked for the infer- red heat gun so Clare asked Kathryn to take it to him.
Mark pointed it at the wall and straight away there was the shape of a circle/ oval appeared on the wall, we asked them to come closer and even asked them to wave, and the shape appeared to more/ get longer as if an arm was trying to appear.
When Kathryn said she was going to take some pictures and to smile the REM Pod started to go off.
Almost everytime we said “1,2,3…smile” the REM pod would go wild. We did also get a short video on the SLS camera app of what looked like a smaller figure on the back wall which also looked like it was waving at us as well but we weren’t able to use the equipment to get any information from the spirits, they were just happy for us to be there. We also heard two quiet load moaning/ sobbing noises in the room as well.
Then Rob came into the room and told us that Marks name had come through on thier app three times so we decided to take the equipment and join the rest of the team to try and help with the activity.

Main corridor: The whole group.
Equipment: Motion sensor app, 3 touch bears, K2 metre, and REM pod.
Clare was calling out to the spirits of the building and getting responces on the bear placed in the doorway of the main hall. She asked questions like “do you recognise mark? do you know mark? have you got a message for him?”
There was also a bear on a chair next to another guest which also started to go off on responce to questions, as if they were wandering between the two bears. The motion detector on the stairs also went off 3 times after a shadow that was seen on the landing was encouraged to come downstairs.
The spirit also made it clear that he “Robert” remembered and did not like Kathryn.
Clare tried to get the come down the stairs and hold her hand through the bars on the handrail, but got no responce.
As soon as Kathryn out her hand through the bars the bear placed on the staircase lit up and then the motion sensor went off again.
It was incredibly timed and made a few members of the group jump. Kathryn then went up the stairs at the request of the spirit and held out her hand and the bear went off again.
As it was then comming to the end of the night we thanked the spirits for thier interaction and thier time and said good bye to the guys and the building.
Such a strange building that just keeps on giving with every investigation… until next time.